spring tote

WIP Wednesday: Alright, so it’s maybe technically more of a doodle. I scrawled this one out just before I officially called it a night on Halloween.

I’ll admit you have to be aware of “A Case Of Spring Fever” and the horror of Coily to get it. (Go find it. Betcha a nickel it’s on YouTube.)


Jonah, stop scaring the robots.

@commodorexaranea :continued from x

       Prompto looked shocked, his mouth opening, the realization hitting him. “W-Was this not meant for me and you?” 

       Damn! This was embarrassing! Had she meant it to be a gift for him to take someone else?! And then here he was inviting her along like an idiot…He wanted to bury his face in the ground it was so awkward. 

       “S-Sorry I just thought it…yeah…if you don’t wanna come, then uh, that’s cool!

anonymous asked:

Does Andy always do WSC London and is he announced later on like for WSC Atalanta? Has Danai ever gone to WSC London? That's right around my spring break, like hmmm, totes possible for me to try to go! Is it a larger venue in London or about the same in size and scope as WSC ATL?

I believe Andy has done all of their London events, yes. I don’t know how late he’s been announced, but it seems like a trend that he’s announced later than most of the big stars. Danai has never done London, but James said he’s trying to get her for this one. (It’s right after Black Panther is released, so I don’t know how available she’ll be.) 

I have no idea about actual venue size, though. I imagine it’s similar. I know Atlanta is their biggest con in terms of attendees, but London is next.