NEWT SCAMANDER has severe social anxiety

NEWT SCAMANDER can’t look people in the eye when he talks to them

NEWT SCAMANDER thinks he annoys people

NEWT SCAMANDER is riddled with scars from his creatures

NEWT SCAMANDER became a surrogate mother to a cluster of Occamys 

NEWT SCAMANDER kept the obscurus that killed the 8 y/o girl he befriended in africa, because, despite it being the manifestation of her pain and sorrow, it was still a living thing

NEWT SCAMANDER named every single one of his creatures

NEWT SCAMANDER built habitats for all of them by himself 

NEWT SCAMANDER feeds them all, nurses them when they’re sick, and makes personal connections with each of them 

NEWT SCAMANDER took the time to learn the mating dance of the Erumpent

NEWT SCAMANDER lives in the shadow of his older brother

NEWT SCAMANDER worked with dragons during the war (Charlie Weasley, anyone?)

NEWT SCAMANDER cried when he had to pretend to give up Pickett

NEWT SCAMANDER was dragged out of the Congress of Magic screaming for mercy, not for himself or Tina, but for his creatures

NEWT SCAMANDER carries around ‘Swooping Evil’ and has earned it’s trust enough so that it let another human use it as a springboard, AND it listens to him when he says no

NEWT SCAMANDER was the only one who was able to get close to Credence after he was unleashed

NEWT SCAMANDER understands, not only the signs of extreme fear (and probably a panic attack) but the feeling of being an outcast, of not fitting right in your own skin

NEWT SCAMANDER never raised his wand against Credence, only apparated closer or away

NEWT SCAMANDER found it easier to befriend a muggle and open up to him than to talk with other wizards

NEWT SCAMANDER is completely unbiased because of his deep compassion for ALL living things

NEWT SCAMANDER apoligized to a monkey after it feked around with his wand

NEWT SCAMANDER doesn’t give two shits about money. He gives Jacob, who is presumably obviated, half a dozen silver lines eggshells 

NEWT SCAMANDER made such an impression on a muggle that even when presumably obviated he created pastries that looked like his friends beloved creatures

NEWT SCAMANDER understands that humans are the worst beast of all

NEWT SCAMANDER was able to pick up not only on word choice but on the feeling of evil he got from Grindelwald

NEWT SCAMANDER is able to think through panic 

NEWT SCAMANDER was friends with a LaStrange–because lineage doesn’t matter to him

NEWT SCAMANDER has a fighting spirit. We saw it when Queenie said ‘Hogwash’


The Difference between Loneliness and Solitude


1. Loneliness is a painful, negative state.

2. It is where we feel alone, and cut off and estranged from other people. Thus, we may feel as if we are excluded, unwanted, unimportant or unnoticed.

3. We can be surrounded by people we know and love and still experience feelings of intense loneliness.

4. Loneliness feels like punishment or rejection. It is rooted in a sense of deficiency or inadequacy.

5. It is something that depletes us, and is imposed on us.

6. Loneliness can lead to self rejection, and even to self loathing and despair.


1. Solitude is a positive state.

2. It is where we are perfectly happy to be by ourselves, and relish and enjoy our own company.

3. Solitude can help us get in touch with, or engage with, our true self. It allows us to reflect on ourselves, others, our life, and our future.

4. Often, solitude is a springboard to greater self-awareness, greater creativity, fresh insights, and new growth.

5. Solitude is something we choose. It is something that restores and builds us up.

6. Solitude grounds us in who we are – and that enables us to reach out and give to others.

I just received this stunning The Hedge Witch’s Herbal Grimoire in the mail today. It’s a start on herbal knowledge and has the most beautiful artwork inside. It was a bit expensive, but considering the two-person job of it and how amazing it look, I still felt like it was worth it. My practice is being drawn toward a deeper understanding of herb lore and knowledge. Having this be one of my first books on the subject, I think it’s a pretty neat start. 

I really like the Ethics page, and I can’t even stand how much I love this art work. I wish this were a two hundred page book. So beautiful.  

It gives introductions to nine different herbs, short histories, and what the common medicinal and magical uses are for them. It’s a good springboard for me as I start on this journey. I’m SO excited about this! Thank you to Alison Garber and Adrienne Rozzi for making this! 

Aleppo, Syria

A wounded Syrian boy cries after the Russian army bombed the opposition-controlled neighbourhood of Firdevs in Aleppo. Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, spoke this week of ‘cleaning’ the besieged city, where a quarter of a million people are caught under heavy bombardment by his government’s forces, and using it as a ‘springboard’ for winning the country’s war

Photograph: Jawad al Rifai/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

RAVENCLAW: “The truth is always an abyss. One must — as in a swimming pool — dare to dive from the quivering springboard of trivial everyday experience and sink into the depths, in order to later rise again — laughing and fighting for breath — to the now doubly illuminated surface of things.” –Gustav Janouch (Conversations with Kafka)

Two new guest characters being cast for S6 Finale

Dungey similalry suggested that Season 7 could offer “a springboard in a new direction from a narrative standpoint,” in a talk with EW.com. “[That] doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re not bringing cast back, it’s just: How do you kind of hit the reset button in a way that gives you opportunity to expand the stories that we’re telling?”

Along those lines, TVLine now has a first bit of intel on how the series’ current run (resuming Sunday, March 5) will end, and in doing so tee up any possible Season 7.

Namely, the May finale will introduce a pair of guest stars, both of whom have the potential to join the ensemble as series regulars if the show moves forward. First up, the fantasy drama is casting a “strong yet vulnerable” leading man in his late 20s to mid-30s, a gent who was once optimistic and hopeful but now is a friendless, cynical recluse. That said, he still possesses a dormant, deep-seated speak of hope that waits for the right person to reignite it.

The other role being cast is a precocious 10-year-old with a “constant twinkle of mischief in her eye.” And though this girl comes from a broken home, those struggles have only made her stronger — something which will come in handy when darkness threatens “everything she holds dear.” And while the character breakdown notes that this lass “never lets the hard knocks of life get her down,” you would be wrong to guess that she is a certain little orphan named Annie.


Mike “Heart Eyes” Wheeler is way too shy to ask El out on a date. It’s not that he hasn’t thought about how to ask her (he has) and it’s not like he doesn’t have the perfect date all planned out in his head (he does). It’s just that every time he tries, the words get lost somewhere between his brain and his mouth. 

Max has witnessed Mike’s failed attempts more times than Lucas, Dustin, and Will combined, given the immense amount of time she spends with her new (and first) best friend. She’s watched, smirk on her lips, as Mike Wheeler stutters through a half-asked question before giving up and inviting them both over for pizza on the weekend. And just before Valentine’s Day, 1985, Max has an idea—a slightly evil, but very excellent idea. 

With Lucas’s help, she plans a post-Valentine’s Day trip to the movies, using her disdain for the pink and red holiday as a springboard for her plan: “Valentine’s Day is lame,” she insists over D&D one evening, a week in advance, “We should all go see that movie—The Breakfast Club—it opens on the fifteenth. El wants to see it, right El?” 

And so it’s agreed upon. On February 15th, the gang will go together to watch The Breakfast Club. Except for one small detail. 

The gang has no intention of going. When Mike arrives at the theatre, he’s standing alone at their designated meeting spot by the ticket booth. Shortly after, Hopper drops El off, with a quick nod towards Mike. He’s hiding a smile because of course Lucas pragmatically told Max that they had better inform the Chief if they wanted Mike to live to see his fifteenth birthday. 

El and Mike wait for fifteen minutes, chatting happily about Mike’s classes and El’s tutoring and the X-Men before Mike finally sighs aloud: “Where the heck is everyone else?” 

As the words leave his mouth, it dawns on him. They’re not coming. Of course they’re not coming. He feels his face heat up and he looks up at El, watching him with concern. How is he going to explain this to her? 

And that is how, on February 15th, 1985, El and Mike went on their first date. 

Once Upon a Time: ABC boss on ‘new direction’ in potential season 7

Though Once Upon a Time has not yet been renewed for a seventh season, a potential season 7 could see big changes coming to Storybrooke.

At the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Tuesday, EW sat down with ABC Chief Channing Dungey to expand on her earlier comments about the future of Once, particularly whether fans should expect any radical changes to the show in a potential seventh season.

“[Executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis] would be looking for the seventh season to be a springboard in a new direction from a narrative standpoint,” Dungey tells EW, “which doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re not bringing cast back, it’s just how do you kind of hit the reset button in a way that gives you opportunity to expand the stories that we’re telling?”

However, it’s hard to imagine that every character would survive the season if OUAT truly is heading for a big shake-up. In a recent Hot Seat with the OUAT bosses, the duo played coy to a fan question asking whether an important character will die without coming back this season. (Though Robin Hood perished last season, Sean Maguire is reprising his role for a multi-episode arc.)

“Whenever there’s change, there’s always transition,” Dungey hedges in regards to whether she expects any cast exits. “It’s just too hard to really say more of anything. Until they really get their pitch finalized, it’s hard to really be more specific.”

Earlier Tuesday, EW posted an extensive interview with Dungey, where she addressed the future of Once Upon a Time, among other shows. The OUAT bosses, “as veterans of Lost, are fully conscious of all these things,” Dungey said of possibly setting an end date for the long-running fairy tale drama. “They came in and sat with us recently to talk about what their ideas would be for a season 7 and we’re in conversations about that right now. But I think this is absolutely a show that is beloved to us and if and when we decide to end it, we want to do it the right way and really give the fans the ending that they deserve. But I will say that Eddy and Adam have some really good ideas for future seasons.”

You are Why I’m Here

I’m here because of you. You took a pretty cool show and put it through a beautiful metamorphosis. Your story, your interpretation, is the one I want to read. Your ideas fascinate me. Your creations delight me. You make me want to think harder and write more. You are some of the funniest, whip-smart people I’ve ever had the good fortunate to ‘meet’. And did I mention brave?

As the community shifts around the show’s tremors and pitfalls, I’m staying because the show was merely a springboard for your brilliance.

Yes, it started with Sherlock. I was in agony. At first I loved their re-telling. I have never been so smitten with a goofy tv show. It helped that I’d loved the HolmesWatson dynamic forever. But the chemistry between these actors! The score! The sets! But it hurt, too. My beloved Watson and Holmes were clearly falling in love and doing it messily and painfully and… wait, was the show even telling that story?

So I hunted my way here, like thousands of others, looking for meaning in a messy, sometimes brilliant, story. Your clever analysis and observation, the theories and debates, the puzzles and codes, the huge array of interpretation were marvelous. Through YOUR lens, the story became what I had needed it to be.

I don’t give a fig how Moftiss mops up their mess or unveils their Reveal. I’m curious, but wary. They lost my trust years ago as storytellers. You made it right. If the writers were telling the Love Story, I disliked that they chose to do it with intense subterfuge. I mean for chrissakes I knew when I was 7 in 1987 growing up in a close-minded backwater corner of the world that these men were Only For Each Other and loved them for it. How could that be such a mindfuck to today’s audience? How could the writers blow the chance to be Storytellers on the side of Good?

But I could be mollified if the love story I perceived was being told as a Sherlockian mystery that had to be decoded in order to wow the world with its Big, Vital Statement for our times. I mean, I guess. A really well-crafted, patiently evolving love story for long-repressed historical characters would have been perfectly acceptable for our times, too, and earth-shattering and history-making all by itself (sadly).

All this is to explain why I haven’t left this fandom after a Bizarre and Deeply Unsettling s4. They have been unsettling me for years.

I’m here because of you. And it’s totally fine if you want to do other things. I just want you to know it mattered, and it was fantastic.

So there. Please reblog if you’d like to spread the love. There is no way I could possibly reach all who deserve to see this.

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So… I was thinking about this dialog from the No Mercy run earlier, and how the fandom has generally taken it. It’s mostly interpreted as a way to tease/fuck with people who watched LPs of the run rather than mess up their own save file… and to some extent it very obviously is, and it works in that respect.

But the thing is, Toby… doesn’t really do things like that elsewhere in the game, as far as I can recall. If Sans or Papyrus, for instance, says something meta, it’s not just to be meta - it’s part of a joke that they would make, or it reveals something about who they are, y'know? And plenty of people have used Napstablook’s “CHECK” response as a springboard to theorize about Chara’s metaphysical nature if Narrachara is true. So I think this is actually an important principle to Flowey, not JUST a little joke/metacommentary thing. Which is funny, because… Flowey has no reason to think “viewers” exist.

I mean, the only characters implied to even HYPOTHESIZE that “players” exist are Sans and Alphys, and frankly even they’re a stretch; Sans doesn’t even seem to know the difference between Flowey’s meddling with timelines and what the human and their passenger(s) are up to, and the dialog if you suggest Alphys has a crush on “the unknown” isn’t treated even a LITTLE seriously. So why should the kid who spends a large portion of every route either suspecting or “knowing” Frisk and Chara are one and the same know more than either of them?

The answer is… he doesn’t. I think that, from Flowey’s perspective, he’s talking about people “in universe” who just sit back and watch. Maybe assigning the wrong motives to their behavior, but it hardly matters; either way, he has nothing but disdain for them. Either way, he thinks (at this point in time, anyway) that they’re weak and pathetic and refuse to do anything to even TRY to fight back when they could instead sit and watch.

And if that’s the case… he’s right. Someone like that IS watching the human at that very moment. TWO someones like that were watching from the moment Frisk left the Ruins until the moment they got past Mettaton, and with the exception of the No Mercy run… that’s all either of them do. Watch and wait and in some cases actively help them even if they’re a mass murderer. And even on the No Mercy run, one of them fails to stop the human (though that’s sort of Muffet’s fault)… while the other only does anything at all when just watching it happen becomes the worst thing he could even imagine.

Is it any surprise that, at least before a True Pacifist run, Sans and Alphys are quite possibly the two monsters Flowey despises more than any other in the Underground?

The wild JellyBaby roars (and flips) in her trampoline dominion! 🦁 - Ever since they were micro minis, I noticed that JellyBaby likes experiencing the world in a big physical way. She was the one who discovered the “Bounce House” (aka their foam strawberry house turned upside down), and she would jump and bounce inside, and use the walls as a springboard to catch major air. Her favorite casual toy is a paper bag, which she likes to go inside to jump and popcorn around like crazy in. I figured she might like a trampoline, so I set one up for her… and sure enough, she started using it!
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Just a reminder

Don’t let people’s lavish money shots ( as awesome and inspiring as they are) make you feel bad about a $50 POT date or $400 weekly allowance or anything you get as of now. It’s more than you had to begin with and people that know the struggle can stretch $50 or $100 to improve their lives, no matter how small the improvement is. Money is money is money is better than no money,any amount is a springboard towards a better reality. Feel inspired by the lavish allowance but do not let that make you feel bad about your current situation.