spring shades

The Floor’s the Limit.

Welcome back, maxi. Skirts are hitting a growth spurt.

Hawaiian Print Bra Top From MissSelfridge

Seychelles Women’s Good Intentions T-Strap Wedge From Endless

B.VENETA 180/S Shades From Solstice

Blue Bird Pleated Maxi Skirt From MayNovember

Vintage Peony Adjustable Ring From MayNovember

Owl and Butterfly Old French Mirror Frame Reversible Necklace From MayNovember

Italy Crocodile Accent Brown Satchel From MayNovember


Butter London Knackered. This is a simply stunning pale purple with a greenish duochrome shift, and it’s studded with intensely holographic micro-glitter that is just the icing on the beautifully lavender cake! I love this polish, it’s shot to the top of my favorites list. This is three coats, and it’s pale but it builds up nicely. I’ve also seen this swatched as a top coat over dark colors, and that makes it pop even more. Even the sunlit pictures can’t capture the full beautify of this polish.

|| Photo from @fastmolasses || This trail is found on the east slope of Mount Hood and follows the Cold Spring Creek. It is an ideal destination to cool off on a hot summer afternoon. The falls are approximately 100 feet high and 40 feet wide. The trail follows Cold Spring Creek and is shaded by large Douglas fir, cedar and a variety of trees and shrubs (text from fs.usda.gov) || Image selected by @ericmuhr || Join us in exploring Oregon, wherever you are, and tag your finds to #Oregonexplored || #Tamanawas #ColdSpringCreek #MountHood #Oregon || via Instagram http://ift.tt/2ba4wqv


Frankenpolish! This is a single topcoat of Chanel Tendresse over Nicole by OPI’s The Next CEO. It created a lovely nude with a hint of shimmer. The Tendresse is a very sheer pink (when I applied it by itself I used three coats) and I thought this worked very well. Altogether the two of them were very chip-resistant, as well - they lasted me Monday through Thursday and only one nail chipped, and it was the one already on the verge of splitting.

Will definitely be trying more sheer colors over metallics!

Another Frankenpolish! I’m just playing around with different top coats because I’m going to strip this and put on a new color tomorrow night.

This is Sinful Colors in Frenzy. I know you can do glitter polish by itself but IMO this works best as a single top coat for a color that will set it off well. I’ve previously used Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Gunmetal underneath this, which is a dark silvery grey, and wanted to see how this would look over the nude nails of this week.

The brush for Sinful Colors polish is a regular thin, round brush. The glitter in the clear coat is plentiful. It goes on thick and spreads evenly - I’ve used glitter polish before where this wasn’t the case, and Sinful Colors was a nice surprise.

This is one coat of purple and blue micro glitter over the metallic champagne Frankenpolish I had yesterday. It dries pretty quickly and it looks better in person, this photo doesn’t really do it justice.

Like an uneasy spirit he had returned to the country of his past, and he found it waiting for him, unaltered. The hazel still spread glad little hands downwards, the bluebells here were still wan and few, among the lush grass and in shade of the bushes.
—  D. H. Lawrence, “The Shades of Spring”