spring kayaking


Three Sisters Springs, Florida

This was how I spent my day yesterday. I always have the dilemma of whether or not to risk bringing my DSLR out when kayaking. Photos like the first one remind me of why exactly it is worth it. Last two photos were taken with the GoPro which opens up a whole different point of view obviously. I’m so glad I decided to swim in the springs, it was otherworldly as you can see. That’s me swimming in the last photo!   

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

Kayaking on Watauga Lake.
(AT Mile - 428.7 NOBO/1760.4 SOBO)
Be sure to take caution on the trail. Currently the Watauga Lake Shelter is closed due to bear activity.


lake ouachita it is

random, last minute roadtrip to hot springs, arkansas. there’s truly nothing like driving for hours down an empty road, it was very much needed. and of course, spent quality time with the fam, also, very much needed. this was our first time kayaking and it was definitely a good time, beyond tiring…but very much a good time. I am truly blessed to have these opportunities to share these beautiful moments with my family. God is always great.