spring break...here to party

orchidgongju  asked:

Hello ! I need help finding which episodes arin says the "winner school" bit and also the "I spent it all on gambling" bit. I know it's imagine party babies and dead or alive but I can't remember the specific episodes or moments.

Here - Imagine Party Babyz: Spring Break - PART 1 at 10:08

And here - Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune: Cashing Out - PART 3 at 15:05!

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan - Buzzkill

“You’re a buzzkill every time you come around.
Those beers might as well have been poured out.
Why are you still showing up and bringing me down?
Why do I keep letting you get to me
And mess up what this night was gonna be?
You walk right by crashing my high like I know you will
You little buzzkill. Baby, you’re a buzzkill.”