spring fever lowell ma

My spring fever experience.

I met the most amazing, kind and welcoming people at this concert. There were so many good vibes in the air in Lowell last night. We were all brought together for a common love of four incredible bands. YMAS opened up with a killer set that really got everyone going and was so worth seeing! Josh welcomed us to the tour and gave the line up for the rest of the evening. HE SANG LIKE THE FUCKING BRITISH ANGEL HE IS AND IF I WASNT ALREADY IN LOVE WITH HIM ENOUGH, I WAS BY THE END OF THEIR SET! FLAW-FUCKING-LESS. 

Mayday Parade came on next. Derek lacked his Jesus-like looks cause he shaved, but holy shit, it was middle school all over again. man did they go hard. They all looked so happy playing and singing. Middle and THIS CROWD WAS AMAZING OK. 6.6k . Biggest show on the tour so far and sold out. 

Pierce the Veil came up next and I probably pissed a bunch of people off by making my way up to be in front of Jaime. I was maybe 4-6 people away from him and I warned the ones around me that I might cry when he comes out. What didnt know was that I’d be sobbing the whole set. He came out and, like the rest of PTV, was wearing a Boston Strong shirt and I lost it. HE WAS RIGHT THERE! THE PERSON WHO SAVED MY LIFE WAS RIGHT THERE!  i broke down and didnt stop. there were crowd sufers from every direction. I got knocked down twice, almost passed out twice, glasses got ripped off and i got kicking in the head. Not to mention we (the whole fucking crowd) were being moshed left and right and i could barely move due to all the people. But, hey! That’s a concert, right?
But, honestly, I just couldnt take it. I had to get out of there. Still crying, I went to the back. The next song just so happened to be Hold on till May and I dropped to the ground. Literally, I’ve never cried so hard in my life. 

Then Amanda (http://shesacrazybitchh.tumblr.com/) came up and checked if I was okay. She was the sweetest person I could have met at the moment. She hugged me about a million times. The three of her friends were super chill and we hung out after the set (when I stopped crying lol) and it was great. They’re all so amazing and I’m so grateful for their existence.

After they had a smoke and I got some energy drinks in me, we went back in and I found maddy and teresa and we were right about in the middle of the floor for ATL. THERAPY MADE ME SOB OKAY AND I DIDNT THINK I HAD TEARS LEFT. The bands gave us their all and we gave it right back. 

To all those at my concert last night, I hope you had an amazing time. If I met you, thanks for being great. If I didnt, I’m sorry and I hope you enjoyed the Spring fever tour. If you got hurt, I’m sorry and if you were one of the crowd surfers I dropped, whoops. That’s why I dont bench press people.

Thanks to YMAS, MAYDAY, ATL AND PTV for the best night so far and for keeping me alive.