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💖🥚Ostara Tips!🥚💖

Spring is finally upon us! Remember, even if you’re a busy witch, you can do simple things to celebrate today:

• Talk to your plants. Put a favorite little crystal or tumbling stone next to their roots! 🌷
• Take deep breaths while you’re outside. Even if it’s just while walking to your car for work - Visualize the fresh air as the new energy of Spring while you inhale, exhaling the built-up energy from season’s past. 🌬
• Charge your morning tea or coffee with a crystal, letting your beverage absorb its radiance and drinking up its energy. 🍵
• During your meals throughout the day (and try to eat lots of vegetables and fruits), be grateful for your food, that which you have access to from the Earth and its power to grow. If you have time, write a quick love letter to Nature. 🌍
• Celebrate through color! Wear pastel pinks, blues, greens, and creamy whites. ✨

Today I (finally) got my final grade in Economics and I got an A! Ahhhh! This is a class at the beginning of the semester I thought I would have to take a B in.  Everyone had told me it was one of the hardest classes that had taken, and I did not know how I could possibly pass a class where I could barely understand my instructor (she was Chinese, and her English was good, but not great, especially when she was speaking quickly).  So I thought that in celebration of my intellectually victory I would create a post highlighting the tricks that I use to tackle (and get an A in!) the seemingly impossible.  

1. Actually go to class (and pay attention)You would be shocked by the amount of students that skip class for weeks in a row and then can’t understand why they don’t score well on exams/don’t understand the material. Going to class and actively taking notes already gives you a leg up on being successful. 

2. Read your textbook (smartly): In a perfect world the only thing that would be on tests is what is covered in class; but in impossible classes more often than not there are wild questions on tests that are only vaguely covered in the textbook and never covered in class.  That’s why it’s important to crack open that book and brush through some things.  DO NOT READ EVERYTHING THOUGH.  IT’S NOT WORTH IT.  IT WILL MAKE YOU CRY.  Pay attention to vocabulary words, key concepts, and examples.  

3. Star studying at least a week before your test: This is serious.  Impossible classes are not ones that you can just look at your notes the night before and be okay.  They are the ones that if you do that, you will walk out of the first test with a 37% and want to drop out of school.  Know what the test will be like and study to that.  If it is vocab based memorize vocab.  If it is problem based practice working similar problems.  If a concept is really tricky read the textbook section on it and take detailed notes.  Just do not waste time.  The more time you have to prepare for a test the better.  Trust me.  

4. Help other people who are struggling:  By knowing the material well enough to teach it to someone else, you are basically ensuring that you have it memorized and applied.  Explain concepts to classmates and friends when they don’t understand them, it will help them almost as much as it helps you.  

5. Take notes by hand:  Typing notes is just really not a great idea.  You don’t remember things as well, it’s harder to flip back to previous notes, and if you have a laptop in front of you that can access tumblr/pinterest/imessage you will be tempted to stray and not pay attention.  Happens to the best of us, but not helpful for passing impossible classes.  

6.  Make it enjoyable:  There is nothing that I find overly exciting about economics.  Don’t get me wrong, I listen to Freakonomics radio podcasts religiously and do like to see how the overarching principles affect our daily lives, but economics graphs are just not fun.  But, everyday this semester I brought a small piece of candy to class to make class a little more sweet (or excuse me, sooiet).  If you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to go to class or enjoy it, decorate your notebook really pretty, bring a cup of tea or coffee to class, sit with friends, or do anything that makes the class a little less dreadful for you.  It will help you to be successful in the long run.  

I hope these tips and tricks help you to get the grades that you want in the future! Go into classes that you think are impossible with a positive spirit and the energy to give it your all and you too can beat the heck out of that class.  

Keep it Sooiet.

🌿✨ Fairy Altar Tips! ✨🌿

hello loves! I wanted to make a short list of things to include in a springtime fairy altar. Spring has always made me feel drawn to their gentle magick, and i hope to obtain some of it in my own atmosphere. here are some simple things to include in your own fairy shrine:

♡ handfuls of soft grass (remember to say “thank you”)

♡ flat stones found around your neighborhood, either as they are or painted in pretty pastel colors

♡ small jars filled with fine glitter

♡ tiny crystals and tumble stones (rose quartz and tiger’s eye are lovely fairy-drawing choices, for example)

♡ a small mason jar or goblet of fresh water

♡ sticks you’ve found, either as they are or decorated with tied lace, pastel colored threads, acrylic paint, leaves, tied herbs, anything you’d see fit for a fairy wand ~

♡ tiny handwritten notes (write anything you wish)! anointed with flowery oils and placed under dried lemon/orange peels or in tiny jars

♡ fresh flowers of your choice (from the store or picked from nature - not somebody’s yard, unless you have permission)! ~

♡ rosemary, salt, lavender, and nutmeg in small pretty dishes or sprinkled around

♡ a little fairy/animal figurine (or a small photo of such)

happy spring! 🌦

Blessed Ostara!

This is the time of the Spring Equinox when the day and night are in perfect balance. It’s also a Monday, so I know a lot of us are busy. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to celebrate, here are some simple little ways to bring in the Spring and still get shit done.

🌱 If you’re grocery shopping today, consider picking up a pack of seeds or a small plant to bring home. Ostara is a time of fertility and what better symbol of birth than new plants? Some good options are bee friendly flowers, edible flowers, and fresh herbs. I ended up getting some garden sage and lavender.

🔮 Another symbol of Ostara is the egg. Enjoying one or two for a meal, decorating them Easter egg style and displaying them on your alter, or even burying one in your garden are all eggsellent ideas. Or, if you don’t eat eggs, seeds and nuts are wonderful snacks. I prefer pine nuts and sun flower seeds, but any will do!

🕯Because light green candles and jasmine incense are frequently associated with the holiday, these can be easy additions to your alter and plus you get the added bonus of being able to light them and enjoy them while still being productive (but please don’t leave any flame unattended!)

💐 And if you simply can’t do any of those, wearing something green or merely taking a mindful walk through nature are both sufficient, just be sure to give thanks and take advantage of this new start! Remember, it’s about intention.

reminder to take an actual break during spring break!

Thursday morning in my Philosophy of Science course, one of the students asked for clarification for our final paper. My professor, who is the chair of the Theology department & also my advisor, goes, “Well sure, I can give it to you now. Are you planning on writing it over the break?” And we all sort of shrugged and nodded, because, why not? We want to get ahead and not be drowning in end-of-the-semester papers. My professor said he would go print out the instructions for us, but as he was leaving, he said, “But please, take a break during spring break. It’s called a break. Do something else with your time.”

Studying during break is okay!! I’m going to do it, I have a test the Monday I return to classes and I have several papers due in two weeks following break. However, I’m not going to rigorously study, only devoting my time to books and papers. I’m going to go see movies!! And finish the book I just bought!! And play the sims and animal crossing!! And walk my dog!! Yes, I am going to do the work I need to do, but I’m also going to make extra extra time for myself and the things I don’t have time to do during school!

So please, everyone, actually give yourself a break! Find things you’ve been wanting to do and do them!! Please!! The work will still be waiting when break is over! TAKE A BREAK!!!!! 


I am in love with this skirt. 😍😍 I am from Hawaii, so this print totally reminds me of Aloha prints and a little bit of home. 🌴🌴

It’s a great transition piece for this weird weather right now. I’ve paired it here with a sleeveless blazer and tank. It could also be paired with a sweater, either cropped or tucked in.

Blazer & Clutch: Target. Tank: H&M. Skirt: Asos Curve. Heels: Dillards.

✨ Broom Spell! ✨

It’s Spring! Which means many of us many feel inclined to clean around our homes, which is a great time to clear any negative energy and cast spells! If you plan on sweeping I suggest saying these quick words to banish negativity!

🌟“As I sweep, sweep the ground All negativity shall now be bound I banish from here all that is profane Only good and blessings shall remain! So mote it be!” 🌟

I hope you all had a blessed Ostara, and that you find light, happiness, growth and opportunity in the New Spring! Blessed be!

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Spring Cleaning is great for a number of reasons: it declutters your space, makes you feel organised and clean, and it makes you feel overall better. This post is basically my spring cleaning routine which I do probably every two months or so. I obviously clean in between that and do some of these things more often but this is my routine for when I want a deep and really good de-clutter and clean.

1. Put on some good tunes. On my Spotify, I will either put on one of the ready-made playlists or my own ones and put my phone somewhere that I won’t be tempted to look at it every five minutes. Upbeat, fun music makes cleaning seem less tedious and also allows you to dance about a bit while you work. IF anyone would like a link to some of my favourite playlists for cleaning, please tell me and I’ll be happy to recommend some!

2. Strip your sheets off of your bed. I recommend doing this and, personally, I leave the sheets off of it until I’m finished cleaning because then, if it gets messy during my clean, it doesn’t matter because it’s not the clean sheets that are getting messy. Plus, if you really want to use the same sheets as before, this gives you time to wash them and dry them before you’ve finished cleaning. However, I recommend putting on different sheets just for something different.

3. Decide on piles. This step is really only for the first time you do this as you get to know your piles. The piles are going to be where you put your stuff based off of where it is going. For example, I always have a pile for ‘stuff to keep’, ‘washing’ ‘charity’, ‘store in the attic’, ‘throw out’ and ‘other rooms’. You can have as many or as few piles as you like,; it depends on what you need and what works for you.

4. Empty your wardrobe and put everything into its respective pile. Decide whether you want to keep that top or whether you’ll give it to charity. You don’t have to start with your wardrobe. I just find that this is usually the messiest place in my room so it’s easiest to start with. 

5. Dust/clean your wardrobe. Take a cloth and some spray and clean your wardrobe thoroughly. We don’t realise how much dust and dirt accumulates and you will be happy for the clean when it comes to putting your clothes back in.

6. Take the stuff in your ‘keep’ pile that belongs in your wardrobe and put it back. Don’t, however, just shove it back in. Organise it. For example, I like to sort my wardrobe by where I would wear it and the type of clothes it is. So, I have school stuff on the right - and they are divided by skirts, shirts, jumpers and blazers - then my dancing stuff, then work stuff, and normal clothes. You can also sort your clothes by the colour or type or any other system you come up with.

6. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 for your other places in your room. Cabinets, tables, bookcases, desks. Clear them all out and stick everything into piles, clean/dust them (including drawers) and put everything back in an organised fashion. 

7. If you have any bags/purses lying around, empty them. I am terrible for leaving things lying in my bags and then never knowing where they are. Clear out your bags and put anything you need in their proper place so you know where it is. It also helps to put away any bags that are just cluttering your space.

8. Move/get rid of your other piles. Put your ‘throw out’ pile in a trash bag and into the bin. Put your ‘store in the attic’ stuff in the attic (in a bag so it doesn’t get musty). Get rid of any other piles that you have lying around.

9. Clean any windows/mirrors. Get some windolene and a cloth and make sure they are sparkling.

10. Hoover. Do a really deep hoover and move any furniture you can to cover as much floor space as possible.

11. Make your bed. Put clean/fresh sheets on your bed and spray it with some Febreze. Make it look pretty and inviting. And try to resist the urge to jump into it straight away.

12. Relax. Relax in your clean and de-cluttered room. Does it not feel so much better now?

|| day twelve of the 30 day summer study challenge ||
How To: Deconstruct A Character

For those that struggle with deconstructing characters in your English essays, here are a few ways to get the analytical ball rolling. I will be using Bob Belcher as my example.

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Compare how your character speaks to characters he or she is close to versus characters that are acquaintances or enemies. Does the language your character use drastically change when speaking to different characters or remain the same? Bob keeps a casual discourse whether he’s speaking to his wife Linda, or to one of his kid’s teachers. If your character’s language remains consistent like Bob’s, you have a character with a static identity. His or her’s behaviour is not dependent on those around them.  

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You can also look at how your character speaks or thinks when they’re alone. Bob is not openly emotional but by himself he is more tender and quirky. The language your character uses alone represents their true feelings and motives in the story. No matter how consistent a character is, they all have a private part of who they are. It’s what makes them relatable; we all have things we keep to ourselves. 

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 Another way to analyse your character is to look at how they deal with conflict. Bob is often apathetic about problems in the show until he is eventually forced to care and explodes. Look at the strategies or lack of defence your character has, when coping with the problems in their story. Are they successful or do they fail at ending conflict? 

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Is your character a role model to anyone? It’s important to look at how your character influences others in the story. Bob’s family is held together by Bob and depend on him in many ways. On the surface they like to defy Bob, but they always end up seeking his approval. Do other characters try to be like your character and listen to them, or do they give him or her no respect? 

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One more thing you can look at, is the nonverbal cues of your character. How is the body language of your character described? Do they take up a lot of space or are they always subtly in the background. Bob’s mannerisms reflects his passionate behaviour under his thinly veiled lazy attitude. You can also analyze the clothes your character wears, and if the colours are described you can deconstruct that too. Bob wears shades of white and black, he is a character that tries to hide his differences from society and thinks it’s easier to blend in than be bold. 

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Seasonal Prompts: Spring 💐

Spring is around the corner… maybe some prompts inspired by spring and it’s holidays/events? That’d be awesome!

Thank you for the idea! I’ve actually decided to make this a series on my blog, so I’ll be posting ones for Winter, Summer, and Autumn soon as well. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Plan an elaborate April Fools Prank
  2. Someone gives their lover fresh picked flowers, only to find out that they’re deathly allergic
  3. A germophobe raves about spring cleaning
  4. imagine your OTP waking up on a spring morning. sunlight is filtering through the drapes and it’s quiet enough that they can practically hear each other’s heartbeats. skin against skin, legs tangled together, they wake up slowly and smiling, and the world is at peace. (credit to onceupona-prompt)
  5. Imagine Person A is trying to do some spring cleaning but can’t because Person B really wants to help clean, but keeps making a mess whenever they try to clean. (credit to otpisms)
  6. imagine your OTP going for a walk through the park on a sunny spring day, fingers interlaced and swinging between them. the flowers are in bloom, and they stop to admire them - person A is wide-eyed and grinning at the vibrant bursts of petals, but person B can’t take their eyes off A for long enough to see them. (credit to onceupona-prompt)
  7. Describe everything great about Spring weddings
  8. Describe everything horrible about Spring weddings
  9. Use an instrumental/classical song to create a story about nature based on how the sounds interact
  10. It’s the first day of Spring, the character’s favorite season, but everything is going wrong.
  11. Write about Spring from a plant’s point of view
  12. Describe Spring from the point of view of someone who hates the season
  13. Write about how a squirrel celebrates Spring
  14. What happened during Spring Break?
  15. “When you said Spring Break in Florida, I didn’t think you meant we’d be living at your grandmother’s for a week.”
  16. “Spring is a scam, and here is a poster I made explaining why.”
  17. “Spring is here, bugs are near, and love is in the air, ladies!”
  18. “Why is it raining? I thought Spring brought nice weather.”
  19. “Have you ever had a picnic in the rain?”
  20. Write a love story that begins on the first day of Spring’

Feel free to request prompts/advice posts and ask for specific advice