spring horse

okay so i’ve noticed this thing the spring awakening fandom does where they forget wendla bergmann is a strong female character in and of herself and only talk about her in relation to pirate queens or to make melchior look like a terrible person so here is a list of things that makes wendla a great character on her own: 

  • she believes we need to help others and actually goes out and does it through her church. 
  • she’s willing to stand up to her mother to defend herself and get what she wants. 
  • she asks for what she wants without being ashamed of it, and she pushes for it. 
  • she’s prepared and wants to raise a child she wasn’t even aware she could have, in a world that would disgrace her. 
  • she cares about her friends immensely, to the post that she even says to martha that she wishes she could take her father’s beatings for her. 
  • literally died because all she wanted to do was be loved (u can all fight me on this one)

anyway this is all i can think of off the top of my head but please feel free to send me more and remember to keep in mind wendla is a beautiful character who deserved better.