spring is cancelled

Idk it bothers me how maybe the “overreactions” of a /few/ not even the majority in my opinion has brought out the response that you can’t feel/are not allowed to feel bad/have negative feelings at all about this, like you can still feel disappointed on one small aspect of something, that doesn’t mean you’re dragging the rest of the group or putting down their efforts or saying the comeback is bad as a whole! You’re allowed to feel however you want as long as you’re respectful towards other people and the other members, which I feel like most people have been!

Like seasons, change can take a while to come about, often sooner, sometimes later. When the first flower doesn’t bloom on the spring equinox, spring isn’t cancelled and forgotten about. When the first leaf doesn’t change colours in the autumn, it doesn’t mean summer is here to stay. These things take time. Mother Nature doesn’t just give up hope, she tries until her buds are in full bloom and her leaves are so magnificent, that people travel the world to see them. Believe in yourself, even when you feel you’re trapped under snow or buried in the sand, and know that your change will come if you just give it time. You can and will shine just as brightly as Mother Nature, because you are made with love from the very Earth itself. ♡

holsombits graduation ft Lardo
  • don’t talk to me about how the three of them cried every day leading up to graduation when someone mentioned it
  • don’t talk to me about how Holster and Rans sat with Bitty every time he was in the kitchen just to watch him bake since they wouldnt be able to anymore
  • don’t talk to me about how Ransom got them all matching friendship things: Bitty got a ring, Holster got a bracelet, and he has a necklace with Got Your Back on engraved on all of them
  • don’t talk to me about how Rans and Bitty didn’t ever object when Holster suggested binging TV shows they immediately agreed
  • don’t talk to me about how Holster and Bitty went golfing with Rans because they never did before but now they go all the time
  • don’t talk to me about how they all sleep together in a pile on the living room floor with Lardo 
  • don’t talk to me about how the only thing Bitty bakes is each of their favorites for weeks
  • don’t talk to me about how Holster just came and cuddled with Bitty one night and they cried silently
  • don’t talk to me about how Rans burst into tears when he and Bitty were squatting
  • don’t talk to me about how Lardo was crying when Bitty served her fave pie to her the morning of graduation
  • don’t talk to me how Lardo’s final was a painting of her and the SMH 
  • don’t talk to me how Lardo gave Bitty one of her fave paintings


*No but what do you think, how did them getting the cast for series 9 together go?*

Moffat: Any plans for spring?
Michelle Gomez: I-
Moffat: Cancelled. I need you as Missy.
Michelle Gomez [gives him the deadly flirtatious smile Missy is famous for]: It would be my pleasure, but the last time I looked I was dead.
Moffat: And the last time /I/ looked I was in charge of the show.
Moffat: Would you like to come back as Osgood?
Ingrid Oliver [dons costume before frowning her brow and staring through rimmed glasses into the distance]: But, wasn’t there something -
Moffat: Not any more.
Moffat: What would you say to another trip in the TARDIS?
Alex Kingston: I died. Twice. At least.
Moffat: Fancy one last death?
Alex Kingston: How?
Moffat: Spoilers.

Moffat: Listen.
Arthur Darvil: No.

Meanwhile Samuel Anderson looks intensely at a phone.