spring tees

progenyofworms  asked:

Can I ask how much y'all make off the tee spring stuff? Just curious. Got me a sweatshirt

not very much anymore! The initial burst was good but mostly for shirts that I don’t feel comfortable taking the profits of, and like $160 since then. and I was thinking about remaking the initial “i punched richard spencer” shirts bc they’re so popular but I still don’t do anything contra nazism so can’t really use that money ykwim? but maybe just HAVING it back to attract people would be useful but also the popularity of it i felt like focused attention on the wrong thing, i.e.: punching richard spencer being a hilarious thing to claim rather than like DESTROYING WHITE SUPREMACY


Hard not to soak up the sunshine and enjoy nature at its finest…..even for a redhead 😉

I’ve been pretty casual as of late (I tend to do that during warm months. Staying comfortable and going on impromptu walks in the beautiful spring weather.

Here wearing a pair of BlancNYC boyfriend jeans. I love these with the destroyed details plus they are 100%cotton so they are perfectly suited for warmer weather. I paired it with a Paige grey basic v neck and my Adidas black and white Superstars 👟

My accessories are a bit more upscale. I always enjoy pairing my red cat eye Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses with sneakers. My Michael Kors Sloan chevron recycled denim handbag is relatively new. love the adjustable chain handle. Now being a VIP at Michael Kors stores is very flattering and tempting, lol. Just got in the mail the other day a blue ombré Swarovski teardrop pendent and wore it with a vintage chocker.

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