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Hi everyone!

I’m organizing a Rick and Morty fan zine!

I’m accepting applications from illustrators and comic artists. The book will feature fan-made art by YOU in honor of Season 3 airing this year.

The book will be B5 format and available for purchase in Spring 2018.

You can check out the project information and application here on Google Forms.

‘Spring Equinox ’ by Flavia de Vita
“I shall soon return, my love…” / A special illustration I made for this Spring Equinox • Buy this artwork on apparel, stickers, phone cases, and more.

“Spring Equinox” illustration is now available in my Redbubble store. :D


Here are some of the bulbs I’ve purchased for Spring. I wasn’t crazy about the gladiolus from a couple of years ago, but this year I missed them in my cut flower arrangements. The winter also didn’t kill the ones I didn’t pull up, so I’ll try them again. The daisy-like dahlias were surprisingly pretty when I saw them in Skylands Botanical garden. I’m thinking I’ll try them this year alongside some annuals. The red hot poker looked great in the pond garden and I definitely want more of them, so we’ll see if they root.

optimisticweirdo  asked:

what do usnavi and johan do depending on seasons? do they spend more time outside in the summer? do they spend more time inside in the winter?

Johnsavi Seasons! 

Summer: “Johan you can’t go outside LIKE THAT” 

  • Johan runs hot, as we all know now, so he tries to wear as little as possible
  • Thin Tanks, short shorts, his flipflops are no seasonally appropriate and the classic going commando. Usnavi can’t take it. His Bf is hotter than summer’s sun.
  • Usnavi is NEVER hot, he basically wears what he usually does and you never see the man break a sweat. Meanwhile Johan is dying.
  • Johan starts picking up HOT yoga again which basically means he turns off the a/cs in the house and keeps the window’s close, opens the bathroom door and runs hot water.
  • Usnavi starts spending more time at the store because summer rush
  • They attend Pride
  • Trips to Coney Island and the bus to Atlantic City with Daniella 
  • Johan tries to get Usnavi to camp with him
  • Usnavi starts ‘working’ out. 
  • Summer!Usnavi, tanner and thinner than his usual self. And a little more shirtless in doors which Johan likes. 

Winter: “Baby its cold outside~” 

  • Usnavi is lazier because he doesn’t like being cold nor going outside in the cold
  • Spends exactly 12.4 seconds more in bed with Johan
  • Puts on some pounds and is a little paler than usual. 
  • Johan in hemp fiber sweaters
  • Johan and Usnavi in couple sweaters
  • Johan wearing nearly nothing outside while Usnavi looks like an Eskimo 
  • Speaking of which, Eskimo kisses always especially if Johan sees Usnavi’s nose is red
  • MAYBE they take a Christmasy Horse carriage around central park if Usnavi is feeling it
  • Ice Skating at Bryant park, Christmas shopping around 5th Ave, passing by the tree that makes Johan conflicted (its pretty but its a shame they cut it down just to have as decore) 
  • Usnavi and Nina make coquito and Johan and Benny get TURNT
  • Teaching Johan what 3 Kings day is and Noche Buena
  • Cozy, warm snuggles, Usnavi is a hoe for his body heat. 

(Spring and Fall headcanons purchased separately) 


In 1968, American artist Donald Judd purchased 101 Spring Street, a five-story cast-iron building in New York’s SoHo neighbourhood designed by Nicholas Whyte for $68,000. The artist lived there with his family for many years and used the space as a studio. The building is considered to be the birthplace of ‘permanent installation’ as well as an inspiration for much of his work. Judd believed the placement of an artwork was as vital to its understanding as the work itself. His first applications of this idea were realised in his installation of works throughout 101 Spring Street as he renovated the expansive property.