spring of a 20 years old

BTS FC 170309

Hello this is BTS’ Suga
Haha it is finally my 25th birthday?
I feel kind of weird
I feel like just yesterday I was 20 years old
Since debut, it’s both my 4th Spring and birthday
Me, a person who has always been impatient and constantly worrying about the future
Me, a person who always feels 21 years old performs in front of countless of ARMYs
And now that others call me sunbae (senior), I get to perform at concerts all around the world,
I am constantly living a busy life that gives me the opportunity to meet you all which is a dream and I’m so happy about it.
After debuting, it’s always so exciting to see so many ARMYs take care of me and wish a happy birthday
To be honest, I never cared much for birthdays
Thinking how ARMYs prepare special gifts and are happy doing it make my birthday feel special
Thank you to every single ARMY for making me a special person
I may look like a person who is living just because they were born, but I am trying very hard and my best to become a better person
So please continue to watch over me for a very long time
Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday
As I grow older, I promise to repay you guys with better music and performances

P.S. Now I want to stop growing old… ㅠㅠ

trans: jhope-shi

Tina Tamashirou’s bright geometric furisode design uses camellias (a winter flower) with botan peonies (an early spring flower) and a couple of bold ume or sakura (also early spring), which marks this kimono as intended for January or February-ish.

Wait, Coming of Age Ceremony is always held on the second Monday of January! 

Indeed, this kind of furisode, with its super bright colors, joyously playful patterns and youthful makeup is intended for Coming of Age Ceremony wear (when girls turn 20 years old and become adults). 

I lve the use of the bright fluorescent fuchsia with the odd magenta purple in the obi, the lime green with the emerald green, and sky blue tying it all together. The use of a bright crayon-green eri collar is a bold move, since the other two greens are a teal and that lime green. It’s a totally different color temperature but it bounces between the creamy color and the sky blue like a slash of jewel tone and somehow it all works. What a great coordination.

Would you let your 20 year old daughter travel to Bangladesh

Obviously, she’s technically grown, but she’s asking our permission. Her roommate’s father lives in Bangladesh. He was going to take the two of them to Jordan and Dubai for spring break next week, but his mother had a bad health scare, and they canceled the trip yesterday.

Today he offered to have them both stay at his house in Dhaka. I asked if her existing visas would be valid for Bangladesh, and she said, “Their Family has a travel advisor who takes care of all of that, and he said he would be fine.”

There are current warnings for Western travelers going to Bangladesh. There have been random terrorist attacks, the largest of which was in Dhaka and killed 20 people. The U.S. government is not letting U.S. Embassy staff bring their families to Bangladesh.

On the other hand, she won’t be out in tourist locations, and I’m sure the family has great security. The father is apparently in almost every business in Bangladesh. I googled him, and he’s in pharmaceuticals, textiles, hospitals, banking, movie making (won a national film award), TV programming, the Olympic committee, and many philanthropic associations.

That’s a partial list. It kind of blew my mind, since I’ve only known him as Caroline’s dad. Does all that make him safer to stay with or a potential target?

Am I overthinking this? Statistically, she’s probably just as safe there as here, and it would be a wonderful opportunity for her to do some international travel.

Dubai and Jordan probably weren’t any safer, and here she’ll mostly be with a local family in their home.

Sigh. Advice is welcome.

Boyfriend! Chanyeol

I hope you like it!!

Requested By: Anonymous

When He Sees You

  • Chanyeol would be the type to accidentally bump into you
  • Seriously like it wouldn’t be intentional or on purpose AT ALL
  • Oh! This would take place in like a car dealership (idk why but that’s all I could think about)
  • It’d take him about 3 extra “bumps” for him to find what he bumped into 
  • That is until he hears a small “okay..really?” coming from the person behind him
  • You were already looking at the back of his snapback and pointing imaginary lazers through his skull
  • He turned around to face you and apologize for bumping into you
  • He didn’t immediately apologize..he just kinda stared admired your presence
  • You did too lol who wouldn’t
  • At the same time the both of you muttered “sorry”
  • Again, you did too lol who wouldn’t

How He Asks You Out

  • After smiling at each other for 2.5 seconds, Chanyeol spruces up a conversation by asking the common question, “Is this the car you’re looking for?”
  • “Yeah..well I mean it fits my requirements.”
  • “Hmm. I was thinking about this car, too, but I heard that that car over there has better mileage.”
  • “Does it really?”
  • “I don’t know. I was just trying to start a basic conversation. My name is Chanyeol!”
  • “Chanyeol..Chanyeol..Chan-yeol. Sounds nice.”
  • “Does it fit your requirements? ;)”
  • You giggled a little bit. “Yeah I guess! However, can I tell you a secret?”
  • “Me? A stranger thats merely an acquaintance? Yeah sure I’m all ears! I get told that a lot anyway..” I’m sorry I saw the opportunity and I took it
  • “Oh yeah? Well anyway..I think you as a person overall exceed my requirements.”
  • So after he composes himself, he just grabs your phone, puts his number in it, and walks away like nothing even happened

Your Relationship

  • Your boyfriend never strayed away from being the same person you first met at the car dealership.
  • Ofc there were moments that he couldn’t really take seriously (ex: your car being stuck in the snow and your running 20 minutes late to work or something) because that’s just the type of beagle
  • On rainy days he’d revert back to innocence and say things like “Babeee, can we buy a puppy one day?”
  • “I already have one, yeollie.”
  • Chanyeol would just spring his head up and look at you like ???
  • “You’re literally a 20-something year old puppy.”
  • “..ok..but a puppy can’t be in their twenties,,then they’d be a dog. Right?”
  • “Let’s–let’s just go back to sleep.”
  • Sleeping? Eating? Reading? Leaving to use the bathroom? All of the above? There’s a possibly that Chanyeol is clinging onto you and showering you with little butterfly kisses.
  • Except for when he’s mad. When he’s mad, it could last to a maximum of 2 days depending on the occasion or how stubborn he feels.
  • The only word that I can think about when it comes to intercourse with Yeol is ‘sloppy’ but not in a bad way.
  • To conclude this whole thing, Chanyeol would be a great boyfriend! He definitely would show interest in everything you have to say, but in some cases it would be best tiring and frustrating for you because he may not take what you have to say seriously or..he just might not understand. He’s still young and so are you so you both should give each other the time to grow on your own and together.

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Night in the Woods Review

Night in the Woods is a game that hits close to home. It’s a story about not knowing your place in the world and trying to figure out what everything means. The game takes place in a fictional town of Possum Springs. You play as Mae, a 20 year-old cat that just dropped out of her sophomore year of college. The story chronicles her return to her home, her reunited with her friends and family, and the darker mystery that’s surrounding the town.

The characters are the main highlight in Night in the Woods. Mae’s core group of friends include her old best friend Beatrice, her best friend from high school Gregg, and Gregg’s boyfriend Angus. The game has a finite structure of a kind of sort of daily rutine that you go through. You wake up in your old room at your parents house and go out everyday. You can choose to hang out with Beatrice, or Gregg, or other events around the town. This leads to a dynamic where you miss out on one activity over another, but that leaves you with your own story to tell.

In one case, I choose to hang out with Beatrice over Gregg. This lead to use visiting the local mall, which nobody visits any more due to the age of the internet. We went to a goth store and stole belt buckles and then messed with the wishing well and sprayed pedestrians as they were walking around the mall. I don’t know what would have happened if I decided to go and hang out with Gregg for the day, but that is what gives Night in the Woods a special quality. The developer has crafted scenes that you can miss out on and never see unless you decide to do a 2nd or maybe even 3rd playthrough. In a world where developers want you to see everything in the games they make, it’s refreshing to know that they’re are chunks of the game that I may never see, but I could have a conversation with someone and get an entirely different story out of them. The main plot goes on the back burner from time to time, but these personal stories that you get with Angus, Beatrice, and Gregg are well worth the wait for the twists and turns of the main plot.

The main plot sees Mae struggling to find her place in the world. Mae drops out of college and returns home, but what will she do now? Early on, as you and your friends leave the pizzeria after band practice, you all discover a severed arm on the sidewalk. After poking it with a stick and being stopped by your aunt, who is an local police officer, mysteries dreams start to plague Mae. You go through your day to day, talking to your mom and dad, hanging out with your friends, and finding out more about the dark secrets that are swirling around.

The presentation in Night in the Woods is also something that I couldn’t get enough of. The art style has a very paper craft, hand-drawn style, but the dialogue is very adult. Character talk about not fitting in, moving away to find better things, and dealing with family death. Their was a somber moment where I wend grocery shopping and had dinner with Beatrice and her father at her home. Beatrice’s mother had recently pasted away and now Beatrice is stuck running the family business because of the emotional stress that her father has gone through. It’s these real moments that made Night in the Woods special to me, and some moments that also hit close to home with some of my own struggles in life.

The game took me about 7 hours to finish from start to finish. It was paced exceptionally well. Even in the down time where your just running around town talking to people and growing relationships with past acquaintances, the game is a breath of fresh air. The world feels lived-in and has a history and it’s own story just as deep as any of the characters that inhabit it.  Getting to know Mae, Beatrice, and all of the other townsfolk was such a joy. It felt like I’d known these people from years ago and I was reuniting with them all over again. Night in the Woods is something special. It made me laugh more than most games ever have, the characters all felt like real friends, and it also knew how to hit me in all the right places. Like I said before, Night in the Woods hit close to home for me. In a world where you don’t know what’s around the corner or not sure if you can go on another day, this game shows that it’s a struggle that everyone goes though. Even a 20 year black cat that dropped out of college.

Score: 10/10

birdsalwaysflyaway  asked:

11, 20 and 21

11) How effective of a spy do you think Feyre will be, really?

I honestly think she will be successful. This is a smart, smart girl you know. I mean anyone that can teach themselves to hunt at 14 years old just by observing others is someone who is hella adaptable. She also knows the ins and outs of the Spring Court very well. I do think there will be a turning point though where she won’t be able to take it any longer (like for example finding wings?) and then she’ll let up the performance

20) Amren: what is she, really? Would you be ok if she got to go home?

Ugh no idea, a dragon? a valg princess? For a while I thought she could be an offspring of the Valg and the Blueblood witches, which I think would be awesome. But she’s already awesome so whatever creature she actually is probably won’t matter. Yes, send that gal home

21) Jurian or the King of Hybern or Ianthe: who needs to die more?

I’ll be honest and say I don’t remember Jurian or the King that well (thank god I’m rereading the series so I know). But Ianthe has been the one to sick in my head the most so I’m going to she her… I’m not a fan

anonymous asked:

Hello! 😊 So... I like the concept of Dramione being surrounded by their friends like in Howl for Me or Ordinary People. I was wondering if you can suggest similar fics or if you can direct me to the appropriate tags. I've already tried Hermione friendship tags with Pansy, and Slytherins. Thank you! 😊

Hii! Check these out:

cake By: somandalicious - M, 7 Chapters Being in love was a slice of pie, but admitting it was an entirely different recipe. DMHG.

Accidental Proposal By: CJRed - M, 37 Chapters - Hermione finds out that she is really a Nott, and there are so many rules to being a Pureblood, too bad Draco Malfoy seems to have forgotten one of the most important rules of all! Hermione/Draco. Theo and Hermione are siblings. Ignores epilogue and off canon in some other places as well. Set in 8th year. Language, Fluff, and Lemons. Complete.

A New Chapter By: smithandbarrowman - M, 27 Chapters - Autumn turns to winter, and the universe thinks that Hermione needs a change. And when that change comes about, and success follows, another curve ball is thrown her way in the form of a blonde Adonis who turns her comfortable world upside down. (Modern AU Dramoine; no magic, no Hogwarts.)

Happily Divorced By: writerspassion18 - M, 31 ChaptersA hug here. A kiss on the forehead there. Nothing bad could come out of being on good terms with your ex, right? (with angst and fluff strung in between :)

Charms Can’t Fix Us: Practical Magical Applications By: Cordelia McGonagall - M, 8 Chapters - A companion piece to the story “Charms Can’t Fix Us.” Parvati has the “eighth years” plan a spring camping trip for the older students to teach practical magic they learned during the War. Hermione and Draco test their new relationship as they prepare to leave the security of Hogwarts forever. Neville, as usual, is adorable. As always, full credit to J.K.R.

The War is Over By: Holz9364 - T, 20 Chapters - Hermione Granger is a successful Deputy Minister for Magic in her mid 20’s with a 5 year old daughter and no Husband when a chance meeting in St. Mungo’s turns her life upside down. Rated T just in case for language in future chaps.

- Jamie

anonymous asked:

Do you have any quotes of Stevie's relating to any spiritual aspects such as astrology, purpose or manifestation?

Hey anon, I’ve gathered some quotes for you, I’m sure there are more so if anyone offers more input, I’ll edit this post, ok?

I don’t think Stevie has mentioned astrology much other than her being a Gemini, here’s the most recent quote where she cites it:

What have 42 years as a member of Fleetwood Mac taught you about ­compromise?
A lot, because when you’re in a band you have to be part of the team. There’s something comforting about that. But in my solo career, I get to be the boss. Having both, for a Gemini like myself, is perfect. And I knew that in 1981: that me having a solo career would only make Fleetwood Mac better.” (Rolling Stone, 2017.)

Click here for more “Gemini” quotes.


Here’s a little about spirituality in general:

I feel there are good spirits everywhere when I am writing my songs, helping me. I just feel them and feel good. And it’s not stupid or mystical or weird. I just get good feelings from ~ I don’t know ~ the air.” (Creem Magazine, 1982)

I think there is definitely a God. I think there was definitely an angel with me all the way through the bad times. Somebody keeping me safe. I feel very spiritual now. I really believe that God makes my music good and makes me able to deliver it and makes me able to not look or feel fifty. I mean, there has to be some outside help - this can’t all be happening on its own.” (WEGQ FM Eagle 93.7 - May 21, 1998.)

I am religious. I wasn’t raised in any religion, because we were always moving when I was a kid and didn’t get involved in any church. But I believe there have been angels with me constantly through these last 20 years, or I wouldn’t be alive. I pray a lot. In the last few years I’ve asked for things from God, and he’s given them to me. And there were things I thought were gonna kill me, and he fixed them… I was destroying this gift that God gave me and asked for help. Now I’m happy, even outside my music, and enjoying my life.
(Billboard Magazine, April 18, 1998.)

I do consider myself a very spiritual person. But I do not practice any specific religion.”

There is always magic to be summoned at any point. I love to live in a world of magic, but not a fake world of magic. We all really basically have a lot of magic… It’s only those of us that choose to accept it, that really understand it. It’s there for everyone. That’s the only thing that I feel that I am able to give to people and that’s why I know that they respond to me because I try to give them only their own magic… not mine, but theirs.”
(Jim Ladd Innerview, 1979.)


As for purpose and manifestation, I think it’d be misleading to say she has talked about those things specifically, I mean, using those words, I don’t remember ever reading that, however, I believe these quotes are really fitting:

I don’t like to lose, and that winning spirit has taken me thru most of my difficult times.”

Well, someday when I’m sitting in Beverly Hills in my small but beautiful house, next to my small but elegant pool, in my long white cotton skirt and white blouse with my hat and enjoying all the music that I love…” I mean, I’m like… I planned it out. I planned it out. I think that my life is a testament to believing that if you want something, you can make it happen, so hope springs eternal…” (Master Class, 2013.)

“So I would wear that outfit to San Jose State sometimes, carrying my Goya classical guitar. I was painting the picture… And I would literally walk through San Jose State like this… And I swear to God it was like the Red Sea parted. Because I believed that I was going be a huge rock and roll star, and I was 20 years old, and so all of San Jose State also believed I was gonna be a rock and roll star ‘cause even though they didn’t know me, they saw a girl who believed in herself. And what I wanna tell you is… That was just a dream. It was just a dream, but I believed in it. (…) And I want you, in this crazy world that we live in right now, to believe in your dreams and to know you can do anything you want.” (24 Karat Gold Tour, 2017. Read more here.)  

“This is my thought for you for tonight. The testament is dreams do come true. Anything you want is out there for you to just reach out in the stars of Bella Donna and just grab one, because it is all there. You must continue to believe that you can have what you want. Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you’re not talented enough or smart enough or any of that, because you are. You’re totally beautiful. You’re totally talented. You can do anything you want. Never let anybody get in your way. Tell them to get out of your way. You are on your way to greater things.”  (24 Karat Gold Tour, 2016.)

“Your dreams are there just hanging in the sky just waiting for you to take them.”   (24 Karat Gold Tour, 2016.)


Hope that helps a little.

kajeii  asked:

Do we know how old Bum and Sangwoo are? I don't remember if it has been said how old they are?

Sangwoo would have been 19 during his first year of college (they actually do this interesting thing in Korea where you age up on New Year’s Day instead of your birthday, and the school year starts in spring and ends in winter. I’m sure it makes paperwork easier.) He would have been 20 and 21 during his 2 years of military service. Depending on how soon he went back to college, he must be 22, possibly 23 now (the school festival they just went to is in the fall.) Since Bum started college the same year as Sangwoo, and he started 4 years late, he would be 26 or 27. 

HOWEVER, Koreans count the 9 months in the womb as your first year, so they’re actually 21-22 and 25-26. 

Some random facts about me

As I got a lot of new followers lately, I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. 

First of all, I’ve read all your comments, and I’m so happy that many of you found my blog posts helpful! I’ll keep creating more helpful content for you guys. If anyone has any questions or suggestions, you’re more than welcome to let me know. I’m not mean lol. 

Some facts about me: 

  1. I’m 20-year-old girl 
  2. My birthday is October 1 
  3. I’m an Introvert
  4. I’m a visual and kinesthetic learner
  5. I’m Russian and I study in the USA (English isn’t my first language) 
  6. I’m a junior in Dietetics (I’ll be a registered dietitian)  
  7. I tutor Chemistry and Anatomy&Physiology for a year 
  8. I love cats 
  9. I knit sweaters in my free time 
  10. My favorite season is spring because I adore blooming trees 

This is my life in one blog post.

Our Undying Love

Pairing: Marichat, Adrienette

Theme: God AU

Word Count: 6,464

Also found on ff.net

“Ladybug!” Chat Noir watched as the goddess of creation stumbled back. Her hair, the dark locks highlighted as a shade of blue from the sun shining on them, covered her face like a wispy curtain. Her once white dress was now stained a deep red and waved majestically as the several layers of silk clung to the goddess’ body, showing every curve of her body and the excess fabric flowed above her. The armor she had conjured with her magic for the battle against Hawkmoth began to glow a pink before shattering into hundreds of ladybugs. Swarming around her torso, they slowed her descent, gently laying her on the blood soaked field. Next to the pools of blood -her blood- were thousands of wild flowers.

Even in this mangled state, she still managed to look beautiful to the god of destruction.

Chat took a shaky step forward, hesitant to move. He wanted to run to her, hug her and hold her tightly to his chest. But he couldn’t. Because if he did, that would mean he was accepting this reality. The reality that his loved one was gone, taken right before his eyes.

A weak arm moved towards Ladybug as a faint light began to shine through her milky skin and the silk dress she wore ever so beautifully. “No…” A hoarse whisper came from his throat, his legs whining in protest as he began to sprint towards her fading body. “No!”

He barely managed to reach her before she was fully gone, gingerly placing his trembling hand on her smooth skin. “Ladybug, no. Don’t go, please!” He willed for her to open her sparkly blue eyes that were always filled to the brim with happiness and hope.

But it never happened. Ladybug, his Ladybug, was dead now. The once dim light that cascaded from her body grew into a golden shine before flecks of shimmering gold spark rained down around him. Desperately, Chat reached for the light, it slipping through his fingers as she clutched at them. “Ladybug!”

He stared at the glittery sky above him, tears stinging his electric green eyes. It was beautiful, such as she was. But now matter how pretty it was, it still hurt Chat to no end. Misery and anger filled inside of him, threatening to boil over to the point of no return.

Chat snapped his head back at the akuma which had delivered Ladybug’s final blow. He was the last bastard in Hawkmoth’s army.

“You,” His voice shook in hatred, his hands clenched tightly into fists. The muscles in his biceps twitched as he felt his rage build up inside, blinding his vision with red.

The akuma didn’t stand a chance against Chat, not when the god’s specialty was close range combat. His powers of destruction came in handy as well. His left hand was bundled in the clothes the akuma was wearing as his other inched closer and closer to the akuma’s throat. His black magic swirled in and out of his fingers, a certain power overtaking his body.

“I won’t let you get away with this.”

It’s been 300 years since that incident, and the memory was still like a fresh wound to him. The image of her gracefully falling as she took her last breath were as raw and detailed as it was on that fateful day.

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How Fionn Whitehead went from washing dishes to starring in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’

A year and a half ago, Fionn Whitehead was an unknown aspiring actor working in a coffee shop in the Waterloo district of London. On his off hours, he’d go in for every audition he could, hoping to catch a break that would free him, he says, from “washing dishes and taking orders from angry businessmen.”

Then one day Whitehead went in to read for a part in director Christopher Nolan’s World War II thriller, “Dunkirk,” and — if you’ll forgive the Hollywood cliché, which happens to be true here — everything changed.

Arriving in theaters on July 21, “Dunkirk” recounts the harrowing story of the evacuation of nearly 400,000 British and Allied soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk, France, where they were surrounded and under heavy fire from German forces in the spring of 1940. Chronicling a pivotal moment in the war — albeit one unfamiliar to many Americans — the film plays out on an epic scale on land, sea and air and features such boldfaced British names as Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance and, in his first film role, pop star Harry Styles.

But it is Whitehead, as a teenage soldier named Tommy, who serves as the audiences’ eyes and ears and gives the sweeping story its emotional center of gravity.

“You kind of experience this world through him,” the 20-year-old Whitehead — whose only previous credit is a 2016 British miniseries called “Him” — explained by phone from his home in London. “These young and inexperienced soldiers are thrown into this dire, brutal situation, and you follow Tommy on this journey as he tries to get home.”

Throughout the months of auditioning, Whitehead didn’t know much at all about “Dunkirk” beyond the title and general subject matter. As with Nolan’s previous films, which include the “Dark Knight” trilogy, “Inception” and “Interstellar,” details about the project were kept tightly under wraps.

“Everyone was going in blind,” said Whitehead. “No one knew how many characters there were, who the characters were, how old they were, the plot, anything. It was very, very secretive.”

It was only when Whitehead was finally offered the role that he learned that he wouldn’t merely have a handful of lines but would, in fact, be the film’s main protagonist. “That was when my jaw hit the ground and I got the nervous sweats,” said the actor, who immediately threw himself into reading firsthand accounts of soldiers who’d survived the ordeal.

Nolan says he’d been impressed with Whitehead from the very first time he saw him. “There’s a naturalness and a genuineness to the way Fionn performs that’s extraordinary,” said the director, who also wrote the screenplay for “Dunkirk.” “He’s got a very charismatic presence. He reminds me of a young Tom Courtenay.”

In the wake of “Dunkirk,” Whitehead will next be seen opposite Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci in the drama “The Children Act,” an adaptation of an Ian McEwan novel that will hit theaters later this year.

Beyond that, he says, he has no real career plan and is just taking things as they come. Having caught a glimpse of the extremes of fame working alongside Styles, with screaming One Direction fans waiting outside his hotel, he’d like to hold on as long as he can to some of the anonymity he had back when he was serving those angry businessmen their coffee.

“I like to think I’m fairly grounded, and I have friends who will very happily tell me if I’m ever being big-headed,” Whitehead said. “I know things will change. But I’m hoping it’s nothing too drastic.”

Aesthetic Blog Rates™

Would you look at that, it’s almost my one year anniversary on Tumblr! You guys wanna do some Blog Rates? I mean, I spent most of today drinking Diet Ginger-Ale in a stolen hotel fuzzy robe, so OBVIOUSLY I’m qualified. 


  • Send me the title of your favorite book or television show.   
  • Reblog, but only if you feel like it. I really can’t afford to be a fascist AND a fuzzy-robe wearer. 

How it works:

  • Send me an ask with your favorite media title (don’t forget to stipulate that it is for a blog rate or else I might mistake it for a moodboard request!) and I’ll select the aesthetic concepts that I think fit your blog’s archive and vibe the best.


Season: Fall / Spring / Summer / Winter 

Adjective: Graceful / Ethereal / Charming / Regal / Brilliant / Dreamy / Ravishing / Sultry / Decadent / Fearless / Affectionate / Satiny / Haunted / Curious 

Time Period: Medieval / Victorian / 20′s / 30′s / 40′s / 50′s / 60′s / 70′s / 80′s / 90′s / Modern / Space Age    

Shakespearean Play: Romeo & Juliet / Macbeth / Hamlet / A Midsommer Nights Dream /  Much Ado About Nothing 

Element: Fire / Earth / Water / Air

Greek Mythology: Zeus / Poseidon / Hades / Hera / Ares / Athena / Persephone / Demeter / Aphrodite / Nyx / Dionysus / Hermes / Apollo

Astrological Sign: Aries / Taurus / Gemini / Cancer / Leo / Virgo / Libra / Scorpio / Sagittarius / Capricorn / Aquarius / Pisces 

Insecure (Toy Bonnie x Springtrap)

Inspired by this prompt.

Person A of your OTP is feeling extremely insecure about Person B’s love for them one day. Person A asks B if they still love them and B just looks at them and kisses them passionately, then when B pulls away they smile and say “Does that answer your question?” to which A replies “Yeah, but I’m not completely clear on it. Can you tell me again?” Then B laughs and kisses them again, more passionately this time. (What happens next is up to you.)

Fandom: Five Nights at Freddy’s
Warnings: Gay pairings (don’t like, don’t read), Romance, Anthropomorphed characters
Pairing: Toy Bonnie x Springtrap

Names so nobody’s confused:
Person A - Toy Bonnie (Clyde)
Person B - Springtrap (Spring)

Clyde was sitting on his bed, thinking about yesterday. 

Yesterday, the cyan-coloured rabbit had managed to force out his confession to the love of his life, Springtrap, a tannish-yellow rabbit with beautifully fluffy fur, and emerald-green eyes like his. He had been accepted by Spring, but he wasn’t sure if he still loved him (or loved him at all)

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Kannaduki Iku

[Set in 2017]
Age: 20 years old Height: 178 cm Birthday: October 21 blood type: O type

[Setting in 2016]
Age: 19 years old Height: 175 cm Birthday: October 21 blood type: O type
■ Although he is in the juniors group, a man who admires everyone. Polite, moral, strong. A sports boy who is positive and will always try hard. I entered the university in Tokyo this spring, both on land and idle. Since his debut, the back has been growing steadily, his content and appearance are also remarkable.
■ Procella ’s precious Tsukkomi charge. However, I am somewhat sweet for my partner Rui.
■ Yoru, Rui, and occasionally also from Hayabusi is called “Ikkun” as a nickname.
■ He decided to keep petite “Sasakuma 1” of a panda as a pet, which was encountered at the time of shooting “Chinese lady costumes” wearing a Chinese style costume. It seems he is being healed by a rolling black and white pill.
■ In Procella’s Tsukiraji, he is in charge of the main personality. Because Rui is not talking about a lot of people, the fact is that they are turning around almost alone, but it seems recently that their fun has become known. Sharpening & talking skills with Koi!

[Setting in 2015]
Age: 18 years old Height: 172 cm Birthday: October 21 blood type: O type
■ Man who everyone admires. He is polite to everyone, so he is well received by older people. He is a solid person, and is active as a Tsukkomi frame with You inside Procella members who tend to run away. However, Rui (and Yoru) are sweet.
■ I have been busy living with the school with the track division, but as a result of that hard work, it seems that the university in Tokyo is likely to be recommended on the ground. Although I was worried about leaving the locale, I planned to start full-time dormitory life as a result of consultation with my family, considering that I can use traveling time for practice.
■ Live broadcast radio, “Tsukita. Radio ”, so-called" Tsukiraji “serve as the main personality of Procella with Rui. He is famous for progressing crisply with the speed of turnover cultivated in Tsukkomi cultivated in the dormitory life, but as a certain leader starts to runaway, he is still in training because he does not resist.

[Setting in 2014]
Age: 17 years old Height: 168 cm Birthday: October 21 blood type: O type
■ He fills a valuable Tsukkomi role of Procella, together with You, because he is the owner of an ordinary sense, who grew up in an ordinary household. I am thinking that it may be okay, since he and his faint seem to be enjoying fun, while fighting to make the Petite Demon Lord of recent times (Rui).
My sister also has good motor nerves and belongs to a badminton club. Although she sometimes makes fun of idol costumes, it seems that she is cheering me for giving encouragement messages by line and e-mail, or missionary activities to a friend.
■ I am living with a lot of movement and I am becoming a professional to make effective use of clearance time by doing tasks and work in the Shinkansen and by taking a nap.
■ He is a hero to Rui, Prince. I can not help but meet that expectation! And the boy decided to resolve.
■ Both his parents are fairly tall, and since they are of the type that the tall sprouts have increased since becoming university students, they predict that he will be of that type as well. Actually the growth in the last two years is the maximum value along with Koi.
■ Play valuable leisure with Rui, go to rice in a group of young people.

[Setting in 2013]
Age: 16 years old Height: 165 cm Birthday: October 21 blood type: O type
■ I am a member of Hyogo and attend a private school in Osaka where club activities are popular.
■ I belonged to the land and participated in the national competition at 200m and 400m, where I received a scout.
■ The body is small, but the vessel holds a big guy.
■ I work hard in parallel with the entertainment activities, club activities, studies and three.
■ I have an older sister, but we look alike enough to be mistaken for twins.
■ Rui is in progress now and I have friendship!

[Initial setting]
Age: 16 years old Height: 165 cm Birthday: October 21 blood type: O type
■ A healthy, bright and positive boy. Because he does preeminent exercise, overall sports come and go!
■ I will not forget consideration to the surroundings, while holding a solid massage, a man’s character that anyone can admire. He is an adult that does not move even to the behavior of a fickle faint.
■ The people I admire are Haru (March Male) and Kai (July Male). He is a long and mature man.
■ Because he is the same year as Rui (June male), he is in the midst of shrinking the distance to get along. I recently got used to it …? "Ikkun” calls are proof of it.

that’s not ORION CARLOTO walking around?? nah, but LISETTE OLIVERA gets that all the time. SHE’S actually from LOS ANGELES, though they live in MONTE VISTA now.  you’ve probably heard that 20 year old STOCKER of BUILD A BEAR being referred to as the HOPELESS ROMANTIC of this place.you know, i always see them SMOKING IN HER CAR or blasting HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE THAT BY WICCA PHASE SPRINGS ETERNAL on their lunch break..whatever.

hi everybody! this is my baby lisette and my name is blue ! i’m super excited to meet all of you and to start rping with you guys as well! i’m open to ANY AND ALL plots so please feel free to mssg me! lisette’s bio is here but below the read more i’ll give a lil more information about her and about myself as well! thanks you guys!

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Cardcaptor Sakura: We Are Still Here ~Welcome to Spring~

After 20 years and now celebrating another anniversary, Cardcaptor Sakura is a series that has stood the test of time and continues to be beloved by fans old and new. One thing the older fans can revel on is CLAMP continues to produce new art for the series. This illustration comes from the “Last Prize” part of the January kuji (lottery) ~Wa Nyan to Wa Modern~ (はにゃーんと和モダン). Basically, it’s all about traditional Japanese clothing that are still worn in the modern era during special times. Mokona from CLAMP loves kimono patterns so it’s wonderful to see illustrations like these, especially when theme is fitted to suit Cardcaptor Sakura. Even better, it features these two darlings, Sakura & Syaoran with their signature “bear” colors.

This also happens to be the title/cover image for this very blog (shown on the left side bar) as well as the avatar for it. I was very happy CLAMP came up with this illustration so as to have something fresh & new. As a long time fan of CCS, all things Japan and pop cultured mixed with traditional, I had to get this one and I’m very happy to share with everyone. Please enjoy!

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter.  DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!