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anonymous asked:

You know your 'Summer Traveling Essentials' post? What would you suggest for traveling during the other seasons?

anon, i love you so much for this ask. so, so much. just picture that one happy tennant gif and know that’s the face i made upon reading this.

spring travel essentials:

  • hardcover copy of The Secret Garden
  • vanilla or lilac perfume
  • long silk scarf
  • several pairs of sandals (to be kicked off for barefoot adventures)
  • earl grey tea sachets
  • rose lip balm
  • picnic basket, just in case
  • bottle of St. Germaine

fall travel essentials:

  • snuggly blanket scarf 
  • tin of Van Houten cocoa powder
  • knee high boots
  • jar of cinnamon sticks
  • ceramic travel mug (for cocoa & handwarming)
  • bonfire-scented candle
  • dark plum lipstick
  • bottle of honeyed whiskey

winter travel essentials:

  • cashmere gloves
  • box of small ornaments
  • at least 10 sweaters
  • assorted candy canes
  • smartly tailored coat
  • 2 bottles champagne & coupe glasses (1 reserved for New Years)
  • jewel-tone flannel pajamas
  • honey scented hand cream

I hope you all had a delightful first day of spring!! 🌻 I did a special little planting ritual yesterday for the equinox, read tarot, meditated, practiced yoga, cleansed and such ─ I also had the most magical wildflower bath with sea salt and essential oils 🌸🐚✨


Today it was a shopping day, I been saving money to get all this, and I’m really happy about it,

Some of the stuff are going to be on the giveaway that I’m saving, like the pens and washi tape and stickers, probably one of the lipsticks and shirts, I’m really testing stuff to put it on the giveaway

So please tell me if you like anything from here

By the way if you want to know about something just ask me, I love to answer you

Short: A Case of Spring Fever

MST3K featured a number of movies, such as The Starfighters and last week’s Squirm, that were simply not memorable.  They also did a number of movies and shorts that were deeply memorable, but for all the wrongest possible reasons.  Mr. B Natural was one of those, and A Case of Spring Fever is another.  Both were intended to be whimsical and each, in its own way, ended up being fucking terrifying instead.

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