spring queue

So I asked my friend what she thought these musicals were about based on their names...
  • <Spring Awakening> An inspirational story about a woman finding herself after her long lasting relationship has ended. Or it's about a cute bunny.
  • <RENT> A guy becomes a stripper to pay his rent money that's due in two days and he ends up loving his job.
  • <In the Heights> Lots of drugs and tall buildings.
  • <Waitress> A waitress lady who works at a five star restaurant who also does little favors (wink wonk wink wonk wink wonk) for special people, but loses her job.
  • <Next to Normal> This fukin cray girl who's an outcast has these even more cray telekinesis powers and idek shes cray like Carrie.
  • <Cabaret> Half naked people dancing while a man says cabaret in a French accent.
  • <Pippin> A young and possibly sexually confused child.

Endless List of Dream Roles (2/?) - Hans in Anya Reiss’ Spring Awakening

I really like this version of Hanschen. If you don’t know, Reiss’ Spring Awakening is a modern retelling of the play. In this adaptation, the kids also play all of the adults, which is a very interesting take on it, I think.

[Pictured: the top left corner is Ekow Quartey in the 2014 premiere production directed by Benn Kidd and the other three are of Simon Gagnon in the 2015 production with The Rotunda Theatre.]

danse et danse

Prompt: I was the flower girl and you were the ring bearer in the same wedding, and 20 years later we’re at another wedding AU

Éponine crawls underneath the heavy white table cloth, wiping her hands on the skirt of her dress. She kicks off her shoes and watches as they slither across the polished floor of the restaurant, all the way down to the other end of the table. Above her head, glasses are clinking, forks are scraping against china platters. The bride’s laughter is mingling with the sound of her husband’s booming voice. Éponine is five, her dress itches, and the smoke hanging in the air makes her sneeze.

There’s a rustle of fabric, a streak of light.

“Found you.” He’s crouched down, peeking into her make-shift cave. Enjolras is six, and his white dress-shirt is still neatly tucked into his pants, but his blue tie is missing.

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