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NEW - Epigram 17SS Style Book

[공유의 일상을 공유하다.] 오늘도 어김없이 고단했던 월요일 일상이 빠르게 지나갔습니다.  이쯤 잠시나마 홀로 제주에 머물며 느림의 미학을 느끼고 있는 공유의 일상을 에피그램이 공유합니다. 제주에 머물다. 공유의 슬로우라이프 - 따스한 봄날 함께 걷기 좋은 공유의 컴포터블 경량 자켓 (SQJAM17661GYX) 299,000원

 Credit: epigram IG / Daum.net

What The Great Comet Means to Me (As A Musician)

Like many other Broadway fans, I was incredibly saddened to hear that Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 is set to close on September 3rd. As someone who enjoys theater, I was obviously sad to hear that my favorite show on Broadway and, perhaps, of all time, had gotten a closing notice. But on a level deeper and more personal to me– the little musician part of my psyche– I was heartbroken.

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“A special Prada project created exclusively for LOVE, in which Kim Kardashian West wears the new spring collection alongside spring/summer 2012 pieces remade in this season’s fabrics and archive Prada and Miu Miu.

‘I like to see my clothes worn in a different way on someone unexpected,’

says Miuccia.”

— Kim Wears Prada. Kim Kardashian West styled by Katie Grand and photographed by Steven Klein for LOVE #13 Spring/Summer 2015.