spring forward

Not sure why people are thinking Noctis and Luna are not forced when they definitely were. It proves the favs aren’t willing to criticize the story in fear of the game. Yes they were forced. Barely any interaction between the two except in flashbacks(not that many) and after her death

Problem being the fact that Luna was a plot device just to spring Noctis forward. Every line from her mouth was her utter about “my destiny” or “its my duty”

Then again the only decent romance was Garnet and Zidane.. Keyword DECENT

Good morning world!

Well, an extremely difficult semester is finally drawing to a close. I may post some photos of my projects/assignments, just so you can see what has kept me so occupied for so long.

I have a month before the spring semester, and look forward to everything I can do during this time. Including getting back Twilight and the rest!

Sorry for the absence. The final weeks of the semester are always difficult. The next two updates are in production. One is about a third to a half done, and the other is written, but not drawn. It’s a single panel one, though, so it shouldn’t take very long. One of them features all of the mane 6, and is more humorous. The other features an oft-unseen character in the context of the tumblr, and is a bit meta.

Anyway, you will see what I mean soon enough! But for now, I am back!


“Spring forward” today with the colorful landscapes of the Piedras Blancas Light Station Outstanding Natural Area!

The Piedras Blancas Light Station is a historic landmark on California’s central coast. Located on a windswept point of land along scenic Highway One, the Lighthouse was first illuminated in 1875.

The Light Station is named for the distinctive white rocks just offshore. These rocks, and the rugged shoreline, are home to seabirds, sea lions and elephant seals. Over 70 native plant species can be found on the 19 acres surrounding the Light Station.

The BLM manages the Piedras Blancas Light Station as a historic park and wildlife sanctuary. Tours of Piedras Blancas are offered year round, and feature cultural and natural history as well as spectacular scenery.