!!! Art Commissions Open !!!

Hello everyone! So something major happened recently with my family and we really need help financially, so I’m opening up art commissions! Message me if you’d like to request a commission, and please help me spread the word! 💙

Prices (USD)

Chibi: $10.00
Add another person: +$8.00

Bust: $15.00
Add another person: +$13.00

Half body: $20.00  
Add another person: +$18.00

Full body: $25.00
Add another person: +$23.00

Art Examples

These are some other art pieces/commissions I’ve done to show what kinds of styles I can do. Anime is the default style for these commissions. I can do styles like Diabolik Lovers, Sailor moon, Hetalia, and pretty much any other animation style if you request it!

However, I can also do semi-realism (Overwatch, LoL, etc) so if you’re more interested in those styles just include that in your message and based on the details of your request we can negotiate on a price adjustment together!

Things I will not do
-Hard NSFW (I really suck at anatomy sorry guys 😂)
-Furry related fan art
-Complex machinery (transformers stuff/things like D.va’s meka suit)


Ok, so here’s how the payment process works! Like most other commission artists I will ask that the money please reaches my PayPal after we’ve talked about your commission (characters, style, posing, etc) and before the drawing is completed/sent. This helps prevent an artist working hard on a piece only to have a customer backing out of it last minute. Depending on how many people are in the drawing and the style of it, some commissions could take up to 12-24 hours of straight work, so please keep this in mind! I will send you the finished product ASAP after I receive the payment, and tada! We’re finished with business and I will thank you excessively! 😂 

Again, simply send me a message if you’re interested in a commission! I can draw you, you and your s.o./favorite characters, AUs, OCs, OTPs/ships- anything you want! Thank you all so much in advance, and if you can’t buy a commission a simple reblog to help me spread the word would be greatly appreciated! ☺️