spring college tour

STORY TIME! Okay, so a couple nights ago, I was at Gate C at work. I wasn’t feeling well, we’d been force extended, and I was exhausted. Keep in mind, we weren’t busy at all, so the force extension seemed pointless. As I was running the cabin, this family kept coming through with these kids who, first off, are adorable. Every time they’d come through, at least one of them would come up to me and saw “Hey… (whispering) Star Tours is my favorite ride,” and we’d talk for a little bit about the Rebel Spy and droids and such. They started talking to my friend Alyssia as they were exiting, and I was like “this family is adorable, right?” and she was like “YES THEY ARE.” So, the third time they were on my flight, I told Alyssia as I was starting the ride so she could be ready for them when they exited. When they came off the ride, she told them that there was a Secret Mission waiting for them. She brought them back around to me, and we explained that for their Secret Mission, they’d get the whole cabin to themselves. Alyssia and I both got them pumped for their Private Flight, and the kids were freaking out and the parents were eating it up and they all just loved it. Everyone was all smiles and it was magical to say the least! When they got off the right, Alyssia presented them with a note from Yoda and special cards that declared that they were First-Class Rebel Spies! The kids were so excited, and the parents were so thankful! “You are making their vacation!” the mom said over and over.

SO TONIGHT (yes, the story’s not over), I was at Gate D. Once again, we weren’t very busy. I see this family come up to Boarding, and I see the boy say “There he is!! Hi!!!”, and I freaked out! “OH MY GOSH, YOU’RE BACK!” I immediately had Stephen, the Boarding Agent, send them over to my Gate. I chatted with them for awhile! They were so excited to see me, and I was freaking out about seeing them as much as they were about seeing me! Haha. I gave them another Private Flight, and basically turned to all of my coworkers smiling and being like “THE FAMILY THAT I LOVE IS HERE”. :P I called Alyssia, and she immediately booked it to the exit hallway. She brought them back around, and we all talked while they waited for another Private Flight. The kids were just so excited about everything and the parents were so nice and lovely and wonderful, and making magic for them was just so worth every second. This Instagram photo is my proudest momento of my College Program. I have done all four parks in one day, I’ve worked 15-hour shifts, and gotten more Four Keys cards than I can count, but making this family’s vacation is what I’m taking away with me in 17 days.

The mom told me tonight that they’re gonna be at Disney for a few more days, and they’ll definitely be back at Star Tours. Who knows? Alyssia and I may have a little more pixie dust up our sleeves. :)


Spring 2017 Worn Wear College Tour!

Folks, we’re hitting the road and traveling to colleges around the country to repair clothing for free and teach folks how to fix their own clothes. In an effort to repair more than just clothes, for this tour we’ve teamed up with the Post Landfill Action Network to create conversation and action towards a world with less waste. There will be some fun talks along the way from our own Rick Ridgeway, Vincent Stanley and many others.

The Patagonia Worn Wear repair team can fix about 40 garments per day (sorry, no repairs on luggage or shoes). All repairs are made on a first come, first served basis. One repair per guest. We fix all brands!

Tour stops

Click on each stop for details:

Thur 2/16  Feb. 16  10am-5pm  College of Charleston  Charleston, SC

Tue 2/21  Feb. 21  10am-5pm  University of Georgia  Athens, GA  

Thur 2/23  Feb. 23  11am-6pm  Clemson University  Clemson, SC     

Mon. 2/27  Feb. 27  10am-5pm  Warren Wilson College  Swannanoa, NC

Wed 3/1  Mar. 1  9am-3pm  American University  Washington DC 

Fri 3/3  Mar. 3  10am-5pm  Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)  New York, NY  

Mon. 3/6  Mar. 6  11am-6pm  Yale University  New Haven, CT  

Wed 3/8  Mar. 8  10am-5pm   Mass Amherst  Amherst, MA 

Fri. 3/10  Mar. 10  10am-5pm  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)   Cambridge, MA       

Tues 3/21  Mar. 21  9am-5pm  University of New Hampshire  Durham, NH  

Thurs. 3/23  Mar. 23  11am-6pm  University of Vermont  Burlington, VT  

Mon. 3/27  Mar. 7  10am-5pm  Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)   Rochester, NY  

Wed. 3/29  Mar. 29  12pm-7pm  Ohio University  Athens, OH 

Fri 3/31  Mar. 31  10am-4pm  Michigan State University  East Lansing, MI  

Wed 4/5  Apr. 5  10am-4pm  University of Minnesota  Minneapolis, MN

Mon. 4/10  Apr. 10  10am-5pm  University of Colorado: Colorado Springs  Colorado Springs, CO  

Wed. 4/12  Apr. 12  10am-5pm  Utah State University  Logan, UT  

Tues. 4/18  Apr. 18  10am-5pm  University of Oregon   Eugene, OR 

Fri. 4/21  Apr. 21  10am-5pm  UC Berkeley  Berkeley, CA 

Tue. 4/25  Apr. 25  10am-5pm  Cal Poly SLO  San Luis Obispo, CA

Wed. 4/26  Apr. 26  11am-5pm  UC Santa Barbara  Santa Barbara, CA 


//January 8th, 2013: twenty one pilots releases their first Fueled by Ramen full-length album, Vessel.

(YAAAY! Mom just confirmed to me, gonna have a campus tour of Ringling during my spring break! First college tour at a place I’m actually really interested in! C: )