spring roll wrappers

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Next time you have too many bananas, make turon! It's a Filipino dessert and to make it you cut a banana in half lengthwise, roll the halves in brown sugar, wrap them in a spring roll wrapper, and fry it like a regular spring roll. The sugar caramelizes while it fries and it's really good. I eat mine as is, but my brother likes to have a couple with a scoop of ice cream! (P.S. A lot of people put jackfruit in there, too, but you can skip it. I skip it because I can't find good jackfruit here.)

oh my god i have like,,,, mAybe brown sugar?? im super white pal i don’t think we have ever had spring roll wrapper in our house ever though i wish we did bc i love spring rolls,,, anyways that’s rly cool tho thank u (u overestimate my kitchen skills but i like it)

Lunch for March 17, 2016

“Wait For It” is easily one of my favorite songs from Hamilton, so it seemed a natural thing to use for a Burr-themed lunch.

Burr himself is made from cheese, sliced ham colored with food coloring, and nori. The “wait for it” is written with edible marker on a spring roll wrapper and placed on cheese. The whole assembly is placed on pad thai made from leftover rice noodles, egg, and carrots.

Blueberries and green pepper slices round out the menu with some more veggie material. 

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Recipe of the Day: Shrimp Spring Rolls        
Munching on crunchy spring rolls is that much more gratifying when you make them yourself. Fold and roll shrimp and veggies inside spring roll pastry wrappers, then fry the rolls until golden. Serve them on a tray at your next bash, and be sure to include homemade sweet-and-spicy sauce.