spring trends 2013

Spring 2013 Trends

Why not welcome in the New Year with a swift transition into Spring? The Spring Trends are already starting to appear this fashion season, as “Emerald Green” claims it’s sweeping prize as the color of the year. Welcoming in the warm sun and the Spring activities, everyone is making a break to reach deep into their closets and pulling out their Spring essentials; floral sundresses, motorcycle jackets, (Yes of course you can still rock a leather jacket in the Spring, you never know when there will be the a sudden breeze, and you can spice it up by wearing them different colors like pastels.) It seems as if “critters” will be making their way to clothing- not in them, lets all take a big sigh of relief, but on them. All your favorite animals like bunnies, cats, owls, even dogs, will be printed on clothing, making a cameo in this years Spring trends.

Mixing patterns will be seen as well.  Now don’t be afraid to do this, just remember as long as you have at least one matching color within your outfit you should be ready to rock all different prints together. Sticking on the theme of patterns, multi-patterned heels and flats will be seen with floral taking on one of the most popular prints for the Spring.  "Vintage swing is a big hitting trend this season,“ says trend adviser Kim LaFleur for Charming Charlies, "adding a touch of soft jewelry to your outfits and lace patterns are a spin off the old vintage feel.” Don’t forget to pull out your favorite pastels such as baby blue, soft pink, lavender, and light yellows, incorporating them into your wardrobe, as they will be a vital essential to getting dressed to go out in the glowing sun.

Sheer details are being seen on the runway, popular designers such as Jason Wu, Proenza Schouler, and Victoria Beckham's collection are featuring the occurrence of sheer clothing. Designers are taking the sheer trend on in a fresh, and modest way adding sheer sleeves and small cut out details to blouses. Stripes aren’t exactly a new shocking occurrence in fashion, but are making an exceptional revelation of becoming glitzy, “a bold, wide stripe is to become quite popular with an added chunky statement necklace,” reveals Kim, “designers like Marc Jacobs, and Michael Khors are even taking on this fashion fad.” Exact matching shirts and skirts usually can be found somewhere similar to the nearest pajama section, but this Spring you will see two piece body suits no where near the pajama section but strutting down the streets. Structured, body con pieces are to be seen through the flower blooming weather and the piece also gives off the look of being one collective, coordinating outfit. Of course you can still wear leather in the Spring, (Where did this crazy assumption even sprout from, answers anyone?), leather trim on a dress or even the hem of a shirt is an easy way to add an edgy feel to a girly and feminine outfit, plus is very easy and affordable if you sit your self down for a bit of a craft day with an old tee, your sewing box, and scrap leather. You might even end up re-vamping a piece of clothing you never wear anymore into one of your favorite fashion staples.

Different styles of necklines are another thing to keep your eyes pealed open for, “Pieces with contrasting collars and necklines are interesting and eye-catching, definitely a must if you’re set on being the apple of everyone’s eye this Spring,” Kim explains. Black and white with a pop of turquoise are in line for one of the popular trends, supposed to be playing off the idea of the runway contrast of black and white together in geometric patterns. What was once thought to be a fashion don’t, -you know what they say, “fashion is the future-”, mixed metals are to be hitting stores soon, the idea that copper, gold, and silver can all be worn together. Last but not least, pops of neon will be seen in the late spring- so if you’re like me don’t forget to save up to splurge on your favorite bright nail polishes and elements to spice up a drab outfit. Looking forward to seeing all of you rock these trends this Spring, here’s to a fun and fashionable season. 


The ponytail is back…and it’s better than ever. It’s becoming a go-to style for the fashion elite—John Barrett recently opened Barrett’s Ponytail Bar in his chic New York salon, for instance—and if we learned one thing at Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week, it’s that the trendy-again style will be sticking around for a while. On the runways, hairdressers got creative and updated the basic pony in myriad ways…high, low, textured, neat, shiny, matte…so there was literally a pony for every fashion personality.


My So Called Life

Phillip Lim 3.1 Spring 2013 Rtw

The Phillip Lim spring 2013 collection smelled distinctly like teen spirit, the angsty, disaffected and grunge teen spirit that is. And who can forget Claire Danes played brooding, overalls-wearing, Angela Chase who navigates the perils of being a teenager in her combat boots with a flannel plaid shirt tied around her waist. Her wardrobe consisted solely of grunge. Grunge is a style that originally started in the cold northwest (Seattle) in order to keep warm and as an anti-establishment, anti-fashion rebellion for Rock musicians that unintentionally ended up becoming an official fashionable “look” when Marc Jacobs sent models dressed in very very expensive “Grunge” outfits down the runway for Perry Ellis’s ‘93 collection. And no one wore grunge better on TV than Angela Chase (second place goes to Tai from Clueless). She managed to look delicate in her layers of thermal henleys, granny-florals, plaids and denim. Well, Phillip Lim went for a modernized grunge for his spring collection. The color palette is modernized, relying heavily on pinks as opposed to reds and yellows. The floral print is less granny more polished and the tee-shirts have cheeky slogans. But the collection is still every bit as grunge with tons of layers, overalls,  denim jackets, the plaid shirt tied around the waist and even the combat bots. 

In a word the Phillip Lim spring 2013 “grunge” collection is Nirvana