You walked into the huge building, feeling your heart rate quicken as it caught up with the sound of high heels clicking against the marble floor.  There seemed to be about a dozen girls pacing around the room, silently doing their work.  They all looked so…perfect.  Slim, stylish, and judging by some of the designer labels, they were all pretty rich, too.  You, on the other hand, were at the opposite end of the spectrum with your thrifted shirt and hand-me-down skirt.  You didn’t look bad, but you just didn’t look like…them.  
    You walked up to the front desk, you introduced yourself to the woman behind it.  She looked you up and down with a condescending smirk and gave you directions to your potential boss’s office.  Making your way down the busy hallways, you felt your heart drop into your stomach in nervousness.  Once you reached your destination, you patiently waited to be let in.  
     You were met, not with a smiling face, but with a magazine, as the person behing the desk was reading one that seemed far more interesting than you.  Clearing your throat, you decided to speak up.  "Hello, my name’s _____, and I’m here for the new assistant position. Amber, from human resources sent me here.“  The person put the magazine down and looked up at you, his eyes widening in what seemed to be amusement.  "Well, Amber did always have quite the sense of humor,” he said, eyes scanning your body.  You almost didn’t catch what he said, dazed by how attractive this man was.  
    The man before you motioned for you to come closer with his finger and said, “You can come up to the desk, y’know.  I don’t bite…and even if I did, you clearly have no taste.”  He chuckled and stood up as you approached him.  You took offense to his words, but kept quiet because you needed this job.  Taking a few steps forward, you watched as he circled you and tapped his pen against his chin.  “Look, I know I don’t physically or aesthetically meet this company’s standards, but I can promise that I’ll put 110% into my work, if you hire me…Sir…,” you breathed out.  He stopped in front of you and leaned in a bit with a smirk teasing his lips.  “Make it 120% and maybe I’ll consider.”  
    Just then, you heard a commotion coming from outside of the office, along with a few muffled voices.  "I’m sorry, Mr..Yes, Mr.  Bling Bling,  I am very sorry, but Mr. Kim is currently in a meeting.“  Your potential emploter sighed and turned around to face the door, placing a hand on his hip.  "A meeting?!  Do I look like I care about a meeting?!  I need to see him now!”  You heard a few more voices before the door bursted open and a relatively short man dressed in tight jeans and a bedazzled jacket entered.  "Key, I need your assistance!  It’s an emergency!“  "What is it, Jonghyun?,” said with an irritated tone.  "I have one month to put out a new collection and I can’t even decide on colors!,“ Jonghyun exclaimed in distress.  He pulled out some swatches of colors and held them in front of Key’s face.  "Now, this peach color just screams "spring”, but is it too cliche?  And this minty color is absolutely gorgeous, don’t you think?“  "It’s hideous.”   “You’re so right; it is.  Hate it, nevermind,” he said in agreement, tossing the swatch to the side.  You watched and listened, feeling a bit surprised and out of place.  However, you did begin to notice how attractive Jonghyun was, as well.  He described a few more colors before you felt the need to interject.  "Lavendar.  You’re right, peach is too cliche, and it’s being featured in 3 other collections this year.  Mint was popular 2 years ago, and the baby blue color you described is too reminiscent of Vera Wang’s 2012 Spring collection.“  The two of them turned to look at you in shock.  "Everything she said was…right…,” Key muttered.  "And who is this adorable little troll?,“ Jonghyun asked, setting his swatches on the desk.  "She’s a candidate for the new assistant position, but-”  "You’re hired.“  "What?!  That’s not a decision you can make, Jonghyun.”  "Nonsense!  She clearly knows quite a bit about fashion, though she doesn’t really look like it,“ he explained, placing a hand on his chin.  You were beyond confused, but he seemed to be arguing in your favor, so you kept quiet.  Key sighed, "Fine.”  He looked up at you and you could’ve sworn he smiled a bit.  "Start by getting me a latte.“