spring is waking

eventually I’ll take you by the hand/maybe cradle your face in my palms if you’ll let me/I’ll sing you a sweet song/ but for now there is no path/no foreseeable spring in the wake of this devastating fall/but somehow in the shadow of the sun/I will grow to love the leaves again

Among My Stillness

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Soulmate AU – you can hear your soulmate’s heartbeat.
Word Count: 
Small, slightly graphic description of a minor injury.
Rating: All ages.
Author’s Note: this idea came to me when I was in the shower tonight.  I tried to get out so quickly to write it down before I forgot it that I almost killed myself by accident.  All in the name of fanfic.  Special shout out to @yourtropegirl – I know you didn’t request it, but I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this soulmate AU anyway!  Beta’d by @starshiphufflebadger

Among My Stillness was a Pounding Heart

It had all started when you’d first set foot on the USS Enterprise.  At some point on your first day, you had become aware of a soft, distant pulsing in your head.  At first you’d thought it was the beginnings of a headache, your own heartbeat pounding in your ears, but you had soon realized that the rate and rhythm of the beat were different from your own.

You had been startled.  You had always heard talk of people finding their soulmates, but you had gone for so many years without any inkling as to who yours might be that you had almost entirely given up searching until you’d begun hearing the rhythmic thumping here and there.

It was an almost-constant presence. Sometimes you lost the sound when you were on away missions, or when you were sealed off in the physics lab in the belly of the ship, working on gravity stabilization experiments or cold fusion dynamics.  Other times, it was like there was a drum set right inside your skull, going off like your brain was throwing its own, personal classical rock concert.

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The houses what they feel what they fear

Cold ice cream on a hot summer day, cocktail party, barbecue, dancing till morning, the buzz of too much alcohol, stupid dares, skating with your mates, arm wrestling, loud laughs till the stomach hurts, shouting when your favourite band comes on, howling the lyrics in the crowd, running till you’re out of breath, tickle attacks, the get together after two years, calling your friend at 3am, spitting contests, the cheers on new year’s eve.

The panic in the crowd, the fear of being too loud, to be hated by your loved ones, the boogyman that steals your dreams,

The sun on your face, the light tan on your skin, the easy smiles given to strangers, lying in the garden, the first blossoms of spring, waking up to a sunny day, walking in a new outfit, enthusiastic cheers, first sip of champagne, giggles, braiding hair, shining eyes, paint smeared on your sleeves, the air after the rain, whistling your favourite song, barefoot running in the street, the perfect birthday song.

To be the fifth wheel, the over the top, treason within the closest group of friends, waiting for the crash and burn, the beast in the deep waters,
Post traumatic stress disorder.

The crunching of leaves beneath your boots, the smell of old books, red wine, scented candles, sweater weather, laughing loudly when nobody’s listening, solitude and quiet, the pet’s favorite, hot baths, reading till the morning, eyes for details, sand under your feet, daydreaming, inhaling fresh air, autumn style, long scarfs, self carved pumpkin on Halloween.

Too many thoughts, voices that aren’t there, the looming figure in the dark, the cold grip of fear, glassy eyes,

The winter wind in your face, black coffee, stargazing, walking through the untouched snow, the glow of a single candle, the smell of the night, the sea in the morning, the eye of the storm, running late and not caring, dark lipstick, darker nails, smirks and winks, ink on paper and skin, swimming in cold water, drawing a perfect portrait, the wind in the trees, sweet revenge, dancing on ice, the glow of the Christmas tree.

The silent cries, suffering in silence, the loneliness, the parent that pushes you down, too many bruisies and scars and lies, losing control, giving in,

GIF warning. These two photos in a row was an accident, but a happy one for sure!

Coachella, 2017, Weekend 2

april showers bring may flowers


“Yeah, Niall?”

“‘April showers bring May flowers,’” yeah?” said the blonde.

“That’s the expression,” agreed Zayn, turning the page of his book and taking a sip of his coffee.

“We’ve had a quite dry spring so far, haven’t we?” asked Niall a few moments later. “Second driest April on record, I was reading.”

Zayn hummed his agreement and took another sip of coffee. “Bit unusual, yeah.”

“So if there’s not been much rain,” mused Niall, “how is it that our grass is so green and the garden’s all full up with flowers?”

“I think they’ve been getting a bit of help,” Zayn told him.

“Getting a bit of help?” repeated Niall, looking at Zayn with confusion on his face.

Zayn looked up from his book. “Yeah. Reckon that’s what Harry’s been doing when he leaves bed so early every morning.” He shrugged. “Watering the gardens.”

“I thought he was going jogging.” Niall gazed out the kitchen window to the backyard, the gardens bursting with beautiful flowers and the grass nearly as green as it was back in Ireland. “Why would he do that?” he asked finally, curious.

“Spring’s your favourite season,” said Zayn simply. That response clearly hadn’t answered Niall’s question, it seemed, so Zayn added softly, “Think he just wants to make you happy.”

day 1 of spring 2017 zarriall week! the prompt was spring

sometimes my brain just kinda goes “!!! you’re not sad enough; time to review every poor decision you’ve ever made and go over it all in depth. oh and btw all of your friends and loved ones will abandon you and your attempts cheering them up or reciprocating friendship just pushes them further away bc you’re clingy. have a good night or something though!!!”

For @yoursummerfrost , who asked for weather witch Nursey.  On AO3 here.

There’s something about the spring wind that always gets to Nursey, in a way that winter doesn’t.  It’s softer than winter, more coaxing than sharp.  It carries petals and rustles leaves and breathes life.  The wind in spring feels like the world waking up again, to Nursey, like the sky heaving out a sigh of relief that the winter has passed.

Or maybe that’s just Nursey heaving a sigh of relief.  The spring winds speak easier to Nursey.  The winter winds have always frozen him out, from when he was young, too hell bent on maintaining their sharpness.  Nursey has never been sharp a day in his life; at least, not in the way the winter winds are.  He’s jagged edges, sometimes, raw nerve endings exposed more than he’s ever been comfortable with.  But he’s never been a wall of ice, and no amount of “chill”s have endeared the winter to him.  

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I’m p sure I just watched a movie that shouldn’t exist in this realm. It’s a modern day adaptation of spring awakening but there’s literally no mention of it on the Internet except dozens of broken links and one link that does work but it tries to give you a virus every time you press pause. It was comparable to the Leo dicaprio version of romeo and juliet. It must’ve been an indie film. Also it’s in German and I can’t find a version with subtitles. I have the link i watched. Hmu if ur interested

ladylike-foxes  asked:

For DWC: 🏊 swimming together! May I have some Solrana please?

Glimpses: Mydas

@dadrunkwriting, @thevikingwoman

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Verse: Confessions of a Teacher’s Pet

Pairing: Solas x Surana

Warnings: Professor x Student, age gap

The water lapped at her bare toes, cool and calming. She sighed and laid back against the smooth rock, closing her eyes. Her legs and arms hurt, and she could already feel blisters forming where her sandals cut into her skin. All around her she heard the soft echo of waves striking the shore, rocking back and forth like a lullaby.

She lay at the mouth of a small limestone cave, carved from the cliff by millennia of wear. It was cool and quiet inside, empty except for some snails and spiders. They’d walked over a mile along the beach, clinging to the worn walls of the shore. He’d offered to take her back the first time she slipped and fell, but she refused. And she was so glad she did.

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