spring is the time for walking in the forest

slavic mythology asks
  • Perun: the sky tears open with thunder - are you scared or are you one with the storm?
  • Veles: someone breaks a promise that meant everything to you - what do you do?
  • Jarilo: the spring came and with it the memories - which spring do you remember best and why?
  • Morana: the time of your death has come but you are given a choice - how do you want to go?
  • Mokosh: a plant grows on your grave after you die, carrying a piece of your soul - what plant would it be?
  • Svarog: summer's sun burns your skin and breaks your heart - which summer do you regret the most?
  • Zorja Utrennjaja: you open your eyes to the delicate light of dawn - what is the first thing you think about?
  • Zorja Vechernjaja: the sky is dark and the air sweet - what pleasure do you long for?
  • Leshy: you walk through a forest filled with whispers and hungry eyes - do you stray from the path?
  • Baba Yaga: the night is heavy and bitter - what is the worst nightmare you ever had?
  • Topielec: you wade in water on a quiet evening - is it a lake, a river, or maybe sea?
  • Żmij: you see before you a creature of hundred eyes and sly smiles - do you banish it or befriend it?

you find yourself in the middle of the forest. it is deep, it is dark, and you get the feeling you are the first to step foot here for quite some time. crisp brown leaves and dry branches crunch underfoot, and yet the leaves above are still the bright green of late spring, as though the woods are so mysterious that the seasons themselves don’t quite know what to do with them. you are unsure how you feel. it’s either anxiety, fear, excitement, anticipation, hunger or some unprecedented combination of any amount of the above. you keep walking. you know you’re lost. you don’t care. you reach a clearing. there’s a pond which sits still, and clear. there’s fluttering butterflies and pink blossoms. there’s a fucking costco, somehow?

don’t let anyone burn out the fire thats inside of you. you have what it takes to push past everything that stands in your way, and you will because you have this rage inside of you, this magnificent light that burns from the inside and out. don’t loose your fire, or i’m afraid you would loose yourself.

even though you hide yourself from the rest of the world you have flowers growing throughout your soul, even in the darkest parts of you. You are nature and the dirt it needs, you are grounded and strong like the trees in the forest around you. you have a fight inside of you, you just have to learn how to stand up and move on.

you are life, you are the wind and the freedom it leaves behind. you are the sun that radiates light on summer days, and the rain that falls into puddles in the spring. you are everything in between, and all of it at the same time. a walking contradiction, but you will win the battle within you. for you are a fighter filled with inner strength, for you are the light and dark.

you are strong, stronger than you let on. don’t let all the tears that you drown in tell you otherwise. you are the moon and secrets kept behind walls you built up on your own, hoping to stay in them without someone knocking them down. break them down, break free. just because the walls are breaking doesn’t mean your heart will too.

you have so much confidence built up inside of you, you are the sun and all of its light. you are the laughter in the children on sunny days, and the wildflowers growing in fields of yellow. you are also the blackest parts of the ocean, containing your emotions that form into bursts of angered rages. you can’t live like this, hurting yourself and others? don’t demand people of things just because you’re keeping parts of yourself hidden.

you are dangerously beautiful, you are the freckles that my grandmother called angel kisses. you are as pale as snow, and your heart is cold like it to. but you know its not true, you just have to learn how to love yourself. your flaws will always be visible, but they make up who you are and I could connect constellations from your beauty spots, and scars and you would become the universe. simply breathtaking.

you are filled with laughter, you are the smiles in the melancholy people with horrible pasts, but heres something that you need to learn, how to make yourself smile and actually feel it deep inside. you have this remarkable persona that makes everyone stop and stare, and you’re too blind to see how wonderful you are. you’re too blind to see that people care for you. you’re the daylight, and the start of a new day. you are the sunset and the beginning of a new tomorrow.

you are a thousand pieces of different parts of the world, you are the world. all of its beauty, and all of its secrets combined into one. you are as fiery as the deepest parts in a volcano, and the saddest parts at the bottom of a vodka bottle. you are no where in between, you’re either cold as your heart is black or passionate as your heart is when you finally meet someone who opens up your soul and when that happens you will be nothing but light.

you are a restless soul, breaking hearts including your own. your fears wont always be visible, because you’re a fighter who got through them already. if you can do it once you can do it again. don’t let the cruelty of human nature destroy your inner self, you can be you with out making reckless decisions. you can be you without being someone else.

you have firm grip on your life, no one can break that away. you know who you are, and you know what you want. you can create tears in other peoples eyes, just as fast as you can close off yourself from the world. don’t. you need your inner self to radiate through, for you can show people fun, and steadiness and patience and determination out of this world. you are a strong human being, you will find your light or maybe you just haven’t realized that you already have.

you are all the constellations, and all the seasons. The stars shine through you, and you move like water with each change in the world. You are the life within spring, and the fire in summer, the colors of fall and the death in winter. You are the revolution within yourself, no one in the world is like you. You are your own person. you have your own feelings, and your own mindset. but it’s never okay to keep them concealed inside. let them shine through like the galaxies within you.

you are eloquence and beauty, and your creative colors flow from you. Everyone can see your colors, your vividness. you are a piece of art the world has created, all of your happiness and all of your sadness make you who you are. Stop changing yourself, you already know who you are.

—  zodiac poems, april 12th

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Kaz and inej beauty and the beast au, is that a thing? If not you should consider writing it haha

*rubs hands together* 

Disclaimer: no animal transformations written below

  • Kaz is an arrogant lord (because he’d rather drop dead than be a prince) who scams and manipulates the other lords for his own benefit and to expand his influence
  • until one night a wizened old woman comes to his manor and offers him a single geranium for his hospitality for one night 
  • Kaz instantly rejects the offer and belittles the woman, but his words suddenly die in his throat when the woman reveals her true self: Zoya, the ethereal and sublime sorceress who’s intent on teaching Kaz a lesson 
  • she dooms Kaz and the rest of his subjects - the Dregs - to live a cursed life until the person to instill love in Kaz’s heart arrives
  • meanwhile, in a nearby provincial town, Inej Ghafa just wants to read and be in peace (because she doesn’t want adventure, she’s perfectly content to be with her family lbr) 
  • especially with her wise and innovative acrobat father who she adores with all her heart
  • however, her little town thinks she’s strange and almost a ghost, and whisper she’s possessed by a vengeful spirit lying in wait to ensnare somebody, because they can never hear her - not her steps, not her until she speaks 
  • although the townspeople all grudgingly agree that she’s the most beautiful girl for miles 
  • Pekka, a well-known huntsman, thinks so and is set on making Inej his wife 
  • Inej when Pekka calls her beautiful: “That’s a lazy way to describe me.”
  • and when her father’s horse comes running back to her one morning without her father, Inej sets out to find him the dark depths of the forest
  • she comes across this wild, unkept estate that looms over her and finds her father trapped in a dungeon there 
  • and then she comes across a young man that walks stiffly with a cane and has a hat pulled over his eyes, who says that he’ll let her father go if she’ll take his place
  • Inej takes heart that her father is safe from harm and soon meets the other enchanted individuals in the manor 
  • Matthias as the grumpy Featherduster 
  • Nina as Mrs. Potts!!!
  • Kuwei as Chip
  • while Kaz casually freaks out over how to approach this new girl that might break his spell 
  • when Inej finds the dying, glowing geranium inside a bell jar in the west wing, Kaz panics and yells at her to get out 
  • after she flees and Kaz saves her from the wolves surrounding the forest, Inej tends to Kaz’s wounds and gets to really look at him for the first time 
  • his legs are mangled and torn, and a black substance is creeping under their skin up to his waist
  • and when Inej turns him over, she sees his eyes fully for the very first time, and they’re made out of glass, and a scrape on his arm reveals that part of him is cogs and springs 
  • “The one who cursed me poisoned my legs and said that I wasn’t fit to walk amongst any of the good men in Ketterdam. Then she said that wasn’t a good enough punishment, and so she made me half machine, because she said I didn’t belong with humans with such a cold heart.”
  • Inej oils his joints and mixes poultices to help Kaz heal and for the next few weeks, he notices how she exudes kindness and acceptance and everything that he doesn’t deserve
  • while Inej observes that Kaz, although he may feign indifference and aloofness, he’s actually not an evil presence and shows her nothing but truth instead of gilded lies (a privilege compared to what she got in town) 
  • Inej! in that iconic!! dress!!!!
  • Inej realizes - from the mirror Kaz gives her - that her father is in danger because the townspeople don’t believe his claims of his daughter being locked up by a monster
  • so Kaz lets her go, knowing the geranium’s petals will fall off before she returns
  • and Inej very faintly kisses him on the cheek before she leaves so he has to bite his lip to keep from screaming
  • Inej’s plan to drive away the crowd backfires when she shows them Kaz in the enchanted mirror and speaks of him with a fond and warm tone that makes Pekka Rollins’ eyes narrow and his fingers clench into fists 
  • Pekka grabs the mirror and gets the whole crowd in an uproar about the demon boy that’ll slip through the town and steal away babies, to how he’ll scrape their coffers bare, to how he’ll kidnap more girls like Inej to break his spell 
  • Inej and her father are trapped in the cellar of their home, but Kuwei, who slipped into Inej’s dress pocket when she wasn’t looking, gets them out 
  • Cue the townspeople fighting against the enchanted Dregs in Kaz’s manor
  • Pekka, armed with a musket, finds Kaz in the west wing, and Kaz doesn’t mope; he’s seen Inej and her father on horseback far off in his window, coming towards the manor, and he’ll be damned if he lets her see him die so easily 
  • the mirror from Pekka’s belt falls to the floor and shatters in their struggle
  • the two of them circle and weave around each other in a deadly dance, and both of them sustain serious injuries 
  • Inej runs up to the west wing to see Kaz hanging off the balcony, his legs now completely black and useless so he can’t stand up 
  • she sees a flash of lightning illuminating Pekka’s musket end raised high in the air, intent on smashing Kaz’s fingers to pieces so he’ll fall 
  • and she doesn’t think she moves 
  • she scoops up a jagged mirror shard from the ground and stabs Pekka hard in the stomach multiple times until he gasps and falls off the balcony
  • Inej hauls Kaz up and looks in horror at his cogs whirring slower and slower, his legs now twisted to odd angles and unable to move, how his glass eyes blink more slowly when he turns to look at her 
  • “You came back.” 
  • “I’d have come for you no matter what. I’d have crawled to you even if I couldn’t walk.” 
  • Kaz smiles faintly at this, closes his eyes, and the cogs in his body whir to a stop 
  • and Inej’s throat constricts, ready to let out a scream of anguish
  • but before the first shriek escapes her lips, she sees a beautiful black-haired woman appear out of nowhere and stoop low to Kaz’s pale face 
  • “Dramatic to the end.” she mutters, lowering a hand over Kaz’s forehead. “Cutting it a little close, don’t you think, Brekker?” 
  • Kaz opens his eyes and smirks weakly at the sorceress. “I’m always a lover of drama, all powerful Zoya. And I don’t see you trying to snatch my life away when you’ve just made me live again.” 
  • “You found love, but you can never learn manners, can you, boy?” 
  • “Trust me,” Inej says with a laugh, getting over her shock and helping Kaz stand by letting him lean on her. “That would take a miracle to happen.”
  • Kaz looks up at Inej and smiles crookedly. “You know, magic doesn’t solve everything.”

Imagine warm spring day. You and Loki, being the best of friends, walking in the forest. You are so excited because you used to walk and play here when you was a child. You are jumping, running and laughing. Each time you do so a warm smile turns up on his face. Suddenly he stops walking and just looks at how you move, talk, how your hair is waving and glittering it the sunlight. You realize that Loki is not longer by your side. You turn around and see him staring at you. 

“What?” He doesn’t answer. “Hey Loki”, as you talk he approaching you without saying a word. “What’s the matter? You’re freaking me out.”

“You know”, he towers over you, standing so close that you can hear him breathing. “It’s so hard to resist”. You look right in his eyes ready to drown in them. He steps closer and strokes your hair. “I never told you this and maybe I shouldn’t do it but… ” He pauses and breaks eye contact.

“Hey, that’s okay. Tell me, please” you’re calming him and taking his hand.

“Y/N, I… I don’t want to be your friend… I can’t”

“What?! Why?!” you’re surprised and pissed. “What the hell you’re talking about? Loki, what’s…”.

“I want more” he interrupts in a high tone. There is a long pause. You don’t know what to say and neither does he. “I want to touch you where friend shouldn’t”. And he looks at your lips. 

You smile, put your head on his chest and giggle. “You’re a fool…”You feel his heart racing so you step back, taking his hands in yours. You see how he is scared don’t know what’s on your mind and you give him a warm smile. He steps closer, stopping just an inch from your lips. You hear him breathing heavily. He kisses you tenderly wrapping hands around your body. You’re putting your hand on his shoulder and with another one stroking his hair. You answer him with a more passionate kiss and feel like there is nothing left in the world except the two of you. He breaks a kiss for breath in. He’s still holding you in his arms. He cups your face and looks right into your eyes. “Hell of a friendship we have” you chuckle.

He smirks, kissing you on the forehead. “Yeah, I guess so”.

You look in his now almost dark eyes and stand on your tiptoes to be able to reach his lips. You kiss him desperately. And you make sweet and passionate love on the grass as sunlight play on your naked bodies united by the same feelings.

Easter, Harry and Draco

Read the intro here

It’s easter at Hogwarts. Fred and George are both alive and kicking. They have decided that since Umbridge left, this might be a good moment to re-do their last year and cheer all the traumatized war-veterans up with some top quality pranks.

And maybe play matchmaker for a couple or two.


Harry and Draco

“Why are we even participating in this stupid Weasley contest?” It was the first thing Malfoy said after he’d stalked off towards the forbidden forest. Harry had so far not even been sure if they were participating or if Malfoy just fancied a walk and Harry was tagging along. Or stalking him.

“Uhm… I dunno. Because it’s fun?” It wasn’t meant to be witty or sarcastic. Harry really didn’t know why they were taking part in the hunt. Especially since the price they could win wasn’t something either one of them was able to use. At least, Harry thought it wasn’t.

“Last time I had proper fun was fifth year, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.” The depressing content of Malfoy’s answer went right past Harry, who was still a bit lost in thought.

“Are you single?”

“Am I what, Potter?” They had reached the edge of the forest. Malfoy turned around to stare at Harry in surprise and disbelief, with a still lingering flicker of sadness in his eyes. It was the last question he’d expected Potter to ask.

“Are you seeing anyone?” Harry clarified, a bit flustered.

“I know what ‘being single’ means, idiot.” Malfoy turned around again to enter the forest. “But it’s a rather foolish question to ask a gay ex-death eater with PTSD, who is covered in scars and in general not considered to be a very nice person, don’t you think?” After a short pause he added, “Who the hell would want to date me?”

His pace quickened while he spoke. He had never disclosed his sexuality to anyone outside of Slytherin, and he wasn’t really sure why he suddenly came out to Potter. Though Draco supposed the boy could hardly hate him more than he already did, and if there was anything he’d learned from the war then it was shielding himself from spells aimed at his back.

But Potter didn’t respond at all, so Draco could safely continue walking. Well, I suppose silence is still a much better response than the curses my father flung at my head.

It wasn’t the fact that Malfoy had just admitted he was gay that rendered Harry speechless. His often theatrical behaviour and flamboyant mannerisms made it hard to not at least suspect. It was the casual mentioning of suffering from PTSD. Harry had been struggling with nightmares, old reflexes and anxiety every day since the war had ended, but not even Ron or Hermione knew he was seeing a therapist for that. No one did.

He’d never even thought of the possibility of just carelessly mentioning the state of his mental health, of just being open about it. It felt almost good to hear Malfoy say he was struggling, however selfish that sounded.

Suddenly Harry realised he hadn’t responded to Malfoy’s revelation. “What about Zabini?”

Malfoy laughed, relieved the tense silence was broken. “Blaise the ace. A good friend but he’d never be interested in more. Besides, he’s not my type.”


“Hells no. Guy’s as straight as they come and still not my type.” Draco was surprised at the amount of relief that flooded him when the other boy didn’t seem phased at all to find out he was gay. So surprised he gave genuine answers to his questions.

“What is your type then?”

“None of your business.” Draco was now over his surprise enough to prevent himself from giving a truthful answer. He could barely admit his type to himself, the last thing he wanted to do was tell Potter. “Why do you care anyway? The goal was finding some stupid egg not playing matchmaker.”

“I think you’ll find Fred and George disagree with you on that. Didn’t you see the other pairings?”

“They were mostly Slytherin and Gryffindor, your point?”

“My point is that they’re trying to make us get along. They’re pretty fed up with fighting now I suppose. We all are. And forcing us to hang out might stop the quarrels amongst our lower years as well.”

Sometimes it seemed like the first years hated each other with the same passion as Harry and Draco did at that age. It was very confronting to see their childhood feud damage the relationship between their houses so much.

“You didn’t think of that yourself, did you?” Draco cursed himself for missing the obvious. The sharp edges of his trademark wit had faded since he was on meds for his anxiety and nightmares. He often cursed how much they slowed down his thoughts. But then, not taking them wasn’t very pleasant either.

“No.” Harry blushed a bit and looked at his feet. “Hermione did.”

They were silent again after that, but this time it was a bit more bearable. Almost nice.

“Why are we in the woods exactly?” Asked Harry after five more minutes of walking among the trees. They were following the edge of the forest, where the sun shone through the fresh spring leaves, drawing patterns on the path.

“To find those bloody eggs of course.”

“But we haven’t searched anywhere yet, just walked.”

“That’s because I know where they hid one of them. I saw Lee and the twins come out of the forest here this morning. So if I remember correctly….” Draco craned his neck, searching the trees with his trained seeker eyes. “There.” And with a surprising ease for someone in skinny jeans and highly polished shoes he started to climb a huge oak tree standing next to the path.

Harry noticed a golden shimmer among the highest branches of the tree. “Are you sure you can climb that high? I don’t particularly fancy catching you.”

“Nice to hear you’d be happy to let me fall to my death, and yes, I can climb that high. I might be shit at making the right choices or getting people to like me, but if there’s one thing I’ve mastered beyond fucking perfection it’s climbing trees.” It appeared to be true. Already Draco was twenty feet up in the fifty feet tree and he showed no sign of slowing down when the branches thinned and started to creak under his weight.

“I didn’t mean it like that! Of course I’d catch you if you fell!” Shouted Harry back in the direction of the fine ass that steadily moved up in the tree. Draco was now so high speaking at a normal volume would be inaudible.

“I’m not saying you did mean it like that Potter.” Draco raised his voice now too, he had nearly reached the egg. “It’s just that I probably wouldn’t catch myself if I did fall.” But he let his volume drop so Harry wouldn’t be able to hear the last part.

At least, that’s what he thought.

“Catch!” Draco dropped the egg into Harry’s arms. Harry nearly let it crash to the ground because he’d only now began to process what Malfoy had told him. He hadn’t had any real fun since fifth year, suffered from PTSD, apparently wouldn’t mind dying and on a whole he just looked quite alone and miserable. It didn’t sound like much fun.

“Well, let’s see what’s in it then.” Draco climbed down the tree even faster than up. Harry didn’t respond again, so Draco took matters into his own hands.

He made a displeased sound when he finished reading the note. “If we want to win this thing we have to hold hands for 24 hours. Non-stop. No separate bathroom breaks, no separate showers, no separate beds.” Draco didn’t look thrilled at the thought. “Look, we don’t have to do this. If you want to have a date with someone I could arrange some…”

But he was quickly cut off. Harry had come to a decision. The idea of the twins to bring the houses closer together had seemed rather foolish first. A stupid search for easter eggs surely couldn’t bridge the huge gap between Slytherin and Gryffindor. But then, he’d already learned more about Draco during the past half hour than he ever thought he would. He grabbed Draco’s hand.

“Shut it and suck it Malfoy. Looks like you’re stuck with me for the next 24 hours.”

It wasn’t as bad as Draco initially thought it would be. It was much much worse. “No Potter. Just no. I am not okay with this. I will not be seen with you if you keep wearing that.”

Draco sounded properly horrified, but that just made Harry more determined to keep wearing his Weasley sweater. It was the only item he owned that had a zipper on the side so he could put it on without letting go of Draco’s hand. Mrs. Weasley had made it for him so he’d have an easier time changing when he injured himself during quidditch.

Now that all the eggs had been found the twins had called everyone to the three broomsticks to announce the winners. Draco had insisted they’d change outfits first but he was starting to regret that decision more and more with every passing minute.

He’d had no problem with putting on something different since the hand-holding didn’t obstruct magically changing clothes, but Harry didn’t know how to do that and Draco knew better than to step in and help. The one time he tried that it had gone terribly askew and the image of a half-naked Vincent Crabbe still haunted his nightmares sometimes.

“Why not? It’s either this or a house elf style tea towel.” The smug smile Harry got from annoying Draco would probably be the death of him.

“Oh my god, Potter. I will literally kill myself if you’re going to wear a fucking tea towel.”

“Really? You don’t think I could pull it off? I thought it would accentuate my hips perfectly.”

Draco face palmed himself. “Kill me. Just fucking kill me now. I’m forced to hold hands with with Harry fucking Potter who thinks he looks sexy in a tea towel. And here I was thinking my life couldn’t get any worse.”

“At least you don’t have to spent the entire evening with hair hanging in your face. I can’t put mine in a bun with one hand.” And Harry made a failed attempt to blow his long hair out of his face to prove his point.

“Yeah, right. You have it much worse than me. As always” Draco rolled his eyes. Harry snorted.

“Okay. That’s it. Dress in a fucking potato sack? Fine. Complain about your riddikulus hair? Go ahead. But I am not getting laughed at.” Before Harry could apologize or call Draco a drama queen he was violently shoved face first against the wall of his dormitory.

“What the…?”

“Shut it, Potter.” Draco twisted Harry’s arm behind his back and in one smooth movement grabbed all of Harry’s hair in his free hand. With a whispered wandless spell a magical ring appeared to tie it all together. As a petty revenge Draco pulled it much tighter than necessary.

“So. Happy now?” He released Harry’s arm from its twisted position while continuing to hold hands.

“Sort of. It’s a bit too tight if I’m being hone… Ow!” Draco had pulled Harry’s hair again.

“You’re an absolute asrehole, you know that Potter?” Harry rubbed the back of his head.

“Nope. But you have until tomorrow afternoon to remind me.”

“Prick.” Draco sighed.

“Git.” Shot Harry back as he stuck out his tongue at him. It felt good to banter with each other over the tiny things. And when they walked hand-in-hand towards the three broomsticks Harry saw Draco smile a bit from the corner of his eyes.

It might not be a perfect solution to all of their problems, but at least Draco could have some proper fun bitching to Harry the entire night, and Harry discovered he found that worth much more than a too tight ponytail or a sore shoulder.

I personally think this one is the funniest of the three, but that’s probably just my weird sense of humour.

And this isn’t the last part yet! Just the last part of today. I will still write something about the winners announcement at the three broomsticks, including a whole new ship…

The Gentle Ogre.

Deep in the Haunted Forest,
where the sun doth never shine,
there dwells an Ogre so modest,
that on us he n’er would dine.

When he hears us humans talking,
he runs and hides away,
and he’ll watch as we go walking,
then he’ll come out to play.

He plays with all the spooks and ghosts,
the Nymphs and Fairies of the woodland’s green;
and hide and seek, he loves the most,
for he’s very good at not being seen.

This Gentle Ogre, he lives alone,
but he’s never down or feeling sad;
the woods, the forests, are his home,
and he’s n’er been seen to do some bad.

So if in the woods, you do go rambling;
and you hear some noise among the tree’s;
have no fear, t’is the Ogre a shambling;
a playing in the spring time breeze.
Ambrose Harte
Scattered Thoughts

Away with the Faeries

Optional Bias

genre: fantasy

type: soft fluff

word count: 2k+

It was refreshing, the feeling of the blades of healthy green grass, and the gentle give of moss beneath your bare feet. It felt like spring and it made you smile.

You were surrounded by trees, only the music of nature to accompany you as you walked through the forest. For once, you had no worries, nowhere to be, you could just dawdle and enjoy the sunshine.

Though you were unsure of how long you had been walking, you didn’t care. You had no way to tell the time and it was freeing. Ears focused on the trickling sound nearby, you decided you would quite enjoy dipping your feet in the brook.

Sitting down on a flattened boulder on the bank, you let your feet settle in the water, the coolness made you tilt your head back in sweet satisfaction.

Seconds, maybe minutes passed before you felt something firm, but gentle in its touch brush against your feet. Jolting in surprise, you pulled your feet out of the water, examining them for any evidence of harm when you heard the musical sound of deeply amused laughter.

Your eyes darted around, feeling and knowing you weren’t alone. Intuition told you that you weren’t in danger but you could also feel that you were being watched.

“I know you’re there.. Come out, I won’t bite..” You call out, finding your voice over the peaceful sound of the water flowing. You were unsure whether they heard you but then you saw a figure appear on the opposite side of the brook, seemingly out of nowhere.

It was a young man, he looked your age, maybe a little older. He was barefoot, like you, but he looked different. He was quite beautiful. His skin was a paler shade compared to your own warm tone, it seemed to glisten as if it was wet, you thought for a moment that he had been swimming but his clothes were dry as bone.

He wore a loose pale blue long sleeved shirt and black shorts that stopped before his knees. His eyes were what really stunned you though, they were a misty grey colour, gleaming like nothing you’d ever seen.

“Hi… Did you..” You trailed off, realising how it may sound. After all, it didn’t seem possible for him to have touched your foot in such shallow water without you noticing, nor could he have moved from the water to the other side of the bank so quickly. You must have been imagining it.

“Touch your foot? Yes, but it doesn’t seem like you’re ticklish.” The boy said in a disappointed tone, though his eyes were twinkling with amusement. Even though on a level, you knew it was crazy, you went along with it like he was telling you the truth, and you couldn’t explain your own reasoning behind that.

“I’m not, what are you doing out here?” Curiously, you watched the boy, never taking your eyes off of him. Though there was distance between the pair of you, you swore you could see that his ears were pointed at the tip. A chuckle passed his lips and he smirked at you.

“I live here, and I could ask you the same thing.” He countered, moving to sit on the ground at the water’s edge, you noticed his feet dipping below the surface of the water. His answer only fueled your curiosity, you didn’t know that anyone lived out in this forest, you had thought it unlikely that anyone lived this deep in the wood.

“I was taking a walk.. You live here? I didn’t see any houses nearby.” He let out another chuckle, giving you a look as if you were something infinitely fascinating to him. His smile was charming, you could feel yourself being attracted to this beautiful being that you didn’t know a thing about.

“I don’t live in a house.. Well, not a house a human like you could see, anyway.” Those words are what stopped you in your thoughts and you know that you heard correctly but you wonder how it could possibly be real and you’re sure this boy is pulling your leg, figuratively speaking, maybe literally too. Swallowing, your voice sounds dubious as you choose your next words.

“A ‘human’ like me? What are you talking about?” Your curiosity got the better of you, and instead of casting his words off as nonsense like most people would, you wanted to know more, more about him.

“What? You don’t recognise a faerie when you see one?” He teased, leaning back on his hands as he watched your reaction with his own curiosity shining in his eyes, those same eyes you couldn’t find any sign of insincerity in.

“A.. faerie?” You questioned, thinking it sounded unbelievable as it left your mouth but you weren’t scared or wary of the creature in front of you. He observed you, expecting you to laugh in disbelief or curse him for lying.

“It sounds… ridiculous. So why do I believe it?” You mutter, mostly to yourself. You’ve read about faeries in storybooks designed for children, pure fantasies, but when you look at this young man you find it difficult to dispute it, your gut told you that he was telling the truth, beyond what any rationality tried to remind you. That really moved you.

“Why are you talking to me? Why can I see you?” You questioned suddenly, remembering there was a reason why no one believed in faeries. They were never seen, although the fact you were in the presence of one told you otherwise. Still, it’s not like they’re members of society, they must be hidden for a reason so why was one communicating with you?

He smiled, such a beautiful expression to decorate his charming features. It was so kind, warming a coldness inside of you that you didn’t know was there. A coldness that was more commonly described as loneliness.

“Because I want you to see me, something about you is different from other humans.” There was not one ounce of ill intent in his eyes as he told you this, and that alone had the power to make you feel as though your trust, in albeit a stranger, was well founded.

But of course it made you wonder, what was so different about you? Your own circumstances and experiences all vary as good times or bad times, and times in between, but that was the case with any other person you could meet. Yet the way his gaze had gradually changed from amusement and interest to what you could almost describe as admiration excited you.

“Different?” You prompted, wanting desperately to know more. What made you something of interest to him when he was in fact the most fascinating person that you had ever met?

His feet found ground and he suddenly stood up in the brook, although still close enough to the edge as the water level met just above his ankles. Hesitation flashed in his eyes as he saw you tense in reaction, although it wasn’t fear but rather surprise at his abrupt movement.

“May I cross to meet you over there?” He asked carefully, seemingly debating himself whether he should or not. You didn’t have a problem with it, he was showing you that he trusted you enough to come to you and that felt special.

You nodded wordlessly, allowing him to take his time as you stayed still in your spot. He seemed content with this and moved through the water with ease, and it didn’t escape your attention the way the water seemed to flow around him rather than against him. It was quite magical.

As he came closer you saw his ears really were pointed at the tip, although you didn’t question it now - of course they were. His skin was without flaw and everything about his aura seemed otherworldly. You shifted to one edge of the rock you sat on, allowing the space for him to sit next to you.

“You’re beautiful.” You heard those words escape your lips as he sat down, immediately feeling abashed at your candid remark. He stared at you, rather taken aback and you could see the tips of those ears turn pink.

“Me? I’m ordinary. You’re the beautiful one.” He declared suddenly, and it now was you who was turning a shade pinker. The way he said it so adamantly, looking into your eyes with such earnest stunned you. He was the mythological creature here, you were a dime a dozen.

“You’re anything but ordinary to me.. Can I touch your ears?” You asked, finding the way they warmed in colour at your compliments endearing. He watched you for a moment, unsure of your curiosity but trusting you nonetheless, he nodded silently, allowing you to touch him.

Gingerly, you reached up and slowly trailed your fingertips along the curve of his ear, not missing the way he watched your expression intently. You smiled as you ran your index finger over the pointed tip.

“So… pointy.” You murmured, lost in your own thoughts as you realised that this contact with him truly proved he wasn’t just a figment of your mind. Unaware of his amusement at your words, you didn’t even notice when he moved to touch you, snapping you out of your thoughts as he tucked a lock of your hair behind your ear. Your eyes met his as he smiled at you, glancing to your own ear.

“So… round.” He mimicked your intonation, making you blush. His hand moved through your hair, it felt nice but you became shy under his touch, you took his hand in both of yours, pulling it away from you and grabbing his attention, he worried that he had made you uncomfortable by touching you without permission.

“Hey, don’t tease me. It’s not like pointed ears are common where I live.” You complained halfheartedly, gaze drawn to your lap as you couldn’t meet his eyes. His heart softened at your reaction, it was cute to him the way you were nervous and he felt more at ease knowing that he wasn’t the only one feeling that way.

“I’m not teasing, your round ears really are a pretty feature of your humanity.” He insisted, having never been near a human before it was true that he found your every difference from his own kind to be a unique and wonderful thing.

You smiled at this, it was like you were both trying to win over who was more different when you were really both equally unique in each others’ eyes. You chuckled and leaned back on your hands.

“What’s so funny?” He asked, bashful at the idea that you could be laughing at him, but still his heart filled with warm feelings towards you when he heard your vibrant laughter, it seemed to make you glow in his eyes.

“This, I mean.. Who’d have thought I’d end up talking to a faerie when I set out this afternoon.” You state in wonder, the temperature was dropping towards the evening and it left goosebumps on the skin of your arms. He seemed unaffected and you knew you would have to leave soon but how could you ever?

There was so much more you wanted to know. The more you thought about this the harder it was to know you would have to part ways. Right now it seemed like you only had a glimpse of him, you wanted him to show you everything. But you didn’t want to tell him that when you didn’t even know how he felt.

“This is new for me too, I’ve never revealed myself to a human before. We’re not exactly allowed to make contact.” He seemed bitter while making that last comment and you felt for him, if you were told you weren’t allowed to talk to someone it would only make you want to do it more. Still, you couldn’t stop that question of ‘why me?’ from popping into your mind. You wanted it to be a special reason, maybe that was stupid but it made you feel butterflies.

“But you did with me. If you don’t mind me asking, why is that?” You gained the courage to ask, watching as something you couldn’t decipher flickered in the warmest grey eyes you could ever imagine. The warmth in such a cold colour visually stunned you, to the point that if you weren’t so present in this moment, you might have been awestruck.

“It’s hard to explain in a few words. But when I saw how innocent you looked when you put your feet in the brook and the way you seemed so at peace in that moment, I just knew that I could trust you and that you would never cause me harm.” He admitted after a moment of thought. If you were feeling butterflies before they must be hummingbirds by now.

How do you respond to that? That instinct that told you to trust him was felt both ways. It baffled you, something so rare you had to wonder what it all meant. Was this just you being so caught up in the moment that reason escaped you?

Ordinarily you would never give your trust so easily but there clearly wasn’t anything ordinary about this situation. Your silence as you thought so deeply seemed to affect him because he sighed, looking at you fervently.

“See, I told you.. It’s so difficult to put feelings into words, there are not enough of them to describe how I feel around you.” There was something innocently romantic about the way he said that, without pretense and it was adorable how he obviously didn’t know how sweet those words could sound in your ears.

“I think you said enough for me to understand, and realise that I feel the same way.” You smile mirrored his as he listened to you reciprocating his feelings, it was so boyish and clean that it made your heart feel lighter.

The sun was getting lower in the sky and it was a walk to get home, despite your unwillingness you knew you had to go. It left you feeling disappointed, but an idea came to you. Hoping he wouldn’t say no, you decided to ask.  

“Will you be here tomorrow?” The question sounded casual but you didn’t feel that way, you were nervous. It was silly but it felt like you were asking someone on a date. It was that kind of feeling, you didn’t want to be rejected.

“Sure, I can be.” He nodded, making you feel like your nervousness was for nothing. You know he is as curious about you as you are about him. A childish excitement rushed through you as you began to get up, him following your movements to stand as well.

“I have to go now, but I can meet you back here the same time tomorrow.” You propose, watching as his eyes light up at the thought. He nodded immediately, smile growing on his face.

“Yes! I mean, yes, I would like that.” Hearing his enthusiasm made you want tomorrow to come quickly. The sooner you left the sooner you could come back. Your mentality was like this when you had something to wait for.

“Okay. Tomorrow then.” You promised, smiling as you stepped away from him. Your bodies were inclined towards each other as if they didn’t want to part, you’d never felt such a way before and you couldn’t understand it, but you wanted to embrace these feelings.

“Tomorrow.” He agreed earnestly. As you walked away a wave of the unknown and something new washed over you, the magic of the moment was fading and you realised how crazy this all was but you didn’t care. You had to know more. You had to know him.

A/N: I had someone in mind while writing this but I decided to keep it as optional bias, I think it’s fun to be able to read about a smile and picture that smile of your bias in your head. I tried to keep details such as looks as vague as I could so that you could imagine easier. Anyway, it feels good to be writing again and this was something I worked on for a while. I hope someone reads it and enjoys it. Just to think of people liking something I wrote makes me feel warm inside. <3

I finished it!!! Please tell me what you guys think!

*Story contains nonfatal vore* 

The Flower

        Nettie stared at the flower, wide eyed in both disbelief and admiration. It was a beautiful specimen, petals a dusty gold lined with a pastel pink. It looked like a star, she thought, what they must look like up close. After that first moment of wonder however, the realization of what the flower meant hit her like a cement wall. She was to die today. Her breaths began to come short and fast, as the events of the incident unfolded again in her mind.


        Night was beginning to creep up on Nettie as she wandered through the wood. She should have known better than to come exploring in the forest this late in the day; now she was hopelessly lost. Eyes wide and uncertain, she continued searching, hoping to find a way out. To her dismay, all she found was a tree she was sure she had passed several times before. With a groan of frustration, she threw herself down at its roots, the uneasy feeling in her chest beginning to grow. These woods weren’t safe at night for small humans like her. Her warm, auburn hair, closely cropped at her shoulders, and face full of freckles didn’t help with blending in.

        “Lost little mouse?” A voice behind her hissed. “It’s awfully late for a little snack like you to be out…alone.”

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Blood Stain

Ivar x Reader
Suggesting of animal slaughter / Smut / Blood
so yeah i saw someone asking about blood and ivar … i know its been done but here is my take XD I will probably do another one of these if interested so if you want to be tagged just let me know :) 
@ivars-heathen-army @ivartheboneme @heathensisterwives

Set on the outskirts of your home, in one of the hunting hunts near the forest.

You found it easy to lose yourself out here and had never had an issue with being sent out for hunting this time of year. You could spend hours sitting alone waiting for deer to walk out into view, sometimes you would watch them pull on the fresh spring shoots finding yourself smiling at the way their ears would twitch and their heads spin around to check for safety before settling into their meals. If they only knew that just down wide often sat their end in the form of you and your bow.

the last few weeks had been good and you had managed to attain several carcasses alone, before dragging them back to the hut for draining and skinning. Slicing through the thin flesh of their neck and allowing the blood to drain. The blood would poor at first before slowing to a drip onto the tilted stone slab that funnelled down into a large tub at the far end to be used for dyes and bear bait traps.

You had become accustomed to the smell over the years, the thick sickly sweet burst of fresh blood changing into a rusted metallic tang as it aged and darkened. It was always heavy in the air and on your flesh, it would dry and set into your hair from when you had run your hands through it to clear it from your face.

It had been around a week since you had returned to camp, it had been nice to revel in your own company, the silence of the wilderness. The only sounds coming from your hands as they churned cloth and hide into the basin, the congealed blood immersing leather and cloth with a slap. The repetitive swish and slap of the thickened blood, mixed with the soft leather hide felt oddly relaxing to you. But today something else creeped into its melody, you turned towards the door grabbing your skinning knife into your blood-soaked hands, raising slightly off up of your knees. The smell of the blood could often draw predators by the hut, big ones, but this sound that alerted you it was not loud enough to be a bear. It mimicked the sounds of the carcasses as you dragged them from the forest, intertwined with thuds and the clinking of metal.

Silence fell for a moment and you found yourself leaning towards the door way, as skittish and nervous as those hanging behind you had acted. The door abruptly swung open, startling you and causing you to drop back against the basin. The cold blood crashing over you as it flipped and fell sprawling the pelts across the floor. You clamber and slip unable to stand as you try to make it back onto your feet, your knife still firmly placed in your hand.

A low yet warm laugh fills the room as the mysterious noise is made clear. “Hello Y/N” Ivar manages to slip out before his gently chuckle returned. You let out a sigh of relief to see a familiar face at the door. You calmed yourself before standing, “you nearly scared me half to death Ivar, is there something I can help you with?” you ask softly enquiring to his visit, but Ivar does not answer. His eyes have fallen from yours his lips parted as his eyes follow the lines of your body that your thin blood soaked dress clung to. Stuck to your breasts and hips, the fabric clasped around your leg and between your thighs and Ivar could not tear his eyes from you. Your breathing hiked at the silence, your fingers fiddling with the knife handle in your hand, “What were you planning on doing with that?” Ivar asks as the movement broke his attention, his eyes paused on your blade, “oh, nothing, it was just in case, um…” your words leave a stuttered mess as you release the blade to the floor, “I have made such a mess” your voice was so flustered as you dropped to your knees, grabbing  the sodden pelts on the floor. The corner of Ivars lip curled, as he crawled his way over to you, “let me help you” he offered but you reject his offer abruptly “No Ivar, you will get the blood all over you too , I will be fine” but as your eyes dart up Ivar has already made his way to your side through the pooled blood his thumb running over his soaked palm. “Where have you been Y/N? I have not seen you for a while.” his voice was low  and heavy as he looked over the blood. You gesture towards the dripping deer carcasses, “its breeding season” Ivar tilting his head in agreement, a smile creeping onto your lips before you have a chance to hide your enjoyment of being the recipient of a small sign of compassion barley given by Ivar.

His tongue rolls along his teeth, as if to taste his words before speaking them “Do you not get lonely?” he asked as he pulled himself closer to you “being up here.” You had never been this close to Ivar before, his pupils filled the majority of his crystal blue eyes as he moistened his lips with his tongue that you found your eyes fixated upon. A heat began to build in the pit of your stomach and you swallowed hard. In an attempt to distance yourself from him you slide back slightly “ um, not really, I mean its nice up here”  Ivar nods letting out an unconvinced “uhuh” as he closes the gap again. You try to reinstate the distance but the blood causes you hands to slip from under you, your elbows only just catching you from hitting against the floor. Ivars eyes look you up and down hungrily as he continues to stalk his way up your body, “so… is my company not welcomed?” his face only a breath away from yours, you can feel the heat of your core in contrast to the cold blood, the heat from his body looming over yours. His ravenous eyes pull you in as you raise your hand to his face, his cheek leaning into your touch before his tongue pushes into your palm as he sucks the blood from it, blood smearing along his face. Your thighs squeeze together tightly to try and dull the sensation, but it only intensifies causing your hips to rise into ivars. Your tongue wets your own lips before you move into his, the kiss was soft as his tongue searched for entrance into your mouth. Your lips part and your mouth is filled with that taste iron and salt, a weak moan leaving your body. Ivars kiss deepens at your moans and you allow your legs to wrap him, letting his erect member grind into your core. Your hands sliding under his shirt grabbing at his flesh, able to feel his heart beat through his chest.

Ivar lets out a growl as he breaks from the kiss, reaching for the knife you had dropped earlier. He slides the blade cold between your flesh and your dress, slicing through the fabric to reveal your bare skin to him. You grab at his shirt puling at his collar causing him to release a chuckle while pulling the shirt over his head. He admires your naked body beneath him his hands returning to you, smearing the blood across your heated skin as you hands slide up his chest and curl over his shoulders pulling him down to you.  His lips return to your flesh,, his kisses trailing down your chest engulfing your nipple into his mouth for a moment before trailing lower down onto your abdomen.
Ivars unwraps his bound hands throwing his braces to the side. His hands running from the back of your thigh grasping at your hips before pushing your legs further apart. His thumb tests between your folds, a smile forms against your skin as he is met by your wetness, “you want me” it was not a question, his fingers slide into the wet heat, a moan is all you could give in reply as his fingers slowly pulsed back and forth, creating a beckoning motion inside you as if pulling the pleasure out of you. His mouth falls lower on your body until his wide, hot tongue contacts your bud. His tongue swirling as he sucks lightly creating a pressure in the pit of your stomach. His fingers pause deep inside of you, rocking up and down as his tongue continues to work on your clit. Your breathing quickens as your back arches away from the floor, your hands grasping as his hair as your whimpered moans escape your lips. He restarts the back and for motion of his fingers exploring inside of you until he finds your spot. Sparks surge through your body causing your hips to jolt, his teeth grazing your clit from the sudden movement, your core clenching around his fingers. You try to call out his name but anything you try to say is incoherent. His actions quicken his fingers pushing against you, pulling your body into release as it runs like a flood over you. Ivar pulls his  fingers from you as your body writhes to only replace them with  his tongue as it delves into your entrance lapping up the taste from your weak and satisfied body.

Coming round from your euphoria you see Ivar lying next you on his back a smug smile adorning blood soaked face. “I hope you enjoyed my company Y/N” his hand reaching out to pull you into his chest. You purr into his neck, draping your arms over his chest, “yes Ivar….could you visit me more often?”  Ivars head falls to the side planting a kiss on your forehead “ I think I just might Y/N, I think I just migh.”

Worry is melting away to contentment. Today is sunny and warm, spring is coming, we went on a family walk, and I received my inspection back; my little Camry has passed with flying colors and I have an opportunity to possibly trade in for a gorgeously red Subaru. My brother comes out in a month or so and work is getting easier. Time passes and so do anxieties about the future. Now only if I can get a career/degree choice in order. Happy Friday loves! 🌲❄️💕


Adventures of Pacifist Milo: Bitterfrost Frontier

Completion: 100%
Renown Hearts: 4/4
Waypoints: 2/2
POIs: 13/13
Vistas: 5/5

Sometimes I fell like i’m repeating myself too much when I say a map is pretty, there are so many beautiful maps! And this one is among my favourite of the snowy maps, if only the forested area with the huge trees was bigger. I’d love a map that’s just one big forest to explore.

The renown hearts here were pretty straight forward. Breaking the dragon banners in the Svanir area filled up a surprising amount of the progress bar. The grawl renown heart was completed by breaking the corrupted ice crystals, and completing the event which involves collecting blocks of stone to rebuild the statue. While making a shrine would seem to be an option, it’s one that involves kicking chickens for feathers; and Milo would definitely refuse to do that. Chickens are friends!  And the baby griffons in the forest are so cute that I spent way too much time trying to line up a nice screenshot with one :3

There were two deaths while finishing up this map; one to those mushrooms around the hot springs, and one to the one-way trip into the Bitter Cold. All that healing and Milo is still squishy enough to be brought down by a bunch of walking mushrooms :( I may need to look at his build/gear again sometime.

Next map: Lake Doric!

[ Pacifist run post stuff ]

Daesung: “But why?”

PT. 1= Daesung scenario: Surprise Jagiya~

Short summary:

He finally came to see you. But it was not as nearly as wnderful as you thought it’d be…

Words count: 1,499


Finally another update from me. I have been really busy the past couple weeks and I was stressed about some things but nothing important. 

I’ve been struggling to write this for 4 months and there’s been a really nice message in my inbox I was hoping to answer asap but I just couldn’t answer it before writing this.

So thank you for waiting! 

Thank you for all of those who stay with me and read my reactions and scenarios!

Originally posted by jiyongs

After the dinner, you went to a walk in the park nearby. All that was important for you then was his closeness. Although you knew it won’t last as long as you wish to, you decided not to ruin the whole romantic atmosphere and be happy even if it is only for a couple days. 

You held hands and enjoyed the fresh night air rushing through your hair and feeling his warm hand, giving you the feeling how you felt when you were on your first date in a park in South Korea


“So do you want to go out more? I mean I had a lot of fun…” he mouthed out after a few minutes of silence. 

Dating was defiantly not his thing. Yet. Who’d know what will happen after this date? They might really fall in love.

“Yeah, sure, I had fun…” she nervous told him back.

 After that one date, she came home calm and happy and he came to his apartment and took a big breath and sighed. He was relieved. He was relieved you agreed to go out again.

 Everyone that knew him would’ve thought dates must be easy for him because he is so nice and friendly. But only he knew how hard was it to him. Going on a date. That sounds incredible. It sounds like you’ve achieved something in your life. The first step that might lead you to adulthood. But will it last? He questioned that every time he thought of her. When he was eating, when he was out with friends, when he was working. when he was watching TV…

 She was a distraction for him. Distraction for everything. That’s why he could never leave her. Even with an ocean or two between you, he had no wishes to end it with you. 


You wished the best for him. You also wanted to stay with him. Thinking back to that first date you went watching the spring cherry blossoms, it seems cliche but now watching you are walking through a cold dark forest somewhere near your home, you realised it must be something special for him. He came all the way to see you and you are about to ruin his trip here. 

You had no idea what to do but he noticed you were absent and were not listening to what he was talking nor see him staring at you. He was worried it might be wrong that he came here and immediately felt guilty. He hated that feeling and he had no desire to stay in the dark of what is happening.

“What is it? I can see it in your eyes… Tell me Jagiya ~”

Even in this moments, he knew how to cheer you up. He smiled at you and wanted to know what’s going on and you kindly smiled back at him and saw his beautiful brown eyes begging for the cruel truth.

“Dae… I know we’ve been through a lot…”

He heard of these words in the movies and dramas and it did not end well after that but he was ready to listen to the end. Not making any conclusions before knowing the whole truth

“… but I can’t go back with you…”

He felt confused at what that would mean. Why? Is it his fault? It might be. He had a plan for this weekend and it seemed it has gone in the wrong direction as he thought it would go. 

“But why?”

“I am gonna go to the University for at least another 2 years and I won’t be able to go there to visit you every time I have money and free time… I have a job and I am barely holding, financially looking. I know you are making a lot of money and I want that for you. With all that work you will do you will be happy. And then you will have to go and do your military service. Another 2 years we will not be able to see each other.”

The words you said hurt him more than you could imagine. But he still hoped you would wait and listen to him at the end too.

“… I truly love you Kang Daesung! I do! But life is getting in my way convincing me I can’t have you. I feel you are too good for me…”

Too good for her? Now he just couldn’t help but interrupt her.

“- Just stop, please. I beg you to stop. I came here. I am here. If I would be too good for you, would I’ve been here? Would I? I understand you are not stable financially but let me help you, please. I don’t want us to just disappear. I could never watch you walk away from me.”

“… but YOU can’t IMAGINE HOW MUCH I MISS YOU!” you screamed and left him without words.

 In that moment he was thinking whether to tell her he had missed her more or to listen how hard you’d been without him. This was going anywhere near his plan so he thought it was the best if he just listens what you have to say.  

“I am working and studying all day. Attending classes is an exhausting and then working until the evening every day. Beautiful, just the kind of day I was dreaming of my whole childhood. I was depressed, stressed, desperate and these moments you took for me, to text me, to call me, were the most happiness I got in this year…”

You broke down and started crying. He saw you crying sometimes back in Korea but he never thought you’d break down like that now. He hugged you and caressed you shoulder while shushing you. He wanted those heavy words to stop. He wanted all this to stop. 

It was early evening and it was the best to go back. While he was driving and the radio was on he couldn’t stop thinking about your words ’…too good for me…’ ’…but I can’t go back with you…’ and then he chose to leave his plan for a bit until you straighten everything up. 

When you came back you made a cup of tea and sat next to her on the couch. For some time you were just quietly sitting there thinking about what to say. You’ve never had a serious fight like this and it was shocking for both of you. He was thinking what he can do and for now, the best solution he saw was food. He ordered pizza and watched you stress about what just happened today. It was a lot to bare. He understood that and he respected that you wanted to think about everything. He, himself couldn’t think straight at that moment, so he thought he might just cheer up the mood.

“You know, despite all those words, we still have a cute house with a beautiful garden rented for the next 7 days so we might as well use the house for something good…” he tried to cheer you up a bit and it worked for a second but you looked away and stayed quiet.

 Until the pizza arrived you both stayed quiet. He was on his phone and you were thinking of what you will do and what should you do and how should you do it… Way too much stress for the vacation you were given. 

He paid for the pizza and you ate it together. You finally started talking to him but you avoided to talk about that fight you had earlier. You asked how everyone was doing in Korea and commented every of his member comeback until now. The mood was a lot better when you ate the pizza and drank a glass of wine together. 

He couldn’t watch you like that anymore. He had planned this for the end of the week but, he just couldn’t wait anymore. He had enough of the doubts and fights today.

It was 11.55 pm.

 He went to your bedroom and put on his white t-shirt and long black jacket with pockets. He knew it was the right time. He was so anxious and he just couldn’t wait any longer. 

“Y/N~ Come out with me~ I’ll show you something~” he called you to go out with him.
You were not in the mood for his sweet words but it seemed that the day is not over yet so why not see what will happen in those 2 minutes left.He lead you to the arch of bordo red roses. His heart was beating fast but yours was calm. He held your left hand.

“I know how bad you might think this day ended and I don’t know how are you feeling right now but I was keeping this inside me for some time now. I wanted to ask you something…” he kneeled in front of you

 "… Will you marry me?“

Blooming: An Elucien One-Shot

Setting: Summer Court, right around Chapter 35/36 in “A Court of War and Starlight,” my ACOTAR 3 fan fiction.

Summary: Elain and Lucien steal a moment alone together after Lucien returns to the Summer Court from his espionage in the Spring Court. 

Ship: Elucien

Rating: M

Word Count: 4,401

A/N: You do not have to read all of “A Court of War and Starlight” to understand this fic, only that Lucien and Elain are taking refuge in the Summer Court and Lucien has begun working as a agent for Feyre and Rhys to round up opposition to Hybern. This fan art by @meabhd helped inspire it (as well as my desire to write more Elucien fluff).

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A Time Traveler in Viking Court - Part 7/?

“What was that about?” Hvitserk called after you once you’d left Kyle, Ubbe, and Ivar out of earshot. 


“Didn’t seem like nothing.” 

You shot Hvitserk an annoyed look over you shoulder. “It was nothing.” 

After that, you both walked in relative silence as you wove through the trees. 

It was a beautiful end of spring afternoon; the birds were singing, sunlight beams lit up the forest through the thick foliage, and off in the distance the sound of a running river could be heard. You took one attentive look around and immediately dismissed the foul mood you’d been put in. 

Hvitserk noticed the awe in which you stared at your surroundings. He sped up a bit and continued to walk side by side with you. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” 

You only nodded. It’s like a whole new, magical world out here. 

“I love this time of year; the world seems so alive.” A dreamy tone oozed from his every word. 

You turned your head to look at Hvitserk, catching mostly his profile, and smiled. 

He isn’t so bad; I DID think he was gorgeous when I first saw him. So what if he’s a little clingy?

 Without warning, Hvitserk started running ahead of you. “First one there wins!” He shouted back to you through a fit of laughter. 

“First one where?” You yelled back but he didn’t answer. 

Seeing no other alternative, you hiked up your dress, held on tightly to the basket full of food, and ran after him. You were giggling the entire way. 

You clumsily jumped over roots, fallen trees, and even a few animal traps. Yet, no matter how fast you tried to run, you couldn’t catch up to the young viking. 

“I win!” Hvitserk called out with a lovely grin as he took a seat on some rocks by the river. 

You had left the forest a few yards behind and were now tiredly running across a small clearing towards the edge of the river. 

“You cheated.” You spoke through heavy breathes while clutching the side of your cramping abdomen. 

“I don’t cheat.” Hvitserk stood up, took the basket of food from you, and began to dig through it; he ripped off a piece of bread and began to chew it slowly. 

“Whatever.” You playfully rolled your eyes and sat down on the soft, green grass. “I bet I could beat you with a thirty second head start, too.”

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anonymous asked:

i'm dumb. all this time i thought ur user was the odore bunny and i was like wtf is odore???? then it hit me that it's fucking theodore. i'm so fucking embarrassed

Hey! No you’re not lmao, I thought no ones ever going to ask this, it actually is meant to be read like that. It can be read both ways, that’s why I love the name ! Mostly TCC users read it just as Theodore Bunny because of Ted, but you thought it a little differently!

What is Odore though? Well, let me tell you all a story…

Odores are told to be mythical creatures that live deep in dark forests. They appear as kind of like big looking shadow bunnies you know? I don’t know if any of yall have ever read of them, it’s quite interesting ! I found you a picture of old rock art to show you a little how they’re thought to look like:

So, what do Odores do? They do not exist just to look creepy, but they indeed are very scary. I will first add you guys a poem I found of them, and then explain it a little!

Don’t close your eyes,

Inside you stay, 

All the sleeping children,

Will be taken away,

You should have thought,

Oh child so poor,

Before destroying the peace,

Walking out of your door,

The monsters will find you,

You have no time to flee,

The Odores come to you,

Will turn you into a tree,

So, Odores come after children who dare to walk in their forest. Odores will come and take you when you are asleep and turn you into a tree, the child will stay alive forever as a part of their forest. They can speak, but only in whispers, but can’t move. I heard this story from my sister when I was just a little, she was a fan of all horror movies and such, she didn’t care that I was younger than her and it literally scared the shit out of me and I probably didn’t sleep for the next two weeks lmao.

 I actually have run into one once, that’s why I got so interested in them. So, let me tell you another, more personal story!! 

So, this happened around 5 years ago. I was at school and we had PE. I don’t know if you guys living in your warm America have that much skiing on your PE lessons, but well, we had skiing that day. I didn’t like skiing at all, I was very bad at it, always slower than the others and I was always the last one alone in the forest. Well, this time wasn’t any different from the others, but today I was a little faster and I was able to keep up with my teachers, coming some way after them, but better than usually. It was my first time ever skiing in that forest, because we had just recently moved, which made me even more anxious about it.

Well, I tried to follow the teachers the best I could, because I had no clue how to get out of the forest really. But, then all of sudden, the teachers skiied in to the forest, like literally, they just went right off the path and disappeared there. I was weirded out and scared, I started skiing lotta faster to keep up and find the way they went, but with no success. One of the teachers had worn a bright neon pink hat, but that was nowhere either, no matter how far in the forest I laid my eyes, there was no sign of life, there weren’t even any marks on the snow. I started panicking like hell, as you can expect, and then out of sudden, I saw one of those creatures. It disappeared as quickly as it appeared, probably mostly because I started crying and skiing away, but I never forgot what I saw. It was there, I swear.

Anyway, I just started skiing like hell and I shouted that is there anyone there and I was in complete panic because I couldnt find anyone and I saw a fucking cryptid and I didn’t know where to go. After sometime, anyhow, I found back to the path, and got safely back to the others. No one had heard my screams, which was really weird, I never went back to that forest, until last spring.

So, another story about that trip then?? Ok, so last spring I got home from school early and had forgotten to take my key in the morning. My parents or siblings weren’t home, so, I was fucked. I called my dad when he would be coming home, and he said it’s going to take him another hour, so I should find something to do. It was warm, so I decided to go on a walk. It was a BIG mistake. 

I went to the forest, this time, I didn’t stick with the path either. It’s a huge forest even though I live in pretty big neighborhood, as you can expect in Finland. So, I walked there some time, until I stumbled upon this huge unfinished looking tent built of actual, hugeass, pine trees. I took lots of pictures of it, and started observing it, it was all fun and super interesting, until I saw a little path to even a darker forest, guess fucking what; I saw the thing again. All of sudden I started hearing children shouting and crying, even though I was nowhere near any people, there were no one in the forest. 

Those were voices of little children, that I heard there, I, once again,freaked the fuck out, I didn’t know what to do and ran out of the forest as fast as I could. I stopped hearing the screams as soon as I found back to the path, but I never, ever, will step back into that haunted forest. 

This story was complete bullshit from start to finish. So, what I just wrote is not real, I just found it hilarious that you read it wrong, I’m so sorry that I always have to be so extra omg. But yea, don’t feel embarrassed lmaoo. 

Spring flowers blooming in the snow

Inktober, Day 8. Solavellan. @katalyna-rose

Word count: 660.

Inan sits on a bench in Skyhold’s courtyard, admiring the small patch of wild flowers that have found the resolve to burst through the snow – the very first sign of spring.

As majestic as Skyhold is, she’s hated its cold. Seasons come and go, and she appreciates winter during its time and place. But the mountains are nearly always covered in snow. What she wouldn’t give for the sight of green trees that weren’t evergreen. How she’s cursed the drafty windows of her room. How it’s saddened to her walk out the door to the same never-changing view of white.

She can’t express how happy she is at the sight of that little patch of flowers. How it makes her think of the forest and all it’s greenery. How it takes her back home with her friends and family, with the ever-crackling camp fire and the singing of halla. Her entire spirit is lifted by those tiny inch-tall flowers.

She doesn’t notice when Solas sits down next to her.

“Amazing,” he says as he slides an arm around her. “How something so small can give such comfort.”

“Not really,” she replies, leaning her head on his shoulder.

Life is built on perfect little moments like these.

Perhaps he understands what she means because they sit in silence for a time.

“What was the Legend Mark the Avvar gave you?” Solas asks. “First-Thaw?”

She laughs. “Don’t remind me.”

“I find it perfectly fitting. You did melt the ice at the temple. And you complain a terrible amount about snow.”

She gives him a playful shove. “You know perfectly well I like snow. I just don’t like it sticking around forever.”

“And wouldn’t you like to see it thaw?” he smirks.

“You’re taking this a bit literally, aren’t you?”

“What’s your favorite season?”

She’s caught off guard by the question. Her first thought is spring, but that isn’t true. The budding trees and flowers are delightful for a time, but they aren’t truly what she loves. What she loves is that patch of defiant flowers in the snow.

“This,” she tells him. “This is my favorite season. When everyday has been cold and hard, and something peeks forth to remind you there’s so much more life to come.”

Solas stands from the bench and bends down for one of the flowers.

She nearly cries out against the thought that he’d pick it, but she should have known better. Solas’ fingers curl under the flower’s delicate petals. He lifts them ever so slightly, just enough to tilt them toward her so she sees its full face against the snow.

“The first thaw,” he says. “It suits you.”

She marvels at him, awash in the morning light, the snow and stone around him with the flowers at his feet.

If the cold of the mountains ever bothered him, he’s never said. She’s seen the chill of ice magic on his hands enough to imagine it isn’t an inconvenience.

He’s not unlike winter. Even her first impression of him was cold and harsh. But given the time to understand him, she discovered more hiding and waiting underneath – not unlike how those flowers must have hidden and waited for so long in the cold ground.

There’s beauty in winter too; snow, ice, and sunlight turning everything to crystal and glass. And she sees that in him. In his blue-grey eyes. In the sharp angles of his face. In his unapologetic truths. In his kind-hearted yet hardened resolve.

She hadn’t thought about it until now, but in many ways he’s just like winter, though she doesn’t think she’ll ever tire of him.

“If I’m the coming of spring,” she says. “And you’re the winter mage, what does that make us?”

He blinks, and a slow smile spreads across his face, one that crinkles the corners of his eyes.

She takes his offered hand, and he pulls her into a deep kiss.

He never tells her his thoughts.

Technically, Inan and Solas could never have this conversation since in my canon she goes to the Frostbacks after defeating Corypheus, but if they did…