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🔥 Room Healing Spell 🔥

A spell that can be cast at any moon phase or any time of the day to turn your room into a magick-inducive environment. The perfect spell for baby witches who want to start with spellwork. I created this when I was 12 (2006) and it has been 11 years since then and it’s still effective.

Recommended to Cast During: Any moon phase at any time of the day.

Colors: Black and White


🌿 2 Candles (either white or black)

🌙 An Athame (or any pointed object for engraving a candle)

🌿 A Wand (or any stick that is made from any natural material such as twigs, pencils, wooden chopsticks, selenite crystal, clear quartz wand)

To Cast:

🌿 Light one of the candles.

🌙 Start engraving a protection sigil or any symbolism that you dedicate with strength and protection on the unlit candle.

🌿 Twirl your wand around your engraved candle and say,

“Go away negativity and sway away. Positivity, if you wish to enter, you may.”

🌿 Light the engraved candle and carry it.

🌙 Bring the engraved candle with you and light the four corners of your room moving clockwise (start with north)

🌿 Meditate for 5 minutes after (chakra meditation is recommended or plain floor grounding is alright; that is to lie down completely on the floor)

What To Expect:

🌿 Your room will turn into a much more relaxing environment.

🌙 Negative energy that was collected through time will be diminished.

🌿 Better sleep, better naps, better magick.

🌙 Stronger magick especially for healing and love.

Seasonal Aesthetics

Winter: Cozy sweaters and a hot drink, the warmth of the mug warming your hands. Hoodies and fuzzy socks. Sitting by a window curled up with a good book, raindrops tapping on your window. Sitting at your desk, looking up from your notes only to see a blanket of snow. The sound of crackling fire. A sense of serenity.

Autumnn: The smell of an old book and the curving strokes of calligraphy. Orange everywhere and the crunch of leaves as rainboots step on them. Pumpkin spice lattes and candles and cakes make the best study snacks. Study dates with friends at an old library. The distant sound of rain…

Spring: Growth, beauty. Shyness blossoming into confidence, like a flower blooms. Studying at the park or sitting outside in a local cafe, surrounded by plants and watching the swingset slowly be moved by the soft wind. Flowers and petals between bullet journal pages.

Summer: A sigh of relief. Crawling into a bed with freshly washed sheets. Relaxation, holiday. The warmth of the sun on your skin, like a hug from home. A new bullet journal spread. Reading for pleasure. Laughter, happiness. The calming yet thrilling sound of the sea.

Okay, but imagine if Rhysand ever discovered glitter. I think he would be worse than Magnus Bane.

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