✨I bought those two DIY kit this afternoon. When I saw them I just fell in love with them! I simply decorated the pencil case with a piece of the blue and white fabric (I sewed it on because I didn’t have fabric glue ) and then I drew some cute arrows on it with sharpies. The design is very simple but I think it turned out really cute :3 and it was really easy to do :3 you should definitely
try it ! ✨


Spring Craft Ideas | Country Living

I adore Country Living’s DIYs, they always post the best ideas. It’s funny, I’ve always had this idea in my head of making a tablecloth out of vintage hankies (or um, new hankies that look vintage!) and here it is! I also really like that vase made out of jars tied together, and the doily vase is adorable. Oh yeah, and the printed screen is a great idea - and they’re so cheap, it doesn’t matter if you hate it after a while! Anyway, they’re the ones I love, but there are 37 more here, so click through.

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Spring project idea: Make your own outdoor seating … 

Every so often, I not only look at Pinterest, but I actually find a pin showcasing a project I’d like to learn more about.

One such example was this DIY outdoor seating project that uses pre-owned cushions, a dozen concrete block units, and four fence posts. Intrigued, I clicked through the pin and found a simple tutorial.

If you’d like to make something like this but don’t already have all the materials, have a look at Freecycle to see if someone in your area has some thing(s) you could use. A home-improvement reuse store — such as a Habitat for Humanity ReStore — in your community may have useful items. (For Habitat ReStore locations, look here.)

Photo via Lena Sekine, who made the sofa that’s pictured using a tutorial via the Kayla’s Basement blog here.

I’ve long since closed Pinterest, and don’t recall whose Pinterest “outdoor seating” pin I originally saw, but, well, thanks, Internet! 

BTW, Unconsumption’s on Pinterest: here