this has taken me a whole long while to figure out what to write, and I’ve also been super lazy. but here it goes: Spring Awakening LA.

first, I got the theater extremely early and there were people just randomly waiting outside. I was so freaking excited I couldn’t even handle myself. I was shaking. I was freaking out. i sas tweeting Lindsay and being super excited. when we finally got in, we sat on stage and I looked next to me and Veronica Dunne was there. I knew it was her. I was so star struck. then it was time for the show to start. (I could write a book about how much Lindsay stole my heart and my breath.) THE SHOW WAS FANTASTIC. I jammed the entire freaking time. sang along. quoted everything. oh my. at intermission Kate walked up to me and told me I was her favorite audience member. that put me on cloud 9. so, the show continued and Totally F*ed was amazing. After the show I met Lindsay, Mat, Janel and others. it was beyond amazing. (wait, you should know. I live in Ohio) so, all the way back to the hotel I couldn’t shut up about how much I’d love to see it again. well, my wish came true. I went back the next night and saw it again and sat on stage again. the show was just as phenomenal. after that show I met everyone and felt such an amazing amount of love from them. then I decided to walk up to Lindsay again. we literally talked for 20 minutes, which consisted of me crying and blubbering about how much I love her.she told me that i was the reason she does this. that made me cry. she was so great and her hugs were fantastic.

I left that show that night feeling so many emotions that I didn’t sleep that night and my flight back to Ohio left at 6 am. so, I was tired. all the flight back I wrote Lindsay a letter that I instantly mailed when I got home.

Spring Awakening LA was the highlight of my life. the cast was amazing. I’m sad that it’s over. but the cast will go far.

Lindsay Heather Pearce, you are my sunshine and my inspiration. I love you ❤

the end.