spring vintage looks


I recently changed my blog aesthetic and am in need to follow more blogs anyway so please like/reblog if you include any of the following:

  • seasonal aesthetics
  • aesthetic travel pics
  • boho fashion
  • band text posts
  • anime/tv shows/movie text posts
  • pretty quotes
  • gothic architecture
  • Tim Burton sort of stuff
  • vintage
  • natural makeup

(Not really minimalistic, more of a cozy minimalistic. I hope that makes sense.)

Thanks everyone! Can’t wait to check out/follow!

‘Tan Sexy’ - Model: Candice Swanepoel | Photographer: Mariano Vivanco | Fashion Editor:  Belen Antolin | Editor’s Assistant: Angela Collantes | Hair: Fernando Torrent | Make-up: Maud Laceppe | Nails: Mary Soul | Vogue España April 2013