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tell me ur perfect day with ur fav football player

It’s a warm spring afternoon. Rafa invites me over to his place after training. He’s tired from training so I decide to cook him food. It doesn’t burn. He laughs. He hugs me from behind whilst I’m making him a plate. He eats. He loves it. Says it’s the best food he’s ever had. It’s a lie. He’s just tryna get in my panties. It works. We fuck. It’s good. I didn’t even have to fake it. I stay the night. I wake up to breakfast in bed. It’s not nice. He can’t cook. I smile anyway. He says he’s got a game tonight. He asks if I want to go and cheer him on. I say yes. But I don’t go. I watch from my own apartment. He scores. He scans the stands for me. I’m not there. He’s upset. I don’t care. I stole his wallet. I’m going shopping.

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What would you do if you'd have 24 hours with Hector?😏

It’s a warm spring afternoon. Hector invites me over to his house. He’s tired from training so I decide to cook him food. It burns. He laughs. He hugs me from behind whilst I’m trying to turn off the stove. It doesn’t work. He tries. He fails. It’s because he’s never cooked a day in his life. He says he has. He says that he’s got that “spanish sauce”. He hasn’t. It’s a lie. We decide to order pizza instead. I say I want pineapples. He’s disgusted. He kicks me out of the house. We didn’t even get to have sex. Tragic.

Sara: “So a field trip you said?”

Sara had been seeing Brodie for a couple of months now, starting to really like him. Today he invited her out to Windenburg and the last few days they had been to Willow creek and Oasis Springs. He had even invited her to go to Granite Falls, but she set her foot down there. She hated everything nature and loved everything city like. They never spent a date in San Myshuno though and she had begun thinking he avoided it.

Yuletide began at sundown tonight for many pagans, while the winter solstice occurs tomorrow night at 11:48 pm EST. Dress your house in holly, mistletoe, and ivy to remind yourself that life will soon return with the spring. Evergreen invites woodland spirits into the warmth of the home during the coldest and darkest part of the year. Lighting candles celebrates the transition of the waning sun into the waxing sun and the promise that spring (and the growing season) will come again. The Yule log is traditionally received as a gift and burned from sunset to sunrise the night of the solstice with a piece of the log from last year. Yuletide season can last anywhere from one night to twelve nights depending on the tradition specific to the culture and family. Modern pagans typically begin celebrations tonight but it used to be more centered on the winter solstice itself (tomorrow night) in older times. I usually observe the solstice season tonight, tomorrow night, and the night after that. That way my “religious” period is over before secular Christmas. I prefer to keep my sacred periods separate from secular periods. And secular Christmas is different than Christian Christmas. I don’t do that at all. It’s just not my religion but I do say Merry Christmas and help my Christian friends celebrate their sacred period! A lot of our traditions overlap. Why not support each other? Blessed Yuletide to you all. I’ll probably be scarce the next three nights.

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i'm going to a concert over spring break & i invited my guy friend versus my female friend bc my female friend doesn't have the same break as us. she does come home every weekend but i thought the concert was on a weekday when she had school but it's actually on a sunday so now i'm a bit paranoid that she'll be upset with me that i didn't invite her? i mean she knows i'm taking my guy friend but she thought it was on a school day too. tbh i didn't ask her first bc she doesn't listen to this (c)

Question continued: © artist & i know she’d just be complaining about it & i didn’t want to deal with that. but she’s the type of person who likes to be invited even if she’d say no. so idk if i should wait until after the concert & see if she’s even upset about me not taking her or text her beforehand like ‘oh btw you’re not mad at me…’? or am i just overthinking this lol it’s just in the past she’s been really insistent on not being excluded but i can’t include her in everything i do you know?

Jennie: It’s probably best to assume that she’s not mad at you, because you haven’t done anything wrong. If you start asking her if she’s mad at you when she’s just acting normally, then you’re giving the impression that you’ve done something she should be mad about. All you’ve done is invited a good friend to a concert, because you knew that he was available, and he actually listens to the artist. It doesn’t have to be a ‘guy friend vs. girl friend’ thing. Inviting one friend somewhere doesn’t mean that you like them more than the other friend.

Hopefully, she’s not going to be upset about that. But if it turns out that she is, then you should just be honest about it, and let her know that you invited your other friend first because you knew he had the same break as you and you thought it was on a weekday, and by the time you realised what day it was on you had already made a commitment to go with him. You’ve done nothing wrong. You don’t need to act like you have.

The people of Hope Springs are invited to participate and attend the annual Hope Springs’ Renaissance Faire!

About the Faire: 

The faire will take place in the town square and will run from April 2nd to April 9th. People will be able to dress in costumes, fill various roles, sell or buy food drink, and other handmade things that would have been available. No electronics (cell phones, tablets, computers etc) should be brought in to the faire. The faire will run from 8AM- 7PM each day.


People are invited to fill many roles! King, Queen, Knights (may be any gender), court physicians, court jester, peasants, servants to the King, servants to the Queen, and more! All roles are open to people of any role. All roles except for King and Queen may have more than one person in that role. Please send in your top two choices to the event blog. Look the part, talk the talk, go all out!  

King and Queen:

The King and Queen spots will only be filled by one person, and therefore that person should be available for a substantial amount of the time. The King and Queen slots will be filled by voting. If you wish to have one of these slots send a message in to the Hope Springs Event blog. You may promote yourself for King or Queen in any way that you wish. 


Purple belongs to the King and Queen. Do not wear it if you are not royalty. Black, red, vivid jewel-tone colors belong to the nobility and extremely wealthy. Earth tones belong to everyone, most especially peasants. Your fabrics should be natural, breathable fibers. No synthetics. No velvet or silk for anyone but royalty, nobility and the wealthy commoners.Jewelry, fur and feathers belong to the very rich. Hats finish off the costume. Wear them for sun protection and for authenticity. Leather belongs to the lower classes, except for outdoor-wear shoes and gloves. Those leather items may be worn by everyone.

Schedule of Events:

Sunday, March 26th- Saturday, April 1st - Sign up for roles in the faire

Thursday, March 30th and Friday, March 31st- voting for King and Queen

Saturday, April 1st- King and Queen announcement

The Faire will run from 8AM to 7PM each day!

Sunday, April 2nd
 8AM- Set up of faire and final preparations
12PM- Safety and Health discussion for those preforming
2PM- Opening of the faire- announcements by  the King and Queen.

Sunday, April 9th- Feast for those who participated in the faire in the Town Hall at 7PM.


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Happy poodle who was invited on Spring Break! She really enjoyed hanging out at the house and around the beach town. She was amazingly behaved also. I can’t believe she’s almost 15 months already! 

We went down to Florida and stayed in a beach house with seven of my law school friends. It was a really nice break and I’m feeling hella rejuvenated so now it’s time to get back to the grind. Trying to finish this semester strong. 

I’ve been asked a lot how I do law school and puppy raise and honestly I don’t think much about it. I just get it done. Wake up. Feed human and puppy. Potty break. Pack up and go to school. Class and study. Potty and water between breaks. Head home in evening. Read and play with puppy. Feed human and puppy. Rinse and repeat. 

Jonghyun/Taemin; Resourceful; PG

25 Day Spring Challenge: Day 23: In Season Food (aka jong goes on a not-so-voluntary baking kick) ((also look at these shity stickers i wasted three days making))

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This spring I invited a new friend and his friend over to my best friend and I’s dorm one night to watch a movie and eat. He sexually harrassed me after I told him no multiple times towards his attempted sexual advances and inappropriate touching. I decided to abruptly get up and leave the room without a word after him trying to force himself upon me, even when I was trying to sleep. I had to hide and sleep in my other friend’s dorm room (although I barely could). This is the last text message he sent me the morning after. I am still mentally recovering. Here’s a big fuck you.


For the 20th anniversary of Selena’s death, Muchacha Fanzine presents its 10th issue: “Celebrando Selena!”

This spring edition invites you to share how Selena has impacted your life! I am accepting stories, thoughts, art, photography, poetry, comics, essays, songs and more.

Please submit writing via email using microsoft word and simply attach images. In order to be published, all submissions must be sent to Daisy at riotgrrrl56@yahoo.com by no later than March 1st, 2015. In your submission you have the option of including a short bio/contact/website info. You can also remain anonymous. All of the contributors will receive free copies including domestic/international shipping. 

Para el 20 aniversario de la muerte de Selena, Muchacha Fanzine presenta su edición numero 10: “Celebrando Selena!”

Esta edición de primavera te invita a compartir cómo Selena ha tenido un impacto en tu vida! Estoy aceptando historias, pensamientos, arte, fotografía, poesía, cómics, ensayos, canciones y más!

Por favor envíe e-mail a través de microsoft y simplemente pega imágenes. Con el fin de ser publicadas, todas las propuestas deben enviarse a Daisy a riotgrrrl56@yahoo.com no más tarde que el primero de Marzo. En su contribución tienes la opción de incluir un pequeño bio/contacto/tu página. También puedes permanecer anónimo. Todos los contribuyentes recibirán copias gratis, incluyendo el transporte nacional y internacional.

List of International Competitions for 2016

21-24 January   USA LA Lights Tournament of Champions (Los Angeles, CA)
11-14 February  22nd Miss Valentine 2016 (Tartu, Estonia )
17-22 February  Grand Prix Moscow (Moscow (RUS))
19-21 February  ELEGANT CUP 2016 (Kalamata, Peloponessus, Greece )
26-28 February  World Cup Espoo  (Espoo (FIN))

12-13 March      17th International Tournament “Baltic Hoop 2016” (Riga, Latvia )  
17-20 March      International Tournament of Lisbon 2016 (Lisbon, Portugal  )
24-27 March      Grand Prix Thiais (Thiais (FRA))
01-03 April         World Cup Pesaro  (Pesaro (ITA))
22-24 April         Rio Final Gymnastics Qualifiers (TEST EVENT)
23-24 April         AGN CUP 2016 ( Maia, Portugal  )
28-1 May           14th Asian Championships 2016   (Astana, Kazakhstan )
29-1 May           2016 Salut Cup International (Toronto, CAN )

05-08 May        Grand Prix Brno (Brno (CZE))
13-15 May        Grand Prix Cluj (Cluj (ROU))
20-22 May        BSB Bank World Cup Minsk ( Minsk (BLR))
27-29 May        World Cup Sofia (Sofia (BUL))
03-05 June       World Cup Guadalajara  (Guadalajara (ESP))
13-19 June      32nd European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships (Holon (ISR) )
17-19 June      8th Asian Championships 2016  (Tashkent, Uzbekistan )
01-03 July       World Cup Berlin  (Berlin (GER))
08-10 July       World Cup Kazan  (Kazan (RUS))
22-24 July       World Cup Baku  (Baku (AZE))

05-21 August   Games of the XXXI Olympiad  (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil )