spring tops

So I’m kinda disappointed that the FE Heroes devs didn’t take the chance to give Lucina and Camilla tailcoats like they did with Xander and Chrom-

@ fe devs please stop sexualising your female characters, lucina feels so ooc it physically hurts man

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You share a lot of clothes with links but if you were to buy any of it what would you buy?

my wishlist is literally 150 items right now but I want new t-shirts and sweatshirts for spring/summer so my top picks right now would be these (yess I do love roses and the color white haha)

001 / 002 / 003
004 / 005 / 006

  • What I say: I love musicals!
  • What I mean: I've seen the same 5 musicals at least 20 times each. I want to watch other musicals because they all look so good but I always end up watching a different production of the same 5 musicals I've already seen. A musical marathon for me is watching the same musical on repeat for 10 hours. Help.