Currently watching: Sankarea - 1

So all the zombie otaku wants is to fall in love with a zombie girl? Sounds preposterous? Nope. Cue zombie girl. I’ll roll with it.

Decent start. For some reason I was expecting the series to be more darker than it was, but there were some nice comedic touches. I also wasn’t expecting the quality to be as good as it was considering Studio DEEN’s earlier miss, Hiiro no Kakera.

Speaking of preposterous: What’s up with Chihiro’s cat ears hair? 3.5/5

Currently watching: Sakamichi no Apollon - 1

There are shows you just know you’re going to love before you even watch it. This show came with the pedigree of being directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, famous for Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. As evident with his two anime commodities, he’s also gifted in the art of music–he’s ventured more into music production over the past years. Now he’s back with his third title, centered around music – jazz, to be precise – of all things. Lofty expectations.


The first episode is simple yet quite distinguishable from a lot of its anime predecessors this season. Subtle acting, restrained emotions, realistic character designs…oh, and jazz music. This wasn’t a blow you away intro, it was a “set you up for something great later down the line” intro. Must watch. 4/5