Tina Tamashirou’s bright geometric furisode design uses camellias (a winter flower) with botan peonies (an early spring flower) and a couple of bold ume or sakura (also early spring), which marks this kimono as intended for January or February-ish.

Wait, Coming of Age Ceremony is always held on the second Monday of January! 

Indeed, this kind of furisode, with its super bright colors, joyously playful patterns and youthful makeup is intended for Coming of Age Ceremony wear (when girls turn 20 years old and become adults). 

I lve the use of the bright fluorescent fuchsia with the odd magenta purple in the obi, the lime green with the emerald green, and sky blue tying it all together. The use of a bright crayon-green eri collar is a bold move, since the other two greens are a teal and that lime green. It’s a totally different color temperature but it bounces between the creamy color and the sky blue like a slash of jewel tone and somehow it all works. What a great coordination.

(Bo)Kuroo Single Dad AU Character Background List

Kuroo Tetsurou:

  • 20 Years Old
  • Biology/Chemistry Major and Teaching Minor 
  • Works at a fancy restaurant in the city; his mother was able to get him the job through ‘connections’ that she had 
  • Stopped playing volleyball so that he could work more
  • Newly single dad but has a lot of help from his mother and Bokuto to take care of his five month old daughter; doesn’t even remember having sex in the first place yet, here he is 
  • Likes: Nature, Pork Cutlet Bowls, Reading, Peppermint Oil, and Spring
  • Dislikes: Global Warming, Reckless Drivers, Cherries, Flip-Flops, and His hair

Kuroo Haruhi

  • 42 Years Old
  • High School Language Arts Teacher
  • Tetsurou’s mother who tries her hardest to support him though his time of need, baby sits very often and gives a lot of advice to her son and Bokuto
  • Teacher Advisor to the Girls Volleyball team for her school
  • Likes: Her son, Her Granddaughter, Reading, Writing and the fact that Bokuto comes to her for advice
  • Dislikes: How much pressure the school puts on the kids, the school principal and vice principal, Pop Music, Riddles, and the newspaper for some reason

Bokuto Koutaro

  • 20 Years Old
  • Physiology/Biology Major and Human Anatomy Minor 
  • Works at a cafe and but mainly internships at a physical therapy office for college credits plus experience 
  • Plays volleyball in his free time, but he is more focused on his career goal  
  • Tetsu’s best friend since high school, has been in love with him since he was 17 and went to the same college as Kuroo thinking that he would have the nerve to finally confess; he hasn’t
  • Likes: Overly Sweet Coffee, The Beach, Spicy Food, Finding New Music and Warm Weather 
  • Dislikes: People that Bring him down, Strawberries, Smoking, Scary Movies and Maths

Oikawa Tooru

  • 20 Years Old
  • History Major and Teaching Minor
  • Manager at Starbucks, he’s been working there since he was 17
  • On the College Volleyball Team as their official setter
  • All his fault that Kuroo even has the kid in the first place, just wanted his friend to have some fun and not be cooped up studying; baby sits when he can
  • Likes: Conspiracy Theories, Astronomy, Mythology, learning new languages and Fox Mulder
  • Dislikes: The fact that he asked his crush out and they rejected him, Bugs, Cold Showers, Almond Milk, and American History

Sugawara Koushi

  • 20 Years Old
  • Literature Major and Teaching Minor
  • Works at a bakery that friends of his parent’s own; has had the job since summer of his second year of high school
  • Doesn’t play volleyball, but he is in the college’s art club
  • Know’s Kuroo because of Oikawa, knows Oikawa because they sit next to each other in the public speaking class and Oikawa never leaves him alone
  • Has a really bad habit of smoking when he is stressed out
  • Likes: Summer Vacation, Painting, Shakespeare, Sweaters, and Sunsets
  • Dislikes: The fact that Oikawa keeps asking him out even though he has already said no, His bad habit of smoking, People that order sweets but never come and pick them up and then come in and yell at him because they were the ones that didn’t pick it up, Dancing, and When his cat pushes over a glass while making eye contact with him

Cardcaptor Sakura: We Are Still Here ~Welcome to Spring~

After 20 years and now celebrating another anniversary, Cardcaptor Sakura is a series that has stood the test of time and continues to be beloved by fans old and new. One thing the older fans can revel on is CLAMP continues to produce new art for the series. This illustration comes from the “Last Prize” part of the January kuji (lottery) ~Wa Nyan to Wa Modern~ (はにゃーんと和モダン). Basically, it’s all about traditional Japanese clothing that are still worn in the modern era during special times. Mokona from CLAMP loves kimono patterns so it’s wonderful to see illustrations like these, especially when theme is fitted to suit Cardcaptor Sakura. Even better, it features these two darlings, Sakura & Syaoran with their signature “bear” colors.

This also happens to be the title/cover image for this very blog (shown on the left side bar) as well as the avatar for it. I was very happy CLAMP came up with this illustration so as to have something fresh & new. As a long time fan of CCS, all things Japan and pop cultured mixed with traditional, I had to get this one and I’m very happy to share with everyone. Please enjoy!

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter.  DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!


When Courtney Christine Schulhoff was 15-years-old she met 20-year-old Michael Morin, a petty criminal. Courtney lived with her father, Stephen, in Altamonte Springs, Florida, after her father and mother divorced. Her father didn’t approve of her dating Michael but much to his dismay, they continued to date. The relationship between Courtney and Stephen began to deteriorate and the nail in the coffin, so to speak, was when Stephen banned Courtney from using his credit cards. On 10 February, 2004, Courtney and Michael took a baseball bat and bludgeoned Stephen to death inside his apartment. Courtney first of all tried to blame Michael, saying she wasn’t even in the apartment when the murder took place but eventually confessed that she was the one who brutally killed her own father. The duo received life sentences.

3:01pm: bright & gentle acoustics that feel like sunny afternoons | [listen

tracklist [49 min]:

  1. spring love (ft. wendy) - eric nam
  2. 마음을 베는 낫 - sesame & cotton candy (참깨와 솜사탕)
  3. i’m fine - milk tea (밀크티)
  4. song on my guitar - j-min
  5. butterfly (ft. seulgi) - henry
  6. 한 번쯤 니가 먼저 - vanilla acoustic (바닐라 어쿠스틱 )
  7. 잔소리 (ft. seulong) - iu
  8. 말로 - sesame & cotton candy (참깨와 솜사탕)
  9. 하고 싶은 말 - acourve (어쿠루브)
  10. 예쁜 너니까 - ants (앤츠)
  11. 우리 노래 - air mangirl (공기남녀)
  12. on the subway - akmu
  13. 무지개 - standing egg
  14. 걷자, 집앞이야 - 20 years old (스무살)

image credit: [x]

no (it's nothing wrong with me)
  • sugamon archangel AU, 1.5k words
  • the AU belongs to vkook , I hope I didn’t mess it up ;;

There are 206 bones in the average human body. In a pair of bird wings, there are approximately 18. 13 year old Min Yoongi had 206. In the middle of winter, 14 year old Min Yoongi had 224

And near the end of spring, 20 year old Yoongi buries his face in his pillow and curses his wings more than anything. He thinks Azrael-kin, and Angels with darker ancestors in general, really don’t get enough credit for just existing without killing someone. After dealing with countless death visions and walking spirits to their morbid afterlife, he’s really considering putting it on a business card.

Min Yoongi, aspiring producer. Very well versed in dealing with Azrael’s bullshit. Rarely homicidal.

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Please help us find Maxine. I am worried sick. Her mother is worried sick. All of us friends are worried sick. Maxine is 17 and has run away from home. This is not like her at all. 

Message from her mother: “Maxine had been missing since about 6pm today (5/20/2015). Everyone is looking for her. Please help. Please share this on your wall, press tag everyone you think knows her. She was last seen downtown running across the Spencer’s corner/Malco parking lot toward Malvern ave. Wearing black boots, denim shorts, and a black tank top with white peace signs and guitars. She was carrying a green hippy back pack, like the kind you buy downtown in the shops. Hopefully she had at shirt in there because if she’s outside now she’ll be freezing. Please look for her, she didn’t have any money on her. She had her phone but she had either turned it off, or the battery is dead. Please tell her to come home. Bring her home.”




Hi - I’m apprehensive about sharing these but I really wanted to! I worked really hard to lose weight. At university, I was eating far too much, not finding enough time to exercise, had a hormonal change as a result of oral contraceptives, and as a result, put on weight. I’ve always eaten pretty healthily - but being short on time made me turn to unhealthier foods :(

So, a few months ago, I decided to change the way I thought, ate, acted, and treated my body. After my spring semester of school ended, I started preparing my own meals with healthy and whole foods, exercising more, drinking more water, and having a more positive attitude about my body. Love yourself and that will change a lot in your life.

I’m 5'7", 20 years old, and it took me a few months to lose the 15 pounds that I did, which seems kind of slow, but it took a lot of effort, and still is! My “before” picture was taken in February 2015, but I think I only seriously started losing weight around late April 2015.

So my weight loss happened over the course of 3-4 months. It’s important to give yourself time :) I’m not quite done yet; I’d like to lose at least 10 more pounds, but that doesn’t seem quite so daunting now that I’ve gotten used to (and enjoy) my new healthier lifestyle.

Before (Feb 2015): 174 lbs

During (July 2015): 159 lbs

Feel free to follow/interact/talk to me on my blog “exercise-bunny”! Love making friends on tumblr and in the fitblr community! I’m happy to say hi, offer encouragement and advice, or answer any questions you might have :)