spring seoul fashion week

What if trends started trending? There’s a thought that’ll keep you up at night.

  • In druidic omens: Parts of Europe and Africa were plunged into darkness by a solar eclipse, portending the vernal equinox and beginning of spring
  • In music: One Direction’s “the British one,” Zayn Malik, quit the band, leaving a scruffy, angular-jawed hole in our heart. Plus, the twirling, leaping, blistering elegance of ballet
  • In things too terrifying to believe: Reports that the co-pilot of the Germanwings flight crashed the plane intentionally. 
  • In movies: A resurgent Divergent, Divergent: Insurgent is emergent in theatres. Plus, Paper Towns: After it was a book but before it becomes a movie, it’s a trailer. And after 30 years, The Breakfast Club enjoyed a boozy brunch.
  • In fashion: The endless eddy that carries the world’s beautiful people between municipal fashion weeks deposited them in Korea for Seoul Fashion Week.

Now, some of the genuinely great blogs of the week: