spring sketch

Lately, I had little time for drawing and sketching. But in order to integrate drawing and sketching more into my everyday life, I thought of a little Doodle Challenge: Doodle time with Karoline!

Let’s all doodle together! So here is my first Doodle Challenge for the month of April, inspired by the wonderful spring.

Use the hashtag #doodletimewithkaroline on Tumblr, Instagram or Twitter. Wherever you want to use it. :)

“This rickety cot was not made for two people, big guy. Come on, I’ve got a lot of work to do if we want to get out of here. …Bucky? You there?”

No reply. Bucky only tightened his grip around Tony’s waist, blinking slowly and snuffling against the back of his neck.

This didn’t bode well.

2017 WinterIron Spring Fling

My gift for Fluffypanda / @ayapandagirl!
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