Before and after of my shoes!

I didn’t time it (but the baby’s still asleep, and that’s what’s important).

I put my heels in a box and swapped out my summer and winter clothes. Put all my summer clothes away where they go. Winter stuff is boxed up. Also put away a bin of laundry.

I did keep out a few pairs of low, comfy heels so that if my feet start feeling better I can maaaaaaybe experiment with those. But since it’ll likely be at leas several more weeks… there was no reason to keep them out, taunting me.

A bedroom that is clean and clutter-free is often something that leads to other areas of your life becoming just as clean and free of clutter. As someone who often struggles with this myself, this is a list of ways to keep your bedroom looking like it was just cleaned.

  •  Make your bed as soon as you get out of it.  

I know this seems pretty stupid, but making your bed is a fast and simple way to make your entire room look cleaner. Wake up five minutes earlier if you have to, but making your bed sets a productive tone for the day and let’s be real, getting into a freshly made bed is so satisfying. 

  • Take care of dust as soon as you see it.

This is one that seems obvious, but you know you’re guilty of looking at collecting dust and thinking, Wow, I should take care of that soon. The next time you see some starting to arrive just take a sock and wipe it up. You can throw the sock right in the laundry and be through with it.

  • Make sure ‘the chair’ is cleared off.

You know the chair. I know you know the chair, because I know the chair. Everyone knows the chair. Piled up laundry and crumpled up homework litter it, and you might not eve remember the way it looks under all of it. Clean the chair off, do the laundry, throw out the homework, and put a cute lil pillow on it.

  • Clean the windowsill.

This one seems trivial, I know. But bare with me. Take down the curtains and wash them. While they’re on the spin cycle, vacuum the blinds and clean your windows. Then de-clutter the windowsill itself. Now it won’t look so gross when you try to open up for a little natural light. 

  • Stop stockpiling dishes.

This one might just be me, but I often find my room littered with empty tea mugs and bowls. Usually I’m collecting them on my bedside table. Instead of holding onto it, bring them to the kitchen as soon as you’re finished and you’ll find that it looks a lot neater. Also, don’t just leave them in the sink. Wash them now and get it over and done with.

Lastly, you have to be proactive. Instead of looking at the candy wrapper on your desk and thinking, Oh I’ll get it later, get it now. Don’t put it off. Personally, I clean my room every Sunday after any friends have gone home and I’m about to start a new week. Nothing in your routine will change unless you keep on top of it. 

✨ Broom Spell! ✨

It’s Spring! Which means many of us many feel inclined to clean around our homes, which is a great time to clear any negative energy and cast spells! If you plan on sweeping I suggest saying these quick words to banish negativity!

🌟“As I sweep, sweep the ground All negativity shall now be bound I banish from here all that is profane Only good and blessings shall remain! So mote it be!” 🌟

I hope you all had a blessed Ostara, and that you find light, happiness, growth and opportunity in the New Spring! Blessed be!

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If I only had hot air balloon
I’d sail across the land…..

If I only had a loyal platoon
Lending a helping hand…..

If I only had sense to stop this tune
I’d finish what I’ve planned.

Break over,
Back to spring cleaning.
(But I’d still like help)

12/27 ▪ I’m back! Getting ready for 2017 by whipping my desk into shape. A new year brings with it opportunities for new beginnings and habits. May 2017 be the year I finally keep my desk organized!

Spring Cleaning is great for a number of reasons: it declutters your space, makes you feel organised and clean, and it makes you feel overall better. This post is basically my spring cleaning routine which I do probably every two months or so. I obviously clean in between that and do some of these things more often but this is my routine for when I want a deep and really good de-clutter and clean.

1. Put on some good tunes. On my Spotify, I will either put on one of the ready-made playlists or my own ones and put my phone somewhere that I won’t be tempted to look at it every five minutes. Upbeat, fun music makes cleaning seem less tedious and also allows you to dance about a bit while you work. IF anyone would like a link to some of my favourite playlists for cleaning, please tell me and I’ll be happy to recommend some!

2. Strip your sheets off of your bed. I recommend doing this and, personally, I leave the sheets off of it until I’m finished cleaning because then, if it gets messy during my clean, it doesn’t matter because it’s not the clean sheets that are getting messy. Plus, if you really want to use the same sheets as before, this gives you time to wash them and dry them before you’ve finished cleaning. However, I recommend putting on different sheets just for something different.

3. Decide on piles. This step is really only for the first time you do this as you get to know your piles. The piles are going to be where you put your stuff based off of where it is going. For example, I always have a pile for ‘stuff to keep’, ‘washing’ ‘charity’, ‘store in the attic’, ‘throw out’ and ‘other rooms’. You can have as many or as few piles as you like,; it depends on what you need and what works for you.

4. Empty your wardrobe and put everything into its respective pile. Decide whether you want to keep that top or whether you’ll give it to charity. You don’t have to start with your wardrobe. I just find that this is usually the messiest place in my room so it’s easiest to start with. 

5. Dust/clean your wardrobe. Take a cloth and some spray and clean your wardrobe thoroughly. We don’t realise how much dust and dirt accumulates and you will be happy for the clean when it comes to putting your clothes back in.

6. Take the stuff in your ‘keep’ pile that belongs in your wardrobe and put it back. Don’t, however, just shove it back in. Organise it. For example, I like to sort my wardrobe by where I would wear it and the type of clothes it is. So, I have school stuff on the right - and they are divided by skirts, shirts, jumpers and blazers - then my dancing stuff, then work stuff, and normal clothes. You can also sort your clothes by the colour or type or any other system you come up with.

6. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 for your other places in your room. Cabinets, tables, bookcases, desks. Clear them all out and stick everything into piles, clean/dust them (including drawers) and put everything back in an organised fashion. 

7. If you have any bags/purses lying around, empty them. I am terrible for leaving things lying in my bags and then never knowing where they are. Clear out your bags and put anything you need in their proper place so you know where it is. It also helps to put away any bags that are just cluttering your space.

8. Move/get rid of your other piles. Put your ‘throw out’ pile in a trash bag and into the bin. Put your ‘store in the attic’ stuff in the attic (in a bag so it doesn’t get musty). Get rid of any other piles that you have lying around.

9. Clean any windows/mirrors. Get some windolene and a cloth and make sure they are sparkling.

10. Hoover. Do a really deep hoover and move any furniture you can to cover as much floor space as possible.

11. Make your bed. Put clean/fresh sheets on your bed and spray it with some Febreze. Make it look pretty and inviting. And try to resist the urge to jump into it straight away.

12. Relax. Relax in your clean and de-cluttered room. Does it not feel so much better now?

|| day twelve of the 30 day summer study challenge ||
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Spring Cleaning

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