spring latch


These knives were made in China for the new generation of flippers who can’t afford the American-made butterfly knives, but still need balis that can hold up to flipping. These are great value and nicely made. They are 420 stainless steel, which is an economical and corrosion resistant choice. These aren’t your standard Chinese flea market butterfly knives: they have features normally only found on high end production and custom balisongs, such as spring latches and bushings in the pivots. The bushings mean they move like greased lightning with very little handle play. These are absolutely made for balisong flippers to perfect their skills on.

1. This butterfly knife measures in at 23 cm, a little shorter than the most popular balisong among flippers today. The handles are sandwich construction and screwed together, but the screws are fixed and have had their heads ground off. No worries about the screws backing out on these: a very nice touch. This does mean you can’t adjust the tension after heavy use, but they have proven to be very durable and have been extensively tested by my buyers.

The blade and the handles are 420 stainless steel. This is one of the newest models from this outfit and it features a hollowground labaha (straight razor) style blade. While not quite razor sharp, it is close. The blade features two extra thick tang pins and locks up rock solid in both the open and closed positions, and there is an integral guard on it too.

The handles are beautifully laser engraved. The laser engraving is permanent and will not flake or chip unless you gouge the steel. It also provides some nice texture. One of my buyers, who is a serious flipper, feels these solid handles, coupled with the laser engraving, are about as good as it gets for flipping.

The spring latch on these has been proven to work and hold up quite well, although the spring isn’t as strong as on the $300+ balis out there. Then again, they don’t have bushings!

This is a great little balisong for the flippers, or for anyone who wants a lightweight EDC. 420 steel isn’t anywhere near as hard or tough as the high carbon steel used on Filipino balisongs, but for someone who just wants a good, reliable flipper and occasional cutting tool, these are perfect. 4.4 oz. $79.

2. This 23.3 cm butterfly knife is also a new model with a grind that hasn’t been offered before. The blade is a spearpoint (only sharpened on one side) and is very attractive. The entire knife is 420 stainless steel, which is a good, durable and corrosion resistant choice for the flippers out there. 

The blade is nicely finished and features two extra thick tang pins for rock solid lockup. These have been proven to be very durable, but of course, no knife should be dropped on concrete or tile repeatedly!

These butterfly knives feature bushings and spring latches, two features not commonly seen on Chinese butterfly knives. These are definitely in a class of their own, and in many ways, rival knives costing four or five times as much. These are absolutely for the flippers first and foremost.

The handles are laser engraved. This is durable and also provides texture during flipping, so the handles aren’t anywhere near as slick as they might look.

You can see the spring latch assembly and the bushings in the pivots here. The spring latch isn’t as strong as on the American made balis that now go for over three times as much, but it works well and has been proven to hold up. The bushings mean these flip like greased lightning. The pivots aren’t adjustable, but the screws used for the handle and pivot construction are locked tight and you don’t need to worry about LocTite. These are really amazing value for the flippers out there and a lot of fun.

This spearpoint version weighs in at 5 oz. $79.

Stainless Steel Spring Latch Balicombs.

5 is still available.

These beautiful balicombs are made in small batches for the new generation of balisong flippers in China. These are made for the domestic market–the Benchmade 42 is the holy grail of flippers all over. This is one solution to the issue, and being combs, they are legal most places. 

While many of us grew up flipping poor quality Chinese balisongs, these are a completely different breed. They are precision ground out of 420 stainless steel and have hardened steel pivots. The blade and combs are miror polished. All five models have bushings, which really makes them incredibly smooth flippers. They also have spring latches, which have been very popular on modern balisongs. 

1. This first model measures in at 22.4 cm (8.82"). It weighs 5.3 oz. This is a brand new model which features carefully engraved handles and 42-pattern holes. 

The grooves really aid grip without being too sharp.

Two thick, rounded stainless steel tang pins aid lockup and the lack of sharp edges increases durability.

There is no pocket for the latch to lock into: it is held into place purely by the tension of the handles.


2. This comb does not feature the 42-style holes, and this is preferable to some. It does, however, have the new engraving that almost looks like a basket weave or checkerboard effect.

The engraving is very even and the finish on the steel is excellent.

You can make out the bushings in this picture: these balicombs have to be flipped to be believed. They are really oustanding value.

The wide teeth on the comb mean it is much more comfortable in actual use as a styling tool!

This balicomb measures in at 22.5 cm (8.86") and weighs 5 oz. SOLD.

3. This third balicomb is also a brand new model. No 42-style holes on this one either: it features laser engraving. The grooves aid grip and are very attractive. This almost looks like an FHM since the ends of the handles weren’t engraved.

22.4 cm and 4.5 oz. SOLD.

4. This balicomb has screw pivots: again, this is a new model. It comes with a blade, replacement screw pivots and even a magnetic Torx driver! This one does feature the 42-style holes.

The weehawk blade is beautifully executed and mirror polished. It is also razor sharp. It is 1/8" thick.

23 cm (9") with the blade installed. Only 4 oz. The comb weighs 1 oz. SOLD.

5. This balicomb has smooth handles without the 42-style holes. It is just like the fancier models, but is a more economical choice.

22.4 cm (8.82"). 4.8 oz. I have two of these: one has a weak spring which will not deploy the latch. $75, or $69 for the one with the weak spring.