Felt like doodling a Taako before bed, though it’s super messy. Maybe I’ll actually refine it later, who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ because it’s certainly not me and my college schedule. 

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love you guys, so much and i’ve gotten so many requests!

but i’m getting surgery on my leg tomorrow (because i broke my leg this summer) and i won’t be in any condition to write. i’m probably just going to watch Fantastic Beasts & Marvel movies the whole time (also sleep)

and than during spring break i’m going to my grammy’s with my cousins (both sides) but i’m just going to say i’m not gonna be on here for a while.

sorry, but i will get to the requests after i heal and get back.

love you guys and don’t forget,

i love you ♥

until than,


Three of the kids are on spring break this week. RK and DS struggle spending time together so I took DS to work with me yesterday to get him out of the mix. He had a great time sitting in on my classes and hanging with me before I cut out a little early to take him to the dentist. No cavities for he or DD and he pulled out his last baby tooth last night. I found it sitting on our bathroom counter when I got out of the shower. Ewwww.

DS is so interesting. His tooth was barely loose but I knew once the dentist told him he should start wiring to get that one out, DS would not be able to sleep until it was done. He went to bed two hours late because he was “uncomfortable.” He’s also my kid that cries going to the doctor if he doesn’t need to get a shot. What’s up with that?

Spring Break!

One of the perks of being a perpetual student and now a teacher is that I get to enjoy Spring Breaks for the rest of my life. And, my spring break begins after teaching four classes in a row today (barring a 1.5 hr department mixer tomorrow).

I look forward to….

napping, binge watching Netflix with Rebus, reading “All the Missing Girls” (a book I bought a month ago!), swimming, barre, thinking about gardening, and doing absolutely nothing. 

Oh, and I also look forward to seeing my friend who moved to Ohio a few years ago. We are going to Napa for the weekend. I think this will be the first time that I have hung out with her without her daughter (whom I LOVE). I don’t know what I will do with so much of her undivided attention….oh my god, I can’t wait!!! 

Tuesday blues, or Spring break why did you leave me like this?

Okay. I slept like poop. And I don’t know what I did to my neck, y'all, but I can hardly move.

So it’s 6:50, and I’m still lying down down on a heating pad trying to loosen my muscles enough that I can move and shower and get ready for work because today is an even day, which means I have sophomores, and there ain’t no rest for the wicked on even days, and I’m gonna need to be able to, y'know, walk and move and turn my head. Thankfully I have plan during my first block today; I’m gonna have to roll in late.

I’m trying not to have a poopy attitude, and I’m trying even harder not to let clouds settle in on my day–week, month, year?–but I would really like mornings to be about a million times easier than they are, and I’m tired of feeling exhausted and fatigued all the time. (And I don’t even have kids yet, so my mornings only consist of coffee-making, getting ready, and taking care of the pupper and doggo. Sheesh, props to all you educhums parents. You’re superheroes.) Makes me think of that post that’s going around about how hard mornings are and how we should give depressed folks getting up and out of bed a bit more credit… or maybe bribe us with a muffin or pancakes or something?

I'ma need all the help I can get today, I think. Starting with a raising-Lazarus-from-the-dead type miracle that’s gonna get my ass outta bed and off this lovely, pain-soothing heating pad.