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Boyf riends 12 :)

(Boyf Riends 12) “I found you—snuggling with my jacket, peacefully asleep”

“Harder!” The voice of some chick getting it in moaned out. Thank god for low quality cable porn.

“Probably faking it.” Jeremy mumbled, sinking into the beanbag chair in his best friend’s basement. He scratched the top of his head, feeling…strange. Not his usually uncomfortable strange this was a …something wasn’t right strange. First off, he wasn’t really into the porn. Secondly, he was watching it with a less interested Michael. Both of them were just staring off at the tv.

“His dick is probably fake too.” Michael added reaching over to grab more chips out of the bag. “The pizza in this looks good though.” Yet another delivery boy plot, did porn always come with such cookie cutter story? Did people watch porn for the story?

Jeremy shot his small, lack-daisy friend a look of curiosity. “Why are you looking at the guy’s dick” He smirked a bit trying to be funny. He half expected a half assed answer from Michael. Instead, Mr. Mell fell silent for a long moment and reached for the remote.

He turned off the tv and chucked the remote control across the room. “Why are we watching porn together?”

“Well…did you have something else to watch?”

Michael’s lips turned into a small frown, he didn’t have anything else in mind other than getting high and hanging around with his best friend.

Nothing but Michael didn’t want Jeremy to go … not yet. There wasn’t a need to get high or pretend to be, he felt a natural calm and joy radiating off his best friend right next to him. There wasn’t a need to get high or pretend to be, he felt a natural calm and joy radiating off his best friend right next to him. Jeremy was like the sun, all the warmth and none of the burn. “We can play some Mario Kart” Michael smiled. “What do you say player 2?”

His tall friend eyed up the controller being offered to him. He reached out, his long fingers brushing up against Michael’s hand. “I’m always game to be your player 2.” Jeremy, when he didn’t try so hard, could manage to be so smooth. Those beady blue eyes under a light frame of pale lashes, Michael’s little heart hammered against his ribs. Michael practically flung himself at the beanbag chair beside Jeremy’s. “Michael I swear to god if you pick rain–”

“RAINBOW ROAD BABY!” Michael wailed giving Jeremy a wink.

“You’re the kind of guy that likes to see the world burn, aren’t cha?” Jeremy pressed the palm of his hand against his face, hiding the flushed smile he sported. Michael’s outbursts never ceased to make him smile. Even if they did come at the expense of sounding all too lame. It was good lame, the lame that complimented Jeremy’s lame. They were two lames that managed to be cool when they were only exposed to each other.

Michael picked his character and kicked up his feet, sinking further into the beanbag. “No way, I’m all about sunshines and rainbows!~” The game began and the room was filled with grunts, empty threats, toying taunts and laughter. So much laughter echoed off the walls of his basement. They had enough noise to drown out the biggest party and to Michael this was the raddest party around. He needed nothing more than good times and his best…

Michael made the mistake of taking his eyes off the third lap, he watched Jeremy. The say he swayed as if he was really riding the turns of the course. His eyes wide with competitive excitement. His arms so far out past his knees he looked like he was going to nose dive into the tv. What a dork. What a cute…dork, Michael’s face felt warm. Then— “AHH I FELL OFF” He screeched watching as his character barreled down the endless abyss and Jeremy’s character crossed the finish line.

“HAAAA, Kiss my ass Michael~” Jeremy laughed so hard his nose wrinkled and a snort slipped out. He brought a hand to his mouth and tried to smother the unattractive nose out. Meanwhile Michael melted into his cushion. He pulled the collar of his red jacket, trying to hid his clearly smitten expression.

“Rematch and we’ll see about that ass kissin’” He bit his tongue a little, his voice just a touch to high and excited. Hours of laughter drifted into soft conversations between matches. Finally, Michael heard a delicate yawn come out of his long legged friend.

 Jeremy leaned back against the beanbag, his body sinking into the cushion. Michael took that moment while Jeremy’s eyes were closed to look him over. His face looking more at ease than any time he had been high off Marley. “Mike…mind if I crash here?”

Michael felt a jolt of energy surge through him. It had been a good minute since Jeremy stayed over. “Course’ not!” The excitement was getting too real, he slid off his jacket and hopped to his feet. “I’ll get the spare pillows from upstairs” he started bounding up the stairs.

Jeremy chuckled and sleepily muttered just as Michael passed, “how are you always so happy, Mike?”

There was no answer. Michael scaled the stairs and went right to the linen closet. He pulled only the softest pillows and blanket for Jeremy. He felt his heart squeeze and everything in him coiled up like a tightly wound spring. He pressed the pillow against his face and sighed, what was he doing? These feelings, his crazy feelings for his best friend. “Stupid, stupid.” He shook his head, he couldn’t do this to himself. To Jeremy, it wasn’t fair. Why ruin this good thing they had? He wouldn’t, if keeping Jeremy meant hiding all these feelings for the rest of his life…then he would.

Once he calmed down he started back down the stairs. “Yo, I got you some quality linens, you can still smell the fabric softener in these puppies.” He chuckled and got no response. “Jer?” He peeked around and walked over to the beanbag and blushed. There was his best friend, his gangly long limbed bestie coiled awkwardly into a ball. Like he didn’t know how tall he really was, he tried to tuck those legs under Michael’s jacket he was using as a blanket. “A-ah…” He muttered watching as Jeremy pulled the jacket closer to his chest and held it close. “…you’re making it hard not to fall in love with you…especially when you’re snuggling my jacket, peacefully asleep like that…” He frowned a bit, his fingers itching to touch the small tuff of hair against his pale forehead.


Hi Guys! So my exams are finally over,yay!

So,This fic is based on this post.It’s filled with fluff, angst and more fluff.Brace yourselves.

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Hi lovely friends!

Actually I`m not a Fan of bling bling, glitter, pink etc. I love natural and soft colors much more.

But hey! It`s Spring! :) When I look out of the window, I see green Trees and colorfull flowers in the neighborhood. And that inspired me to make a few cute spring/easter pillows for you ;)

I used @chillissims great Mesh - its inclued!

Thanks Dear, for give me your permission to inclued your Meshes for my recolors! <3

I hope you like them!


apricot peonies

Niall walked into the garden, a tray with a pitcher of lemonade and three glasses balanced precariously in his hands. He found his boyfriends, both covered with dirt and mulch, on their knees on opposite sides of the garden, Harry working in the bigger flower bed and Zayn digging over in the smaller herb garden.

“Hey pet! Hey Zaynie! I’ve got”—he stopped, noticing the flowers Harry was placing in a carefully dug hole—“are those- are those apricot peonies?” he asked, eyes wide as he looked at the beautiful flowers, only small buds now that he knew promised to bloom into pink-orange flowers the size of tea saucers.

“Yup,” said Harry, looking up to his blonde boyfriend and wiping a bit of sweat off his forehead with the back of his soil-covered hand. “We got some Butterbowls and Fairy’s Petticoats and Pillow Talks and Angel Cheeks too.”

“Those are- peonies are my favourite flowers,” said Niall, sounding stunned. “Those are- I love Angel Cheeks and Fairy’s Petticoats.”

“Yeah, we know, love,” Zayn told him, looking toward Niall from where he was knelt at the edge of the herb garden. “That’s why we got them.”

“And you’re- you’re planting mint!” exclaimed Niall, turning to the other boy. “You said it would take over the garden and ruin the other herbs.”

“It probably will,” said Zayn, shrugging and smiling fondly. “But it’s your favourite herb. You’ve just got to promise to make us that minted lemon couscous salad every night—”

“And mojitos,” interjected Harry.

“—and mojitos for Harry,” added Zayn.

“Yeah,” said Niall, a huge grin lighting up his face, “okay. Just- thank you.”

“You’re welcome, kitten,” said Harry, standing from his place by the peonies and brushing the dirt from his jeans. He walked to Niall and took the tray from the boy’s hands, dropping a kiss to the top of the blonde’s head, and moved to place it on the picnic table. “Hey, babe,” he called to Zayn, “bring a handful of that mint over, yeah? We’ll put it in the lemonade, make it all fancy.”

Niall smiled at his boyfriends again.

“That’s what it’s all for,” said Zayn, approaching Niall with a handful of mint leaves. “That smile, you know?”

day 3 of spring 2017 zarriall week! the prompt for the day was garden

Missing 3

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing // Drinking // It’s going to be sad and angsty.

Months after the split with you and Steve, you’re not as well off as you should be, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t make the right choice, right?

A/N: Mini series I am doing. Only around 500 words each, than I am adding Deleted Scenes from Steve’s POV with each part. Let me know what you think and if you want to be tagged.

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You stood leaning on your bathroom sink facing the mirror, taking in the red rimmed eyes, the puffy look to the bags under them, your hair unbrushed and wild, you rub a hand over your face as you reach over turning the shower on. Nat had suggested a date, stepping back into the dating world, maybe it would snap you out of the faze you were in. She had set you up with one of the agents in the office, a few hours out being normal was something you apparently needed.

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The final part of the First Meet series, it’s our lil maknae’s turn okay but the thought of Kookie as a piercer is kinda fucking me up rn 

  • Owns this lil piercing shop right across the street from the music store
  • Let me just paint you a picture of piercer!kook real quick
  • He’s got a lip piercing for sure (probably snake bites or spider bites, something along those lines) and he’s definitely got his ears pierced up
  • Probably has an eyebrow piercing too maybe a septum piercing probably a tongue piercing
  • Has a few tattoos
  • They all have meanings though and he can tell a story for each and every one he has
  • Always wears his infamous boots and ripped black skinny jeans and probably a white shirt that’s three sizes too big into work
  • Your friend actually works at his shop so when you tell him you want a piercing he literally just schedules you in without further questioning
  • He tells you Jungkook is really good and makes it painless and shows you all the piercings he’s gotten from the surprisingly young artist
  • You have to admit they look really nice so you agree and show up the next day for your appointment
  • When you walk in the shop it’s honestly actually really cool
  • The floor is this dark red and there are posters of various artists all over the walls
  • You walk over to your friend at the front desk and he can see you’re a bit nervous so he just gives you the same smile he gives to all of the customers and playfully asks for your name
  • It does earn him a smile and he can see your nerves calm down a bit
  • He takes you back to one of the rooms and tells you Jungkook will be in soon
  • The room is just as decorated as the rest of the store and you can see some of the artists you like on the posters and it makes you curious bc your friend always talked about Jungkook (he always threw in a “you’re his type btw and coincidentally he’s yours too, would you look at that?”)
  • In reality it only took Kook like two minutes to come in but to you it felt like an hour
  • When he did come in, you kinda forgot what you were there for tbh
  • The black jeans make his legs look longer and the white shirt accentuates how broad he is and he just looks really warm
  • You can see some of the tattoos he has on his arms and you can see one peeking out of the collar of his shirt and you find yourself wanting to ask him about them
  • But then he smiles and he just looks so innocent and young and you weren’t expecting that from someone who had piercings and tats everywhere
  • He sits down in front of you and introduces himself and his voice is almost melodic and your first thought is “I wanna hear him sing”  
  • You tell him which piercing you want and you ask him if it hurt when he got his and he just laughs and shakes his head 
  • He tells you it doesn’t hurt as much as you think it will and for some reason that calms you down entirely
  • Tbh just being around him is calming bc he seems so confident and you feel like you can trust him
  • He keeps his tone really light and casual and you don’t know if it’s just you or if he’s actually kinda flirting with you ???
  • Like at one point he’s marking your skin for the piercing and he leans in closer to see what he’s doing and he just says “you know, you have really pretty eyes"  
  • Just like Jimin, he’s spring but he’s more of the middle of the night during spring
  • He’s pillow talk while the rain outside your window is muted by the slow soft music he’d started playing, he’s taking late night trips to the store for ice cream and running back home giggling bc the rain officially soaked you both, he’s the cliché of kissing under the rain and then forever teasing you about it bc that’s straight out of a movie but he’s the one who initiated it so he can’t really talk
  • He never stops talking to you and he asks you about your favorite artist and it ends up being his favorite too and his eyes light up and he starts asking you about the artist like what’s your favorite song? Favorite lyric? Favorite video?
  • You’re responding just as enthusiastically and honestly the both of you forget you’re supposed to be getting your piercing done until your friend comes back to check on you bc you’ve been in there for like an hour and Jungkook’s normally done right away
  • He just sees Kook sitting way closer than he would normally sit next to a client
  • He also catches him sending a blatantly flirty comment and he hears you give him an equally flirty response and he just smirks to himself bc he called it
  • He just silently leaves but Kook hears the door shut and is forced to jump back into piercer mode
  • He tells you to just keep your focus on him as he makes sure everything’s prepped
  • "A lot of people find it calming to look at my eyes so you can try that, if it doesn’t work, just think about the amazing dinner I’ll take you to once you’re healed up" 
  • You don’t realize he lowkey just asked you out bc now you’re worrying it’ll hurt
  • His eyes are actually pretty distracting especially when they’re so focused on something
  • You do feel a slight sting before his eyes are looking up at yours and a smile is making its way onto his face
  • "Are my eyes as pretty as yours? You seem fascinated by mine”
  • You just roll your eyes bc now the smile is turning into a smirk and you want to say yes but you’re not about to do that
  • He finishes the piercing up pretty quickly and helps you out of your chair
  • He asks if everything feels okay and he has this genuine look of concern on his face bc he’s never messed up a piercing and he definitely didn’t want his first mistake to be yours bc that’s not a great way to get on someone’s good side
  • You just nod and go over to the mirror to look at your new piercing and it looks amazing and you let your excitement get the best of you and hug him
  • He just laughs bc you’re not the first client to get all excited and hug the first person they saw but you’re definitely his favorite
  • His shoulders are honestly like the perfect place to just rest your head on
  • He walks you out to the counter and waits while you pay
  • Once your focus is back on him he tells you he was serious about taking you out to dinner, if you wanted to join him that is
  • You tell him you’ll only say yes if he tells you the story behind all of his tattoos
  • That lil smile comes back and he just nods his head really quickly and you end up writing your number on the back of one of the business cards
  • I mean you walked into the shop expecting to come out with a piercing but you came out with a piercing and a date so 10/10

‘Many critics and scholars have commented upon the fact that frequently Ozu, instead of transitioning directly from … one scene to another, interposes a shot or multiple shots—as many as six—of an object, or a group of objects, or a room, or a landscape, often (but not always) devoid of human figures. These units of film have been [most frequently called] “pillow shots”.

The most discussed instance of a pillow shot in any Ozu film … is the scene that takes place at an inn in Kyoto, in which a vase figures prominently … After Noriko confesses to her father that she found the thought of his own remarriage “distasteful,” she looks over to discover that he is already asleep, or seems to be. She looks up towards the ceiling and appears to smile.

There follows a six-second medium shot, in the semidarkness, of a vase on the floor in the same room, in front of a shōji screen through which the shadows of leafy branches can be seen. There is a cut back to Noriko, now looking sad and pensive, almost in tears. Then there is a ten-second shot of the same vase, identical to the earlier one, as the music on the soundtrack swells, cuing the next scene.

Abé Mark Nornes, in an essay entitled “The Riddle of the Vase: Ozu Yasujirō’s Late Spring (1949),” observes: “Nothing in all of Ozu’s films has sparked such conflicting explanations; everyone seems compelled to weigh in on this scene, invoking it as a key example in their arguments.” Nornes speculates that the reason for this is the scene’s “emotional power and its unusual construction. The vase is clearly essential to the scene. The director not only shows it twice, but he lets both shots run for what would be an inordinate amount of time by the measure of most filmmakers.”’

晩春 (Yasujirō Ozu, 1949)


What I Think of When I Think of the Signs
  • Aries: forest fires, city skyline at night, lens flares, silhouettes, lightning, rollercoasters
  • Taurus: forests, mini cacti, long hugs, big sweaters, tan skin, candles
  • Gemini: old books, tornados, magic tricks, mirrors, clouds, black cats
  • Cancer: ripples, blue eyes, classical music, dew on grass, spring evenings, pillows
  • Leo: bonfires with friends, laugh attacks, driving with the windows down, spotlights, music festivals, golden hour
  • Virgo: telling stories, writing in journals, bitter coffee, whispering, playing hide and seek, smoke
  • Libra: starry nights, sundresses, window seats, first kisses, autumn leaves,
  • Scorpio: hurricanes, fireflies, eye contact, all black clothes, turbulent ocean
  • Sagittarius: neon, loud music, driving over the speed limit, carnivals, fireworks, smirks
  • Capricorn: fog, staying up late, messy sketches, sandlewood, pressed flowers, blush
  • Aquarius: water colors, old vinyl records, sunsets, deep conversations, first snowfall of the year, polaroids, waves crashing
  • Pisces: waterfalls, lucid dreaming, northern lights, pastel colors, songwriting, giving advice