spring break first day

I’m a really good swimmer…

I just had a stray thought about this line today and it just made me laugh because I just realized that swimming for Garnet isn’t actually swimming? She just walks along the bottom of things: pools, the ocean, volcanoes, etc. and calls it swimming. So I ended up drawing this and going overboard bc I wanted to play with colors uvu;;

But it’s still a good way to kick off the first day of Spring Break at least!

Think of the sound you make when you let go after holding your breath for a very, very long time. Think of the gladdest sound you know: the sound of dawn on the first day of spring break, the sound of a bottle of Coke opening, the sound of a crowd cheering in your ears because you’re coming down to the last part of a race–and you’re ahead. Think of the sound of water over stones in a cold stream, and the sound of wind through green trees on a late May afternoon in Central Park. Think of the sound of a bus coming into the station carrying someone you love.
Then put all those together.
—  Gary D. Schmidt, The Wednesday Wars

Things I’m Going To Do Better Next Quarter: 

1. Keep my desk clean so I can stop losing money to Starbucks. 

 2. Review notes at the end of each day. 

 3. Read class material ahead more. (Spent the first day of spring break reading 3 weeks ahead of everyone in my stem cell class. Heh heh heh.) 

 4. Sit in the front row in all of my classes. 

 5. Smile more. Laugh more. Compliment others. 

 6. Say thank you, to everything and everyone, all the time.

Left: December 2016 before winter break
Middle: first day back from spring break
Right: Today. 1 month after being back.

Interesting to see how much progress I’ve already made. I’m under 190 about 186 pounds. That would be as of last Friday. Tomorrow I’ll give an update on weight.

Meeting Vernon

aw thanks hun! love you! Sorry if I’m late on your request but’s finally here. 

Pairing: vernon x reader

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 785

“What if we met kpop idols while we’re in Korea? Wouldn’t that be so cool?” Your friend said excitedly while you were in a store.

You and your best friend had gone to Korea for a trip for Spring Break. It was your first day there and your friend was very excitedly already although you’ve barely seen the city.

You rolled you eyes, seeing how optimistic she was but seeing the fangirl side of her just made you smile. “We probably won’t though. Don’t get your hopes up too much.” You warn her while the two of you walked around in the store, continuing to see what’s different from Korean products and American.

There was a bracelet that looked nice and it really caught your eye. You gently felt it between your fingers, staring at it while you got lost in thought and suddenly you friend scares you by screaming and putting her hands on your shoulder.

You screamed back from shock and as you stepped back, you bumped into someone. “I’m so sorry. I..” You started to say when you turned around to the person you bumped into but you stop yourself right when you laid your eyes on Vernon.

“You guys aren’t from Korea, are you?” He asked with a cute laugh.

“Oh my gawd, we’re just huge fans of your group Vernon! No, we’re actually here for fun and we’re from-” your friend started blabbing about almost your whole life to Vernon while you stood there stunned. How could he be in front of you right? Just standing there.

He tried to keep his eyes on you. You were stunned by the beautiful person in front of you. His eyes were shining and just felt warm and comforting like they did in pictures.

Vernon tried to be polite by smiling and looking at your friend while she talked but most of the time he’d want to only look at you.

You had enough with her babbling. “Y/F/N, I think we should leave him alone?” You suggested although it would be sad to leave him, it would be what he wanted.

“No, no, it’s fine. You guys are cool, I like talking to you guys. I haven’t gotten to see fans in a while so it’s great to be spending time with you guys, especially since you guys are amazing.” He said and you stated to blush and he smiled at you.

You actually got to know him as a person and it felt nice to. Your friend and you had to leave since you had to get back to the hotel.

It was horrible to leave him but he was busy as well. Before you’d leave, your friend had to go to the washroom so you say out in the mall, waiting for her. You got a bit bored but you were daze just as someone walked up to you.

It was the Vernon. “Hi..” You looked up shyly and he smiled.

“It’s a good thing your still here. Where’s your friend?” He asked looking around and you got a bit disappointed since you thought he came back to see you.

“Um, she’s in the washroom right now. We’re going to leave right after though.” You explained.

“I really wish we both weren’t in a hurry since I really..liked talking with you.” He said looking down with his cheeks flared pink.

You smiled awkwardly at him. “Yeah..” You agreed in a mumble, playing with your hands.

“I came back to ask if you wanted to hang out sometime Y/N.” He said and you looked at him a bit surprised but smiled brightly once he said so. You nodded, liking the idea of meeting him again.

“Maybe I could show you around the city.”

“Seriously? That’ll be cool.”

“Great. I hope I get to see you soon. Um… I also got you this since I saw you looking at it.” Vernon said while taking out a small box out of his jacket pocket and opening it to show you the bracelet you were looking at earlier.

He saw you looking at it? Wow.. It’s nice that he actually got it for you. He asked to put it on you and you let him. You both laughed awkwardly when he doesn’t put it on in the first few tries but once the chain locked together, it looked nice on you. You thanked him, hugging him before he had to go.

Once he left, you kept admiring the bracelet with a warm smile and surely Vernon saw you smile, making him smile. You didn’t see him but he saw you before he kept walking away only to see you again after.

Clueless (Nameless Part 2)

Title:Clueless (Nameless Part 2)

Pairing: teen!Dean x reader

Warning: swearing, minimal angst

Request/Summary: see Nameless

A/N: First day of Spring break!! Yay!! And I used it to write Nameless Part 2 for you guys :) I’m not entirely sure when I’ll get back to tackling requests. I’m still kind of getting back into the rhythm of writing again, and I’m just getting out some ideas that come to mind. I will eventually, though, don’t worry. Bear with me, okay? Love you guys. Enjoy. :) 


You’d gone home that day and bathed in the afterglow of yourfirst kiss and potential boyfriend for hours until the reality hit you.

This was Dean Winchester. Popular senior jock, interested in you.

There was just no way. No way at all.

So you didn’t expect anything out of it. You didn’t expect him to talk to you, look at you, or even accidentally glance your way.

You definitely didn’t expect him to walk right up to you.

“Hey, Nameless!”

At first, you don’t register that you’re ‘Nameless.’ You just keep pushing through the hallway distractedly, until you hear it again. “Nameless! Stop!”

Nameless? you think. I wonder who….

Then you recognize the voice. And you realize Nameless is you.

Feeling color rise to your cheeks, you push on determinedly to your locker. Your hand shakes slightly as you twist the dial, and in your hurry you miss one of the numbers and have to start over.

You can practically sense Dean’s gaze on the back of your neck as he walks up behind you, and he announces his presence by gently setting his hands on your hips. “Jeez, sweetheart. You move fast.”

“Sorry,” you mumble, still staring hard at your locker dial and twisting it mechanically, unable to read any of the numbers along the outside of it.

“You know, everyone thinks I’m an idiot,” he says, laughing. “This whole thing would go a hell of a lot smoother if you told me your name.”

“I told you you could call me whatever you want.”

He chuckles. “Yeah, I definitely remember that.”

You don’t hear the slight roughness in his tone until you turn around, abandoning the impossible task of your locker and facing him.

He’s still beautiful. Even more so than yesterday, if that was possible. Hair slicked back, light eyes, smiling like he didn’t have a care in the world. Beautiful.

You don’t realize when you’re looking at him that his face is moving closer until his eyes flutter shut and he’s pressing a kiss to your lips. Shocked, you don’t move, and distantly you hear gasps and noises of surprise from around you.

Then you jerk backwards, and your cheeks flame red. Dean’s eyes open into yours, and he cocks an eyebrow, as if to ask, What?

The hall suddenly fills with roars of approval, and Dean is getting clapped on the back and his hair mussed up by his friends. Completely humiliated, you take a step back, unable to do more than watch. Dean just laughs, and then says, “Yeah, alright guys, fuck off.”

He looks over at you, his eyes alight with amusement until he notices your not-so-enthusiastic expression. He shakes his friends off slightly more seriously and takes a step forward, but right as his mouth opens the bill rings shrilly above the din of excited conversations and gossip.

“Dean, come on!” his friends call as they head in the direction of their class.

He doesn’t answer, just holds your gaze for another moment. You swallow, then break contact. “I gotta go, my next class–”

“Is health, I know. What’s wrong?”

You bite your lip for a moment, studying his confused expression, and you fully intend to say, “Nothing” but that isn’t what comes out of your mouth.

“What the hell was that?”

Surprised, he leans back slightly. “What was what?”

You blush harder, but stand your ground. “You know very well what.”

“The kiss?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes,” you hiss, nervously tucking your hair behind your ears and glancing at the clock.

He still looks bewildered. “What, were we pretending like yesterday didn’t happen?” There’s a slight note of hurt in his voice, and it makes you press your lips together.

“No—I don’t know—you—that was practically in front of the whole school, Dean. Like you were staking some kind of claim on me.”

“I was.” He looks completely unashamed.

“You met me yesterday, Dean!”

Dean stares. “You were avoiding me today,” he says in sudden realization. You avert your gaze, rubbing at the floor with the worn toe of your boot. “Didn’t see it at first, but now it’s obvious.”

You swallow. “No—no, I wasn’t. Of course I–”

“You know, your lying skills haven’t exactly improved since yesterday, Nameless,” he interrupts you. You can feel his gaze on you, hard and studious. “So, what then? You’ll kiss me behind closed doors, and that’s it?”

“Dean,” you say in a hushed voice. “No. Look, this—I met you yesterday! And yes, okay, we kissed. But yesterday, Dean! That doesn’t mean you can just walk up to me in the middle of—of the school hallway and-and kiss me in front of practically everyone!”

“Why not?” he asks stubbornly, crossing his arms over his chest.

Frustrated, you squeeze your eyes shut and suck in a deep breath. Exhaling slowly, you open your eyes and meet his gaze steadily. “I have to go. I’m not skipping class again. I’ll talk to you Monday.”


You hurry away, feeling his eyes burning into the back of your head.


You don’t see Dean after school, much to your disappointment. Sighing, you start on the monotonous walk home, still fill to the brim with frustration.

How could boys be so clueless? You don’t meet someone one day and then start dating them the next. And you definitely don’t brazenly kiss them in front of the whole damn school.

It wasn’t that you didn’t like Dean. You obviously did—a lot. But after never being in a relationship in your whole life, and suddenly you have one in the span of 24 hours?… Jeez. You just needed some time to think.

Plus, you barely knew him. Sure, you knew the model of his car and his favorite genre of music, but that wasn’t exactly much to go on when considering the role of a potential boyfriend. Forget that, it was practically nothing to go on.

You do really, really like him, though. Like so much that it scares you. How can you be crazy about a guy in less than a day?

And you blush a little thinking about it, but you can’t help feeling warm over his blunt confession to his kiss being an attempt to ‘stake a claim’ on you. Sure, it was a bit Neanderthal. But hell, it wasn’t as if you wouldn’t like to do the same thing to him.

You shake your head, kicking at a patch of dandelions on the edge of the sidewalk. This was going to drive you nuts, it really was.

You originally thought that Monday would be a fine time to talk to him—you’d have lots of time to think over the weekend, where you could figure out what it was that you wanted to say to him.

All that runs through your head now is that you want to see him right then. Even though he was slightly clueless, it was sweet in a way.

The rest of the night is uneventful. You try to read and listen to some music to distract yourself, but it’s pretty unsuccessful. You end up going to bed early, tugging on some sweatpants and a sports bra before curling up beneath the warm comforter on your bed.

You let your mind wander for a while, shyly remembering the sharp curve of Dean’s jaw and the light green of his eyes and the dusting of freckles across his nose and cheeks. You think of his easy laugh, and his warm lips, and rough hands. You think of his love for his brother, his affection for his car, and rock and roll music. You smile.

Yes, he was clueless. But in a good way, right?


You’re woken by a sharp rapping noise. You bolt upright in bed, rubbing your eyes with the back of your hand and cautiously scanning the room. Heart thumping in your chest, you carefully pull back the covers and slide your legs over the mattress, standing and looking around with confusion.

Had you imagined it?

No, you couldn’t have. It woke you up, after all.

Then it sounds again. A sharp tap, and this time you see that it’s from your window. Frowning, you carefully step towards it, pressing yourself against the wall and then sending a nervous glance over your shoulder.

Relief floods through you. It was just Dean.

Wait, Dean?

You look again, and sure enough, there he is. Standing alone on your lawn in the middle of the night with a bouquet of flowers clutched in his hand, illuminated only by the pale light of the moon overhead.

His eyes are trained on yours, even from a distance, and you can’t resist the tiny smile that curves your lips as you reach to unlatch and open the window.

Dean opens his mouth as soon as the pane of glass is out of the way. “You drive me crazy, you know that? I don’t get it. I don’t fucking get it. I know that I’ve known you for a day. I know that it’s 1 am and I must look hopeless standing out here with a bunch of fucking flowers in your goddamn lawn.  I don’t know if you even want me here or if you’re still mad at me. All I know is that when I don’t see you I feel like a freaking drug addict going through some kind of withdrawal. It’s bullshit, it really is. I know it is. But it’s the good kind. The kind that you don’t want to let go of once you feel it.” He takes a deep breath, his gaze steady and earnest and apologetic. “I’m an idiot, Nameless. I know it. But I’m sorry, alright? I’m really sorry. I’ve never done this before and I screwed up and-and I’ll do it again. But bear with me, okay? ‘Cause I’m trying, I really am.”

If you were smiling at the beginning of his speech, it was nothing compared to how wide your smile is now. Butterflies stir weakly at the pit of your stomach, and despite the window letting in the cool night air, you’re very warm.

“You have a very strange sense of charm,” you say finally, leaning forward onto the frame of the window. Relief floods through Dean’s features immediately.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” he replies, his regular Dean smile returning to his lips. “You gonna let me in?”

“I don’t know, Romeo,” you tease. “Aren’t you supposed to climb up my wall or something?”

He nods slowly, turning and surveying his surroundings. “Good point.”

He starts to walk forward towards your house until he disappears from you. Frowning, you call out, “Dean?” There was no way he could climb the house. There was no ridges or handholds—so what was he doing? Going through a window, maybe?

Before you can run downstairs and disable the alarm or something, you notice movement in your peripheral vision.

The tree outside your window is shaking.

Your eyes widen instantly. Oh, crap.

You lean out the window again, hissing, “I swear to God, Dean, if you don’t get out of that tree right now–”

“What?” comes the amused reply from down below. “You won’t come to my funeral?”

“Not funny!”

He just laughs, nimbly reaching for branch after branch, the flowers tucked safely in his jacket. “Step back.”

“No, Dean! I’ll let you in, okay? I’ll let you in! Get out of my tree!”

“Sorry, sweetheart. No can do.”

“You’re going to kill yourself!”

“Honestly,” he replies, shrugging and glancing at the sky. “Not a bad way to go.”

“Stop making jokes! Get out of the tree, Dean! I’m serious!”

Dean just laughs again. “Relax,” he says, crouching down on a branch roughly a yard from your window. “Alright, prepare for take-off.”

“Don’t you dare.”

“In 3, 2, 1…”

You swear internally and leap back, your hands fluttering uselessly around your head as he dives for the window, his hands slamming into the frame and making the glass shake. Your hands fly to your mouth as you watch him struggle to pull himself up to the small opening. Your breathing starts to steady when he manages to wriggle his torso through the window, though your heart does not.

Dean swears quite colorfully as he slides through the opening, throwing his arms out at the last possible second so that he didn’t land flat on his face on your bedroom floor. He jumps to his feet immediately, straightening and reaching inside of his jacket to proudly present the bouquet to you.

The flowers are crushed, and a few petals fall gently to your floor. You bite back a smile as he frowns, squints at them, and then gives them a shake, as though that could revert them back to their original quality. More petals drift to the carpet and your bed, and he sighs.

“Sorry, I guess I wrecked them on the way up here. They were really nice when I bought ‘em, too.”

“They’re still beautiful,” you reply, taking them from him gently and setting them on your dresser. “Thank you.”

His responding smile is immediate. “You’re so damn cute. C’mere.”

But he comes to you instead, and his arms wrap around you in a tight embrace. “I’m so sorry, okay? I’m an idiot. I’m really dumb and I just don’t think sometimes but–”

You place a finger over his lips softly, effectively silencing at him. The adoration in his eyes is overwhelming, and the last thing you need is more apologies. “It’s okay, Dean. Promise. Don’t worry about it.”

He crushes you back to him, then pulls back and plants a gentle kiss on your lips. His forehead drops to yours lightly, and he lets out a breath, smiling easily. “I’m crazy about you,” he murmurs, his fingers playing with the rolled up waistband of your sweatpants. “That’s nuts, isn’t it? But I can’t help it.”

“It is,” you murmur in agreement. “But you know what’s even more crazy?”


“I feel the same way about you.” Your eyes drop shyly to the collar of his jacket, but amazingly, you don’t blush.

He laughs softly. “Yeah?” he asks, his eyes bright.

“Yeah,” you reply, the corners of your mouth curving into a smile.

“Well, thank God for that,” he sighs, pressing a kiss to your forehead. Then he pulls back slightly and glances around. “So, this is your room?”

“Yep,” you reply, looking around dismissively. “Pretty boring.”

“And that’s the bed,” he says pointedly, raising an eyebrow devilishly. You do blush at that, and you punch his arm while he chuckles lightly.

“Teasing. C’mon, though. Come cuddle with me.”


He tugs you softly over to your bed, and then he crawls on top of it, releasing you as he sits back against the wall, folding his arms behind his head and smiling. You smile back, inching your way across the mattress towards him until he just gets impatient and yanks you into his chest.

Laughing lightly, you snuggle into his side, placing a hand on his chest and resting your head on his shoulder. This was definitely something you could get used to.

“That’s a nice sound,” Dean comments, his hands drifting over your bare arms. “Haven’t heard it much.”

You don’t know what to say to that, so you keep quiet and absently inhale the mixed scent of his cologne and leather jacket.

“What’s that?” Dean asks after a minute of quiet. You lift your head to see what he’s pointing at.

It’s an old, dusty black guitar case that held an older guitar with a vintage pattern of flowers artistically draped across the smooth wood. It was out of tune—that much you could tell—but other than that, you had no clue how to play it.

“It used to be my dad’s,” you reply, your heart skipping a beat.

“He gave it to you?” he asks distractedly, his eyes glued to the misshapen case.

“Yeah, I guess,” you say quietly. Then you look up at him curiously. “Do you play?”

He shrugs nonchalantly, but you see something more there in his gaze. Similar, even, to how he looked at you just minutes before.

Smiling, you climb out of his arms and ignore his protests, reaching over towards the wall and pulling the case towards you. You yank it up onto the bed and unlatch the lid, revealing the shiny black guitar.

Dean’s eyes roam hungrily over the instrument for a long minute before he lets out a low whistle. “This was your dad’s, Nameless? It’s… wow. It’s in great condition,” he notes as you carefully place it in his hands. “Out of tune,” he adds, experimentally twanging a string, “but still, great condition.”

As if out of habit, he begins fiddling with the knobs at the end of the guitar before looking over at you quickly. “Is it okay if I–?”

You nod, and he continues, occasionally plucking a string to test it out as he rotates the knobs carefully.

When he finishes, he runs his fingers lightly over the strings and the responding sound is much better than it used to be. He grins in success and you laugh.

After a moment, though, his expression turns strangely sad and distant, and he places the guitar on the bed. “Great condition,” he murmurs.

“What’s wrong?” you ask.

He meets your gaze and smiles, but there’s something off about it. “Nothin’. Come back.”

You merely look at him steadily for a long minute, until he sighs. Then he shrugs. “It’s really nothing. I don’t know. Brought back memories, I guess.”

“You don’t play anymore?” you ask.

There’s a pause. “No,” he says finally.


This time, the silence is longer. You watch the lump in his throat rise and then fall as he swallows. “I work on cars at a garage,” he says eventually. “It’s my job. To earn some money for me and Sam. And for dad’s liquor.” His throat tightens in disgust. “I used to be really into music. Guitar, singing. Follow your dreams and all that crap, right? That’s what I wanted. That’s what I wanted to do. Make music.” He looks down, and for the first time since he mentioned his mother the previous day, he looks depressed. “But not a lot of people make it, you know? And to my old man, well… that wasn’t good enough. He said I was stupid, letting my ‘foolish’ desires cloud my judgment. Said there was no way in hell he’d ever let me do that. And that night, he took my guitar and smashed it into a million pieces.” His voice stops all of a sudden, and you reach over and grasp his hand with his. He squeezes back, but doesn’t look at you yet. “First time I ever cried in front of Sammy. I was so mad, Nameless. I was so fucking mad that I threw out every single goddamn liquor bottle in the house. My dad found out and punched me right in the jaw, in front of Sammy. Sammy was screaming at him to stop, but he didn’t. Not till he grabbed his arm. I thought for sure he’d hit Sam too, but he just went all limp, like he was tired or somethin’, and stumbled out of the room. But I haven’t played since.”

Your stomach twists further which every sentence that comes out of his mouth, and hatred for his father begins to bubble up inside you. But you swallow it down, merely rubbing the back of his hand with your thumb. “I’m sorry,” you say quietly after a moment. “That’s…” you shake your head.  “Horrible. Really awful.”

Dean shrugs again, still not looking at you.

Hesitantly you glance at him, then back at the instrument. “Here,” you say, releasing him to lift the instrument and place it back in his hands.”

“Nameless–” he starts to protest.

“For me, Dean. Please? I want to hear you play.”

Finally, his pained gaze meets yours, and he swallows. But something else grows inside them too, and he nods silently, his hands wrapping around the guitar with the familiar ease of an expert. “You got a pick?”

You nod, hurriedly reaching into the dusty case and scrambling around inside it for a moment until you found what you were looking for. You place the black pick into his outstretched palm and his fingers close around it, spinning it in his hands, getting the feel of it back.

Then he clears his throat, adjusts the guitar and freezes, his hand hovering over the strings.

“What’s wrong?” you ask.

“What should I play?”

You think for a minute, then shrug. “It doesn’t matter. Whatever you remember.”

He allows his hand to drag the pick across the strings once, thinking. “You like John Mayer, right?”

You nod and he chews the inside of his lip, his eyebrows furrowing as he concentrated on something.

Then he clears his throat and opens his mouth, his fingers beginning to dance nimbly across the strings of the guitar. “You look fine, fine, fine, put your feet up next to mine,” he sings. “We can watch that waterline, get higher and higher.”

Your jaw drops. His voice… it was rough and smooth, warm and alluring… a voice even John Mayer couldn’t compare to. Utterly, unbelievably beautiful. And as you listen, you wonder how on Earth his father could have ever said that he wouldn’t have a chance. The combination of his talent on the guitar, his voice, the look he held together… it was the perfect rockstar combo. Not to mention his Godly good looks. He had a better shot than anyone in the Western Hemisphere.

When he finishes the song, he meets your gaze, his eyes light and content. His face relaxes into an easy smile as he waits for you to say something.

But you can’t. You’re frozen. In awe, jealousy, captivation. Whatever.

Dean eventually raises an eyebrow and laughs softly. “C’mon, now. You’re making me blush. Say something.”

Your body suddenly jumps into action, your hands wrapping around his neck as you press your lips firmly against his. Your weight sends him tipping back slightly, but he throws his arm out against the headboard to steady himself and quickly props the guitar on the floor against the wall, all the while keeping his mouth glued to yours.

And then his arms are free and wrapping around you, rolling you over onto your back. His kisses are deep and hungry, his mouth dominating yours, as his hands run lightly up your bare abdomen.

“On second thought,” he murmurs, tantalizingly tracing patterns along your skin, “this is even better.”

You don’t bother replying, instead shoving your hand through his thick hair and tugging lightly, your other hand sliding down to his chest and then to the hem of his t-shirt, slipping beneath it and running your hand along his muscled stomach. You’re nervous, for sure, and your heart is beating like crazy, but you ignore it, allowing your instincts to take over and guide you.

A very soft groan escapes Dean’s lips and send tingles up your spine. “Jesus, Nameless. The hell are you doing to me?” he breathes, his fingers digging into your hips lightly One of his hands abandons your torso and slides up the mattress to your hair, where he tangles his fingers in it and uses the leverage to hold you closer, pressing his body against yours in ways that sends fire dancing along your skin.

Breathless, you break away from his mouth, gasping, but his mouth doesn’t stop. It moves to roam over your jaw, to kiss teasingly down the side of your neck. Your eyes roll slightly to the back of your head and your hand contracts against his stomach lightly.

Then, all the sudden, he stops and rolls away from you, breathing hard. After a moment, you ask, “Why’d you stop?”

“Because,” he replies, running a hand through his hair and staring at the ceiling before turning his eyes on you. “We’re doing this the right way. Taking things slow, like you wanted. I don’t want you to think that I’m in this for the wrong reasons. That stuff—it’s great, it really is—awesome, even—but it’s not why I like you.”

“I know that’s–”

“Don’t fight me on this. Please? I wanna do this right. I wanna do something right.”

His voice is pleading, and it softens your heart immediately. “Okay,” you reply gently. Your heart is still racing and your skin is still hot, but you’re more than content to sit back and lay your head on his shoulder. “Okay.”

You feel him swallow, then press his lips to your forehead.

“Thanks, Nameless,” he murmurs, his breath warm on your lips. “Thanks for everything.”


Read Part 3 here!

[Mark] Teacher’s Pet (Chapter Fifteen)

All Chapters

I lost everything. The two most precious persons I have in my life turned their backs at me. It’s all my fault, I don’t know why I keep hiding myself from Mark. I love him and I need him so much. I miss him, I feel so lonely. It’s 1 am, it’s Tuesday, the first day of spring break, and I’m still in bed. As I try to find the strength to get up, my phone rings. I seriously don’t know who could call me, I look at my phone, it’s Mark. I stand up straight on my bed. Mark? Why? I take his call immediately"Hello?“ I murmur. The line is quiet for a moment, and I wonder if he called me by mistake. "Hi.” Mark says quietly. “Hi.” I reply, and he keeps silent for longs seconds. I was to throw myself in a monologue about how sorry I am, but something prevents me from doing it.

“I just wanted to know if things were alright with Bea.” He finally says. Oh, right. He saw us before she left. “Oh.” I say. I can’t help the surprise in my voice. He cares? “She’s mad, and she doesn’t want to talk to me.” I reply quietly, and he goes silent again. I wait patiently for something to happen, something that could make me think there still is hope. “I have to talk to you.” He says. What does he want to tell me? Is it something bad? He can’t break up with me because of this, can he? “I want to talk to you too.” I murmur quietly. He gives me a heavy silence again, and I stop breathing. Am I finally going to see him? “Let’s say our quiet place, in half an hour, okay?” He proposes, and I let out a long sigh of relief. “Okay.” I breathe. “Cool, see you there.” He replies. “Bye.” I say, and he hangs up. Okay, okay, okay, Mark wants to see me. Why did he take so long to call me? And why is he calling me first? What does he feel bad about?

I do my best to erase the traces of my depression; concealer, BB cream, blush, I’ve never looked so fresh in my entire life. I don’t want him to pity me, I don’t want to get him back like that. I took me so long to look fine that I’m 15 minutes late when I arrive to out quiet place. Mark is leaning against his car, T-shirt, watch and jeans, checking the time on his wrist, he looks up at me and his face vanishes as he sees me. Mark’s lips part as I come up to him, an he looks down at me as if I had grown an additional arm. “Sorry I’m late.” I breathe. “When was your last meal?” He asks. His question confuses me. My last meal? Why? “Your eyes look ten times too big in your face, you’ve lost at least six pounds.” I blink at him a couple of times. I honestly don’t know how to react. Mark let’s out an exasperated sigh and moves to the side.

“Get in.” He orders, holding the passenger door of his car open for me. Oh, bossy Tuan, I almost missed him. I get in his car and he closes my door before climbing in his seat. “Where are we going?” I ask as he closes his door. “To that cafe near my place, you remember?” He replies distractedly, reaching up for his belt. “Where you kissed me for the first time.” I whisper to myself, but I realize too late I talked to loud. I glance at him, and he’s frozen. Oh, stupid me! Mark blinks a few times but eventually fastens his belt. “Yes, that one.” He says quietly. He starts the engine and drives off.

“What did you want to tell me?” I ask him. “You have to eat first.” He replies without looking at me, his eyes glued on the road. Why does he want me to eat before I can hear what he has to say? “Is it something that bad?” I ask quietly, looking down at my knotted fingers. “No, I just want you to be healthy.” He replies. Whew. “I’m not really hungry.” I say as we stop in front of the red light. Mark glares at me. “Let’s go to your place. We’ll talk and I promise I’ll eat.” I propose. “Why my place?” He asks. “I feel more comfortable.” I shrug, and Mark gives in.

“Sit. I’ll cook you something.” Mark says as soon as we step into his apartment. “Let’s talk first.” I reply, sitting at the kitchen counter. Mark glares at me again, and I grab his wrist. “I’m going to eat, Mark, I promise.” I plead, sitting him on the stool next to mine. Mark sighs loudly, running both of his hands in his hair. When he looks back at me, his eyes are painted with sadness. “It’s my fault if you’re like this, I feel like I’ve broken you.” He murmurs, almost to himself. I place my hand in his, and he runs his thumb over my knuckles. “You promise you’ll put back all the weight you lost because of me?” He asks, a simple request that seemed to mean the world to him.

“It’s not your fault-”

“Promise me.” He cuts me off, and I understand that no matter how much I talk he will still feel bad about it. “I promise.” I murmur, and Mark nods. He runs his thumb over my knuckles again, and brings my hand to his lips. Thank god we’re not breaking up! “I’m sorry for snapping at you like that. I don’t know what got into me, I was just, I don’t know…” Mark trails off.

“Getting impatient?” I say, and he looks up at me with surprised eyes. “What? No.” He shakes his head. I thought a lout during those four days, and I understand why he got mad at me. He wants to have sex with me, and I know that this reason should make him the most dangerous person for me, but he loves me, and that changes every thing. He loves me, and he wants us to be intimate, I understand it’s hard to wait. Especially with all that sexual tension between us. “I know it’s hard to support people every day.” I say. “Abby, no.” He lets my hand go. He looks disgusted by the picture of him I’m drawing. I understand he feels bad for urging me like this.

“No, listen to me. It doesn’t make you a bad person.” I reply. “I don’t want someone who’s going to wait for me indefinitely, I need someone who’s here to push me forward.” I explain. This fight was like an electro shock. I don’t feel in my right anymore. I know I’ve been raped, and I know it’s an universal excuse to be closed to the world, but now it doesn’t feel legitimate anymore. “I don’t want to force my feelings onto you.” Mark replies, using the same words he used to describe rape.

“And you’re not. Because I do want you to feel good, and I want to feel good too.” I reply, and Mark keeps quiet for a moment. “It’s hard to realize how much you can hurt the ones you love the most. I don’t know how I could be so cruel to you.” He says, his eyes apologetic. “I haven’t been nice either. I shouldn’t have insulted you.” I reply. “I deserved it.” He snorts. After a long moment of looking at me in the eyes, Mark let’s my hand go and cups my face. “I’m sorry.” He murmurs softly. I briefly look down at his lips, they are so pink and plumb, and it’s been four days since I haven’t tasted then.

“Kiss me.” I breathe, and Mark smile at me, but he obliges, and places his lips on mine. Geez, I’ve missed this so much. I kiss him back vigorously, claiming his lips as mine. He slowly pulls away, and I want to whine at the loss of contact. “I missed you.” I murmur to him, and he smile. “I missed you too, Abby.” He replies before kissing me again. We’re back together, I’m giddy with relief. I never want to fight with him again. “There is something I want to tell you.” I say to him, and he frowns at me. Without a word I take his hands and lead him to the couch, it’ll be more comfortable to talk here. We sit down, facing each other, and he eyes me questioningly. Okay, here goes nothing.

“I was at a party, without Bea, and I got a little tipsy.” I start off. “There was that guy, who played the taximan for us.” His name comes back to me like the bitter taste of a grape fruit. “Liam.” I say. “He was drunk, but I was alone, and…” I trail off, and the irony of my words don’t fail me. “Walking home seemed too dangerous to me.” I snort but it doesn’t make him laugh.

“He asked me what my name was, and when I replied he started calling me Abby. I fell asleep inside the car and when I woke up we were in a parking lot, and he was getting in at the back of the car next to me.” I say. “He had a knife, and he got on top of me. I couldn’t move. He kept his knife on my neck and said he would slice my throat of I made a noise.” I see him getting on top of me, invading my personal space. Oh and his smell, a mix of alcohol and tobacco that comes back to me like a reminiscence. Tears pool at my eyes, and I’m angry as I recall his actions. “I kept quiet the whole way through. But he was having such a good time raping me that he lost control, and he left scars.” I say. Marks face hardens, and I know it’s hard for him to hear this.

“And he kept saying all those dirty things into my ear. It was disgusting.” I can’t help but start to cry as the sound of his voice comes back to me. “‘You like that, Abby?’ 'Are you going to come, Abby?’” I say, my face painted with disgust. My words get to Mark and he reaches out to me. “Okay, okay.” He says, taking me in his arms, and I’m glad he doesn’t want the details, I don’t have to remember all the things he did to me. I sob in his arms, but I feel liberated inside. Now he knows everything there is to know.

“He is in jail now, right?” He asks quietly after a moment. I pull away from him and shake my head no, whipping my nose in the most unladylike way. Mark frowns at my answer. “What?” He asks, incredulous. “The policeman who took my deposition was his father, and his father in law is the general procurer. My deposition never got through. Bea’s father is in the police too, but he couldn’t do anything.” I explain. “What?” Mark breathes. “But there was an obvious conflict of interest,” He says. I know that if I had the strength just to talk to another policeman things would be different, but I don’t have it.

“I know, but you can’t know how hard it is for me to talk about it.” I cut him off. “I had to tell the details to the policeman, to my family, and to Bea and her family. I just didn’t want, and I still don’t want to have to remember.” I explain. “So, he’s still in town.” He says, obviously trying to make me realize something. I know with him in town there is a chance to bump into him, and I know I won’t handle being face to face with him. But my fear of talking about what he did to me is just bigger. And I just want to forget about what happened. “I know it sounds weird but… I don’t care.” I shrug, and Marks lips form a thin line. He eyes me for a moment, his eyes searching into mine. He keeps looking at me silently and I understand he’s lost in his thoughts, he’s probably trying to imagine the scene.

“Thank you for telling me.” He finally says, and I give him a small smile. Taking another big step towards him, I reach behind my neck and undo the clasp of my choker. I take it off, and when I look back up at Mark, his eyes are still glued on mine. He doesn’t even dare to look. I tilt my chin up, exposing my scars to him. I can’t really see from this angle, but I can’t tell he’s looking. He places his hand on my neck, and his thumb grazes my swollen skin. My breathing heaves. He runs his thumb over a scar again, and then he places his lips on it. Ah! I want to push him away, but he kisses my neck again, and again, and again, his tongue flicks against my scars, and I moan. I tangle my fingers in his hair and hold him close as he kisses me. He kisses me higher on my neck, his lips traveling up to my jaw. Now I want him. It’s been so long, I need to feel him again. Taking his face in my hands, I kiss him, climbing up onto his lap. Mark replies to my kiss, but suddenly he pulls away. “Wait.” He breathes, trying to catch his breath. “You have to eat.” He says. I blink at him. “Are you serious? I ask, still panting.

"You didn’t tell me. When was your last real meal?” He prompts. Really, now? “Mister Tuan, you sure know how to choose your moments.” I sigh. “You know how to make me mad.” He replies. Mad? Oh no, not again. “Tell me.” He commands. “Pasta a la Carbonara, four days ago.” I murmur quietly.

“Abby!” Mark exclaims, scolding me. Geez, I should have lied. Well, he would probably have known. This man is so authoritative, why do I like it?“Fuck, are you serious?” He asks, and I shrug apologetically He let’s out a 'what am I going to do with you’ sigh. “I’ll go cook you something.” He says, moving me aside as he gets up. Is he really going to ruin the moment like this? “Mark, we were just about to-”

“Not before you’ve eaten.” He says, ditching me and walking in the kitchen. What the hell? Can he just stop being so controlling one minute?

“Four days! Four days without eating, how are you even walking, Abby?” He exclaims, making me giggle silently. Actually, no. I don’t want him to stop being so controlling. I don’t care if he drives me crazy, I love him so. I get up from my seat and follow him. I’ve missed this man so much.
“You could pass out at any time. Your eyes look ten times too big in your face, you’re telling me your mom didn’t see anything?” He asks me.

“She’s not as controlling as you.” I giggle. “I can see that.” He says bitterly. Now I like it. I like him getting mad at me for nothing. In an excess of happiness, I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. “I missed you so much.” I murmur, and he relaxes in front of me, wrapping his arms around me. “I missed you too, baby.” He replies before kissing me. I make move to deepen the kiss but he pulls away. Ah! This is torture.

“Pancakes?” He proposes, and I hum appreciatively, letting go of him. Mark kisses my nose and lets me go, opening the door of his fridge. “How many?” He asks me, pulling a bottle of homemade pancake dough out of his fridge. “Two, please.” I reply, taking a seat behind the counter. “Two?” Mark turns to me. “Please, Mark, I’m not even hungry. I’m eating because you’ll go sicko if I don’t.” I argue.

“You’re not even hungry after four days?” He asks. “Not for food.” I reply, and he gives me a wicked smile, shaking his head. I want to play with him, I know things will get interesting if I get him worked up.
“Two pancakes and a yogurt, and you’ll be rewarded.” Mark proposes.
“Okay.” I give in. I watch as Mark plays this the pan, I’m still mesmerized by the sight of him cooking. Cooking Mark is… Hot. And he cooks really well, his homemade lasagnas are delicious. When he finishes Mark drops the plate with two golden pancakes in front of me with a fork and a knife and a glass of apple juice.

“Eat.” He orders, standing in front of me. Is he really going to watch me eat? I feel like a child, but I oblige. I take a bite of my pancakes and they are absolutely delicious. I moan at the taste, and Mark gives me a satisfied smile. “Why didn’t you go to class last Monday?” Mark asks me. We had just fought the day before, my while world was plunged in darkness, how was I supposed to go? I remember how I kept throwing up that day, and how i cried when I realized he didn’t even send me a text to know if I was okay. Jeez he could have texted me. It was the last day before spring break after all. I never want to feel like this again, the thought makes me shiver.

“I was feeling sick. Actually I’ve felt sick for the past four days.” I reply.
“It wasn’t what I wanted.” He says, and my heart sinks a little. He feels bad because I haven’t been eating?
“It was my fault, Mark.” I reply, and he nods, but I can tell he’s not really convinced.

“Eat.” He orders, and I oblige. I know he doesn’t want to talk about this, neither do I actually.

“You make the best pancakes, I swear.” I complement between to mouthfuls.

“You better eat it all then.” He says, and I make a grimace.

“They are really big.” I remark. I’m not sure I’m going to eat all of this. I know I haven’t ate a lot since we fought but I’m not hungry at all.

“You didn’t request a precise size.” He replies.

“Mark, I’m not going to finish all of this.” I say.

“Yes, you are.” His answer is categoric. He’s not up for discussion. I’m not going to force myself, I hope he won’t get mad; we’ll see. I resume my eating; I want this reward. I have to refrain myself from pouting. Why did he have to make them so big? I ask myself between to mouthfuls. I’m lucky his pancakes are so tasty. They melt on my tongue, I don’t really feel like I’m eating. I focus on my food and Mark watches me, and after what seems like eternity I put my fork and my knife in my empty plate and push it towards him. Whew. I’m done.

“Good girl.” He says appreciatively, his voice low and deep. Good girl? Oh, I like this game. He takes my empty plate and puts it into the sink. Then he opens the fridge and dives his head into it, leaning forwards and giving me a full view of his golden a- “Now your yogurt. What flavor do you want?” He asks, pulling me out of my reverie.

I blush even though he can’t see me. “Mark flavor.” I murmur, and he turns around to look at me, giving me a wicked smile. I shrug innocently and he shakes his head. “Let’s go with the good old vanilla.” He says, taking a tub out of his fridge. He takes a little spoon and opens the lid of the yogurt. I watch as he dips the spoon inside the tub, filling it up with yogurt. Locking his eyes with mine, he brings the spoon to my lips. “Open.” He commands. So he’s feeding me? With white food, how ironic. He’s playing too now. Mmmh… This should be interesting. I open my mouth, letting him put the spoon inside. I close my lips around it, and suck. He starts pulling it out, slowly, and I suck, just how I would suck his-

“I know what your doing.” He says, once the spoon is out of my mouth. I swallow. “Do you, now?” I tilt my head to the side, acting obtuse on purpose. I want to push him to his limit, I want him to be the one grabbing my face and kissing the life out of me. He doesn’t give in and smirks at me. He puts more yogurt in the spoon and feeds me again, but then I see his eyes darken. It’s getting to him, I’m doing good. I let out an exaggerated moan as I make the yogurt slide all over my tongue, I love vanilla. I see his adam apple move as he swallows, and he parts his lips a little. “You like?” He asks me, and I nod. “Taste by yourself.” I propose. A primitive light flashes in his eyes, and my subconscious grins in triumph. Without a word he makes the tub slide across the counter, closer to me. I take it in my hands and take a spoonful, dropping the yogurt on my tongue. Then I grab him by the collard of his T-shirt and pull him to me and he opens his mouth, letting me kiss him. And I do, I kiss him languorously, my tongue invading his mouth. His tongue meet mine in a slow and sensual dance, and he savors the sweet taste of vanilla of my mouth. I pull away slowly, locking my eyes with his, and I can see in his eyes he’s a stroke away from giving in. “Tasty.” He says. He takes the tub back and offers me another spoonful, but I’m tired of playing. I shake my head no.

“No more?” He asks. “I’m full, I swear.” I reply. “Fine.” He says, and he turns around to throw the yogurt into the bean. As he does, I get up from my seat and walk around the counter, when he turns back around, my lips are on his. At first he’s taken aback, but he’s fast to reply to my kiss, sucking on my lips and nibbling at them. I do the same thing to him, and I run my tongue in circles on the inside of his lip. He groans into my mouth, his hands coming down to give my behind a strong squeeze. His touch gets me going, and I push him against the counter, my lips moving from his mouth to his jaw and his neck. I kiss him just under his chin, and run my tongue under his adam apple, and I feel him stiffen against me. I reach down to the hem of his shirt and pull it over his head. I want to lick my lips at the sight of his toned torso, but I think I prefer licking it instead. I kiss the dip base of his neck, dipping my tongue into it, and my lips follow a winding path down between his pecks. I run my tongue in the hollows between his abs. Mmmh, his skin tastes so good, I’ve missed him so much. A carnal desire wakes up inside of me again, and the taste of him comes back to me like a recollection, vague and blurry. The memory is so volatile, I don’t want to forget, I need to taste him again. Kneeling down before him, I undo his jeans, running my tongue over his skin following the waistline of his boxers. Mark takes a sharp breath and the air hisses between his teeth. “Baby, I’m not gonna last long if you do this.” He breathes.

“That’s the point, Mark. I don’t have any patience today, you don’t know how bad I want to taste you.” I reply, sliding his pants down. I kiss him over the material of his boxers, he’s already hard for me. I lick him on all of his length, and he lets out a timid moan that encourages me to continue. I tease him through his boxers, kissing and licking him, and I feel him harden under my touch. I run my palm over his bulge, caressing him. Mark’s chests starts to rise higher as he breathes, and I decide to take it to the next level. I hook my fingers in his boxers and slide them down, and he springs free, long and proud, and I’m almost salivating.

I peek up at him through long lashes, locking our eyes together. I take him into my hand and stroke him on all of his length, he’s so hard. The air hisses between Mark’s teeth, and its a sound I love.“Fuck.” He moans as I pump him, getting him all worked up. I kiss the base of his erect shaft, and my tongue flicks against his skin as I do. I kiss his tip and swirl my tongue around it, and he throws his head back. He’s ready now. I take him into my mouth and suck, and as soon as I do, Mark lets out a throaty groan. Mark lets out timid moans as I work on him, and his hips slowly start to move on their own. “Abby, wait.” He moans desperately as I so my beat to suck as hard as I can.

“Abby, Abby…” His voice is barely audible, vaporous. He’s so vulnerable, I suck harder. “Shit.” He moans. That’s right, Mark. It feels so good to have him under my control. “Abby, no, stop.” Mark groans, tugging at my hair. I immediately let go of him. “Did I do something wrong?” I ask, my worry clearly audible in my voice. Mark gives me a small side smile.
“No, no, baby. You’re doing good. You got better at this, and I’ve missed you, and it’s been long…” He explains, and it gets hard for me to understand his point. I can tell he’s getting uncomfortable.
“I’m afraid I’m gonna lose it.” He says. Loose it? I want him to lose it, I want him to lose himself and take me with him.

“That’s what I want, Mark.” I reply, looking up at him through long lashes. “I don’t want to be too rough with you.” He says quietly. Does it mean he’s usually rough? Even if he is, I still don’t know my limits, I don’t know what I can take. But I’ve had a lot of firsts with him, my firsts orgasms, my firsts chagrins, my firsts romantic dates; he helps me explore myself, and I can’t do it without him.

“I’ll tell you to stop if I can’t take it.” I say. He frowns and I understand immediately what his worry is about. I get back up to his level, plunging my eyes into his. “I know you’ll stop if I ask you to. You asked me to trust you, and I do, now you have to trust me. Let me taste you, please, I’ve missed you.” I say to him, and his thumbs stroke my cheeks as I speak. His eyes search into mine for what seems like eternity, and he eventually nods.
“Okay.” He breathes, and I kiss him again, pressing my body onto his, feeling his erection against my stomach. I kneel down again and take him into my mouth.
“Ah, shit.” Mark starts to thrust inside my mouth, slowly timidly, and I do my best to suck while matching his movements.
“That’s it, baby. Just like that.” He compliments, and I double my efforts.“Oh, baby you’re doing so good.” He compliments, savoring the feeling of my mouth around him. He picks up pace. “Baby, I’m gonna come.” He warns, his voice shaky, and he sounds helpless. His thrusts get even faster, and he gets louder, my name falling out of his mouth like priers. Then he thighs and abs tense up, and he fists his hands in my hair.

“Shit!” He cries out, the torturous sound almost making me smile in triumph, and he comes into my mouth, letting me taste him again. It’s the taste of him, and I love it. Mark let’s go of my head as he tries to catch his breathe, leaning back against the counter. I let go of him and swallow his juice, looking at him trough long lashes. He smirks as he watches me, and shakes his head in disbelief.

“You’re amazing, baby.” He compliments as I get back on my feet. He’s still panting, and I smile at him triumph. I made him come, and he still can’t compose himself, I did really good. “We aim to please, mr Tuan.” I reply before kissing the spot right below his ear. Mark pulls his pants back up and, taking me by surprise, picks me up. I yelp and wrap my arms and lags around him so he can’t let me go. “Well, young girl, that was one hell of a blowjob. Let’s see if I can pay you back for that.” He says, walking off to his room. I’m almost squirming. Oh my god!

Mark takes he to his room and lays me down on his bed. He doesn’t lean over me and sits between my legs. I watch as he undoes the buttons of my denim shorts. Oh, interesting. He slides them down my legs and drops them onto the floor, leaving me in his T-shirt and my panties. My breathing heaves as he hooks his fingers in the waistband of my underwear. Squeezing my legs as close as possible, I let him slide them off me.

“Spread your legs.” He says, and panic grips at my heart. I don’t want him to see me from this angle. This view is way too… full.

“It’s just me, baby. Just us. Come on, spread your legs for me.” He murmurs. Oh fuck it. He’s seen my bare face before, and I’m sure he’s already seen a vagina. I reluctantly open my legs, completely exposing myself. Mark bends and starts kissing the inside of my left knee, then he goes up my thigh. This is an egregious zone. Feeling him kissing me here sends tingles right to my core and starts to build the tension. He keeps kissing me, closer and closer to my center, and as he comes closer he adds his tongue to the mix.

Oh, it feels really good. He reaches the apex of my thigh and licks the place that connects to my center. I’m on fire already. I feel his breathe against my sex, and I pant in apprehension. He doesn’t kiss me there, instead he start working on my other leg. Oh, what a tease! He repeats the process, kissing me up my thigh, and actually it feels as good as being touched. He reaches the apex of my other thigh and I nibble on my lip to keep me quiet. He kisses the side of my sex, sending tingles to the depths of my stomach. Then he licks me where I need him the most, and my breathing heaves. Ah! It feels good, so fucking good. He slowly moves his tongue up and down, getting me started, warming me up, and I’m already panting. His tongue on me like this, the feeling is indescribable. He licks me, and his lips close around my clit.

“Ah!” I cry out. Oh, I’m so sensitive. He sucks on my clit and the motions radiates throughout my whole body. Geez, I’m loving this. Mark starts to move his tongue on me, round and round, each stroke pushing me closer to the edge. I start to feel hot, and I can feel myself blush. Mark pushes his tongue inside of me, and I almost come instantly.

“Fuck!” I cry out, arching my back and balling my hands around the bed sheets. He moves his tongue in circles, rubbing it against the walls of my vagina. I’m starting to quicken. The pleasure is incredible, so strong. It radiates throughout my whole body, to my fingertips. I start to feel dizzy. All I can sense is the pleasure. Mark starts devouring me, literally. A mix of his lips and tongue and kisses that increase the tension.

“Ah!” I cry out, grabbing the ends of the pillow and pulling at it. It’s too good, I don’t know if I can take it. I’m going to come so hard, it’s scary. “Anh!” I moan, and Mark hums appreciatively, his thumbs drawing circles on my thighs as he holds me in place. The throaty sound send vibrations to my core, and my eyes roll back. The sudden wave of pleasure leaves me speechless. My mouth is open but no sound  comes out, and I screw my eyes shut. I reach down, and my fingers tangle in his hair. My hips start to move on their own, and I start to grind myself on his mouth. My body savors the sensation. It’s so good. Mark devours me, licks me, and I can’t help but thrust up to meet his movements, harder, faster. Mark hums again and I give up on myself, surrendering in front of the pleasure that makes my body roar as I come and come. My thighs tense on their own and my toes curl as all the nerve endings of my body scream in ecstasy.

“Mark!” I cry out as my legs start to shake. I can’t control anything anymore, my body is almost convulsing, and for a moment my vision is blurred. Slowly, the sensation vanishes, and I’m breathless. Mark kisses my navel, my hips bones and my belly button as he slowly crawls up to me. Still catching my breathe, I tangle my fingers in his hair, preventing him from going higher. Getting the massage, he moves and lays next to me, wrapping me in his arms. He smells so good. I feel like jelly, I don’t even have to strength to open my eyes, and my legs feel numb. Gosh, that was tiring.“That was intense, wasn’t it?” Mark asks, kissing my hair. I hum incoherently. That was… mind-blowing.

“Now I know what you like the most.” He says, I i belief the quick exhale of air from him is a chuckle. From all the things he did to me, that was definitely the one I loved the most. “Abby?” I hear him murmur quietly. I try to reply to him, but too soon I find myself slowly drifting away.

I wake, wrapped up in Mark Tuan, his leg swung over me. I’m sprawled out under him, using one of his arm as a pillow, and he’s still sleeping, nuzzling my neck, his steady breathe tickling my skin, and his hand on my breast. I stretch my limbs; oh what a nap. Mark stirs next to me, and my eyes flutter open. Mark emerges from the crook of my neck and gives me a dazzling smile. “Slept well?” He asks before kissing my cheek, he lets go of my breast and pits his hand flat on my stomach. “Like a baby.” I reply, placing my hand on my belly on top of his.

“I’m not sure babies snore like you do but-”

“I do not snore!” I cut him off. I don’t snore! But then it’s been long since I slept well like this, I was so tired, maybe I could have snored. Mark chuckles and kisses my nose. “Did I snore?” I ask quietly, and he laughs, but he shakes his head. Whew. “You look very cute when you sleep.” He says before kissing me. “I had a very pleasant view.” He says, his forefinger hitching my shirt up, and as I look down, I realize I’m still half naked. “Oh, god.” I groan, pulling my shirt down as I leap out of his bed. Mark chuckles at my reaction. “Oh, come on. You’re still embarrassed of being naked in front of me?” He asks, sitting up as I bend to pick up my panties. “Well, not everyone is cut out like a Greek god, sorry.” I reply, putting them on. Mark titles his head to the side and smirks. “A Greek god, eh?” He says, proud and boyish, and I find him ridiculous.  

“You’re saying I’m a Greek God?” He asks, slowly crawling to me like a lion towards its prey. His eyes lively and mischievous. I like playful Mark. I smile in apprehension of what he’s going to do, and when I make a move to run away he grabs me, making me yelp. I giggle hysterically as he throws me on the bed, tickling my sides.  "Answer me.“ He commands, pressing his fingers on my sides, and I laugh so much that I can’t talk. He moves from my sides to my shoulders and my neck, and it’s too much. I have to stop the torture if I don’t want to pee my panties. "Yes! Yes, Mark.” I breathe, and he stops, giving me a satisfied smile. I soon realize he’s on top of me, supporting himself on his hands, and I can’t seem to figure out when he got there. I’m out of  the inside of my lower lip. His actions send tingles straight to my center, and I almost want to moan.

He kisses me, and his tongue strokes mine, slowly, tantalizingly, and it’s enough to wake up that carnal desire inside of me. My tongue joins his in a sensual dance, and seeing how responsive I am, Marks starts eating my mouth out. His lips move faster against mine, aggressive, claiming my mouth as his, and my libido explodes. I fist my hands in his hair, gently tugging at it. Mark’s lips move from my mouth to my neck, and I am breathless as his lips ghost over my scars. Mark presses his body onto mine, trapping me under his weight, and suddenly I can’t  breathe anymore. My whole body tenses up beneath him, and my fear comes back, ten times stronger. “No.” I say, pushing him away, and his actions cease immediately.  "I can’t, I’m sorry.“ I whisper, swinging my legs over the edge of the bed and sitting up. We were doing so good, why did I have to ruin everything?

"It’s okay, Abby.” Mark says, putting his hands on my shoulders as I try to catch my breathe.

“I’m sorry.” I repeat, and he kisses my cheek.

“I said it’s okay. Come, let’s go watch TV.”


“Do you know Snapchat?” I ask out of the blue as me and Mark sit on his couch, him sitting up straight with his legs parted and me using him as a pillow as we snack in front of an episode of Orange is the new black. My boyfriend has a Netflix account, I’m such a lucky bitch.

“Abby, I’m 26, not 62.” He says distractedly. Mark taking silly selfies and sending it to his friends? The thought is funny.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I ask.

“It’s been long, I don’t use it often.” He replies absent-mindedly. I take his phone on the coffee table and swipe through his apps, an I fond the little ghost icon. I scroll down his contacts, he has tons of friends! I decide to snap a picture. I hold his phone at arm length, catching his attention. I smile at the camera and he kisses my cheek before I snap a picture of us. I type a heart as a caption and send it to all of his friends.

“Now every single of your female friends know you’re taken.” I pipe up.

“They already know, you silly thing.” He says before kissing me. I check the time on his phone and sigh.

“I’ll have to go now.” I say and he sticks his lower lip out. He’s pouting!

“Oh, no. Just one more hour.” He purrs, pulling me to him so I lay on top of him. I kiss him because he’s cute, but I can’t let his cuteness fool me.

“It’s almost eight, Mark.” I reply, trying to get off him.

“Wait, wait, wait.” He says, sitting up and tightening his grip around me.

“What?” I ask.

“Do you think things will get better with me?” He asks me. I sigh.

“Well, what do you think?” I ask sarcastically.

“She hates me.” I explain.

“No, I’m sure she doesn’t. She’s just mad; she’ll calm down.” He says.

“I don’t know. I know her, she hates me.”

“Why do you say that? You’re best friends. You’re constantly chatting with her in my class.”

“Bea is complicated. It’s been two years since she had a boyfriend, and she’s been giving Max a hard time for almost a year now, she’s just so picky about boys. And yet she likes you. It’s not just a crush, she must really really like you, and her anger must be proportional.” I explain. If Bea says she likes him, then she likes him, she really likes him. And I understand how she feels, and deep down I know there is no chance she forgives me.

“Abby-” mark trails off, but I don’t want to go to that subject.

“Mark, let’s not talk about this.” I kiss him.

“I’m glad you forgave me. I love you.” I say, and he smiles to me.

“I love you too.” He replies before kissing me.

“Can you drop me home?” I ask sweetly.

“You thought I would let you take the bus?” He says, and I smile. We get up and right before I open the door of his apartment I remember I haven’t put my necklace on. I turn around, almost bumping into Mark. “Are you looking for this?” He asks me, holding my beige choker in his hand. I let out a big sigh of relief, I didn’t even know where it was. I try to take it from his hand but he moves it away. What is he doing? He gives me a wicked smile and buries his face in the crook of my neck, backing me against the door. He kisses my neck and runs his tongue all over my scars, sending tingles throughout my body. His teeth sinks into my skin, and it’s like an electroshock. “Anh!” I cry out. Did he just bite me? It feels so good. Mark pulls away way too soon, and smiles down at me in triumph. I watch, breathless as he licks his bottom lip before taking it between his teeth. He’s so hot, I want him. Mark takes my hand and flips it over, placing my necklace on my palm. Then he looks up at me and runs his index over one of my scars. “Don’t hide them from me.” He Barnard before kissing them one last time. I think I’m gonna faint.


Mark and I hop in his car and he drives off to my house.

“What are you doing during spring break?” He asks me.

“Bea and I wanted to go on a road trip.” I reply.

“Only the two of you?” He asks.


“Who would have driven?”

“We both have our licences, mr Tuan.” I reply.

“You do?” He raises an eyebrow at me. He shouldn’t underestimate  my driving skills.

“How about a road trip just you and me?” He proposes.

“Where?” I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Where do you want to go?” He asks. I take time to think. A road trip? What excuse will I give my mom? And what of Bea wants to talk while I’m away? As much as I would love to go on a road trip with him, I don’t think It’s a good Idea.

“Mark, I would love to go, really, -” i trail off, and he understands immediately.

“It’s okay, baby.” He says, parking a few feet away from my house.

“It would be too complicated.” I explain.

“I understand. It’s okay, I swear.” He says, then he takes my hand and kisses my knuckles. I give him a timid smile, I hope he’s not too disappointed.

“Thank you for the ride. I love you.” I lean towards him and kiss him.

“Love you too.” He says. I make a move to open my door but he holds me back. “Wait.” He says, and I turn to him. He ruffles through his pocket. “Here.” He says, handing me my beige choker. I immediately bring my hand to my neck and frown. He gives me wicked smile. Did I… Forget? I forgot to put my necklace back on. I glare at him. What kind of sorcery is this?!. He chuckles at my reaction. I take it from his hands. “Thank… you?” I say carefully, and he laughs. He kisses my cheek and I smile, before getting out of his car.

I don’t even have enough time to realize my mom is still not back from her dinner that the doorbell rings. I open the front door and Bea is standing in front of me, her arms charged wit ha huge box. “Bea?” I frown at her. What is she doing? “Here.” She hands me the box, and from where I am I can see my an old scarf I forgot at her house at least three years ago. She’s giving me my stuffs back? Like in a break up? I look up at her and she stares at me impassively.

“Bea don’t be ridiculous.” I say. “Ridiculous?” She replies, obviously amused by my choice of words. “I’m not acting ridiculous, you’re the one who ridiculed me.” She says, pushing the box in my arms, forcing me to hold onto it. “You listened to me talking about him almost every day for days! You knew I meant it when I said I liked him, and yet you didn’t tell me.” She snarls. Does she think I was enjoying lying to her? I drop the box by the door.

“Bea, don’t think I liked hiding it from you, I was dying to tell you. I just got scared, I didn’t know what to do.” I say to her. Yes, I did lie to her, but I didn’t have any bad attention. I wasn’t playing her, I don’t know why she thinks this. Her eyes moisten with tears as she runs a hand through her curls.

“And now what? What do we do?” She asks. Well, I would love to hug it out and move on, but I understand quickly that it’s none of her plans. I don’t get her question.

“Do you think two girls who like the same guy can still be friends?” She asks me, and my world falls apart. No, we can’t be friends if we both like the same guy. The thought saddens me in the most painful way, and I can almost hear my heart breaking. So, it’s the end of 18 years of friendship.  Why did it have to be like this? I burst into tears, giving the answer to her question away. She starts to cry as well, but she looks more resigned than sad. She shakes her head sadly. “It’s all your fault, Abby.” She says, then she turns on her heels and leaves me. It’s all my fault, she’s right, I ruined everything.

House of Cards (Intro)

Characters: Yoongi and Reader 

Genre: love, falling in love, romance

Series: Intro, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 , Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12,Chapter 13, Chapter 14 , Chapter 15 (finale)

Summary: You fell in love with Yoongi when you least expected to. He was like a breath of fresh air that you greatly needed after an awful break up. You first thought that the two to you would just have some harmless fun. You didn’t realize that you two would build such a strong feeling for one another. Slowly it came to your attention that your relationship with Yoongi was like a house of cards. You have to be careful while slowly building your relationship with him because with one wrong move, everything will fall into pieces leaving you with nothing more than shattered memories. 

Hello Everyone! This is my first ever post on this account. I hope you guys enjoyed this Introduction so far. I promise to continue and post the remaining of the chapters/episodes as we go. I do hope you guys will like and share and reblog!

(credits for the photo goes back to the owner) 

It was the first day of spring break, and you reminded yourself that you can finally relax. For the past few days, you’ve been awfully tied up with school work and doing whatever you could to take your mind off your most recent break up with Alfred. Two years. You spent two years hopelessly in love with Alfred. In your mind you thought that Alfred would be your “the one”. You thought that you didn’t have a care in the world, until one day you walked into Alfred hooking up with one of your best friends. Without another word, or asking for an explanation, you broke things off with Alfred. Before you could even dwell on the past some more, your best friend Crystal walked into your dorm. 

“You ready to go out and smell the fresh air for once?” She asked.

You sighed and slowly nodded. You loved Crystal. The two of you first met when you were just  4 and have been inseparable since. Crystal had planned a coffee date with you to catch up with each other. When you guys arrived to the coffee shop around the corner of your dorm, the smell of coffee was so strong yet so soothing. You couldn’t help but stand there and close your eyes for just a little bit to take in the scent. Suddenly someone bumped into you from behind. 

“-oh shi-” you heard the stranger behind you say. 

Just as you turned around, you saw a man probably in his early to mid twenties. But before you could look anywhere else, you were shocked by his choice of hair colour. Mint green? You thought to yourself. From then you slowly started to scan him from head to toe. Thick black framed glasses. Bangs that slightly covered his eyes. Dark brown eyes. Pale white skin. Flawless face. Pink rosy lips. A plain white t-shirt. Ripped denim jeans. Red converse high tops. Damn.. he looks fine. 



PARTY//Nate Maloley

All I could think in my head was “Fuck”.

Today was the first day back after Spring Break and I was not looking forward to it. There are two types of teenagers during Spring Break. There are the party animals. Then there are the chilled out, rather stay home and watch Netflix than socialize people. I(obviously) am the second one.


p> INormally I choose to hide in my room and binge watch my favourite series, but my friends decided that they were going to drag me to the last party of Spring Break. It just so happened to be Nate Maloley’s party. I was not looking forward to it. He was the star basketball player, key word player. By the time my friends and I showed up there was at least 70 people. As soon as we all stepped through the door my friends were gone.


p> I made my way over to the drinks. This was going to be a long ass night if I don’t have alcohol in my system. I picked up a red cup, chugging the unknown mixture down, when the bitch of the school came up to me.“Oh, Y/N you’re here? wow, this party must suck.” she smirked at me before spilling her drink all over my shirt.


p> I scoffed as she walked away. “Bitch” I muttered. Throwing away my drink, I made my way up the stairs, trying to find a bathroom or a empty room that wasn’t in use..if you know what I mean. ;)


p> After 15 minutes of walking in on unpleasent sights I found an unoccupied room. I walked in and locked the door, making sure no one would walk in. I sighed, hearing bass of the music pounding throughout the walls. I took off my shirt and looked around for something to dry it with. As I looked around I saw medals and trophies, signed basketballs and a huge shelf of music. It must be Nate’s room.


p> I put my shirt down and walked towards the music collection. He surprisingly had a good taste in music..too bad he’s a dick. All of a sudden I heard someone cough, I whipped my head around to see a smirking Nate.


p> “WHAT THE FUCK?!? HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?” I screamed at him trying to hide my exposed chest. It was so awkward. I’m not skinny whatsoever. I’m average…I’m nothing like what Nate goes for. He smiled even wider as he moved closer to me, moving my arms away from my body.


p> “Last I checked, this was my room, plus I was using my bathroom.” He said in a cocky tone. “Damn Y/N you’re fine as hell.” He smirked as he pulled me closer to him. I didn’t know what was happening. All of a sudden Nate’s lips were on mine as his hands roamed my body, adoring every curve, “You’re beautiful.” He said before finding my sweet spot. Things got heated quick, soon I was straddling him on his bed. Let’s just say, I hooked up with Nate Maloley that night.


p> Its been 3 days since then,now being the first day back, I was freaking out walking into school.


p> All I could think in my head was “Fuck”.


p> I take a breath and walk through the doors with my head held high, prepared for whatever may happen for today. I opened my locker when my friends came up to me.


p> “Soooooo…what’d you think of the party, we barely saw youuu” my friend Anna winked. I blushed.


p> “Must’ve been good for you then. Soo,” my friend Cali nudged me. “Who was it?!


p> “Guys stop. I-I-it was nothing, just ya know a random hook up” I said nervously, praying to God that would stop asking about the party.


p> “Okay. Y/N. Seriously. Spill. Who was it?” Anna said, as soon as the words left her mouth. Nate’s group walked around the corner. I looked at Nate to find that he was staring at me. Our eyes locked and he smirked. Our gaze held until they stopped at Sammy’s locker, which happened to be just down the hall. Great.


p> I was snapped out of my thoughts by Cali, “OH MY GOD, Y/N..WHAT THE FUCK?!?!”. Anna and I looked at each other with the exact same confused expression.


p> “Uhmm, What did I do?” I questioned.


p> “Why? How come you didn’t tell us..seriously dude?!” Cali exclaimed


p> “Wait, hold up.. What are you on about?” Anna chimed in.


p> “You don’t see it, Anna..It is soo obvious, I mean its written all over both of their faces.”


p> “Cali, just drop it.” I said, starting to panic.


p> NO..Cali, spill it.” Anna pressed.


p> Cali chuckled lightly, “Can’t you see, Y/N AND NATE HOOKED UP” she said loudly, making everyones conversation silence and turn to ours.


p> I hear a loud scoff from Sammy, “w-w-w-wait, you’re telling me, that my boy Skate fucked Y/N.”


p> Whispers started flooding the hall, I turned to Cali. “How could you?!?!” I yelled. “Look what you fucking did!” I looked over at Nate to see him looking down. I scoffed and walked over to him, he raised his head.


p> “What we did..Was a mistake, I should have known you were just like the rest of them. We were drunk and it was fucking stupid.”


p> “Y/N, I-” He started.


p> “Save it. I’m not worth your breath.” I interrupted. “Bye Nate” I pushed past Sammy and walked right by my friends, I can’t stand to be here right now. I thought I could handle this. Wrong. I walked out the building to my car, when I heard footsteps approaching behind me. I turned around to see the person I least expected.


p> “What now Nate?”




Sugar cube (Yoongi scenario)

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Requested by Anon: Yoongi had a huge crush on you ever since you pulled his sleeve to ask for direction. He wanted to get closer to you, but would always get shy.

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(1831 words)

Spring has come, which means it’s the season of young love. Yoongi never thought about having someone in his life but this year he had found and it left him all flustered. A feeling he never experienced before.

It was the first day after spring break, and it was like any other day. There were a few new students here and there but not that much. Yoongi was just leaning against his locker, listening on what Hoseok has done during his vacation. The whole holiday Yoongi has been doing nothing but staying at his warm cozy home. He did go outside a couple of times, but all he just sees are young couple roaming the streets. Don’t get him wrong, he always wanted to find the one…but it never came.

As Yoongi was thinking this he heard a light voice next to him. “Excuse me?” He turned around to see a girl looking at him with a pleading expression. Hoseok also noticed her and gave her a smile. “Can we help you?” Hoseok asked politely with a dimpled smile on his face. “Yes, I’m looking for room 2-d…” “Ah, it’s not that far, just keep going straight and to your left is the room your looking for.” Hoseok used his hands to gesture where the room is and you kindly thanked him with a bow. You looked at Yoongi and gave a smile and a bow before going ahead to the direction that Hosek gave you. There was something about you that makes Yoongi feel different. He doesn’t know if it’s your politeness, you voice…just something. Hoseok saw Yoongi was staring off at nothing and he waved his arms in front of his face to snap out of his trance. Yoongi shook his head and looked at Hoseok, expecting him to say something. “You look red Yoongi, you okay?” Yoongi could feel his face flush and he didn’t know the reason to it.

Yoongi knew he was really bad at art and here he is, in the art room, the teacher telling what to draw like every other lesson. “Now we’re going to do a little something different. I’ve chosen some of my best artists and they will give you tips.” While Yoongi was looking off through the window, the teacher checked her papers to assign the students with their “Professional partner”. “Y/N, you’re partnered with Yoongi.” When he heard his name being called out, he turned to look at the girl he met not long ago. He felt the similar feeling he had in the morning, like your stomach was going down or being punched. He saw Y/N approaching him and he became lost for words. “I know an area we could practice.” You suggested him and he just nodded, not knowing the reason why he was so shy all of the sudden.

They walked outside to the biggest oak tree they had on the school grounds to. They arrived to the spot and sat down on the grass to get a nice view of the scenery. They opened their drawing book and took out their pencil. “So…all drawings start out as shapes. Just imagine what types of shapes do you see on that tree?” Yoongi inspect the giant tree in front of him and thought carefully. “Circle…. and a cylinder…” Yoongi answered with a quiet voice for unknown reason. You looked at the object and nodded. “Great, so you start by drawing those first. Just imagine drawing one thing at a time. Don’t go to the details straight away.” Yoongi gave her a light nod and started sketching. While Yoongi was sketching, he felt someone staring at him. He turned to see your gaze burning through him. Yoongi felt his face flush at how you were staring at him. “Your skin is so white…” He heard you mumble out and made him even redder. “Um…it’s always like that.” He tried to strike a conversation with you but his voice was quiet. “It’s like sugar!” You exclaimed and he looked at you with curiosity. “Your skin is white like sugar so is your smile.” Yoongi looked down on his paper but his smile was too wide to hide. Being complimented by you is something that will be kept in his memories.

The next few days Yoongi was staring at you from the distance. The simplest gesture just makes him go crazy. He felt like he wanted to get closer to you and it’s driving Hoseok mad. Seeing Yoongi staring at you and doing nothing just makes him want to shove him ahead to speak to her. Yoongi was in his room, drying his soaked hair before bed until he heard he received a text. He unlocked his phone and looked at the new message he got from Hoseok.

Switched off his phone and went to bed. He couldn’t sleep, thinking on how to ask you on a date.

Yoongi had a history test coming up and he realized it’s one of the subjects he needs to work on. He went to the library towards the history section and slowly walked to look for the book that matches what he was learning. While he was searching through cupboards, he saw you reading a book on a beanbag chair through a gap between two books. The way the sunlight shone on you while you were reading a book, letting out soft giggles in the process. It always makes his heart race. The text came back to his mind and the market only opens tonight. He needs to make a move fast. He saw you look up to meet his gaze and it made him turn around and hide behind the many books. Come on Yoongi, why the hell are you hiding?

He looked into the space again and the beanbag was left empty, leaving Yoongi confused. “Yoongi?” The sudden familiar voice made him jump and turn around to see you arms wrapped around the book you were currently reading, you looking at him with a smile on your face. “You like history?” You asked him curiously since he was at the history section. Yoongi quickly thought of a reply without being quiet like a sitting duck. “Umm…I have a…history test soon…I’m looking for some book to help me…” He manage to let out and you nodded. “What are you learning about?” You asked. “The Chinese dynasty.” You walked over to the row of book and stroked your fingers on the book gently. Your hands stopped towards a book you pulled out. You handed it over to Yoongi. “I heard this book is good. I hope it’s fine…” “Ah…t-thank you.” Yoongi blushed at your kindness. “I’ll go ahead now, see you around.” You waved you hands and walked off till you felt a grip on your wrist. You looked up at him and he quickly let go. “Umm…tonight there is a night market…a-and I was wondering…i-if you would like… to go with me.” You smiled at his kind offer and the way he was all flustered made him so cute you couldn’t help but tease him a little. “Like a date?” Yoongi’s eyes went wide and were lost for words. “Um…i-if  that w-what you want to c-call it.”  “I loved to.” You accepted his offer. “Let’s meet after school.” You said and exited the library, leaving Yoongi smiling to himself like an idiot.

The market was beautiful. The trees were decorated with lanterns and people selling interesting stuff.

It made you looked around without the smile leaving your face. It made Yoongi feel better, seeing you having this much fun. The two of you were heading towards a busy area and by instinct; he held you hand in his.

His flustered self came back again and you didn’t really think much of it. But you also blushed in the process, how warm his pale hands felt. “L-let’s go somewhere less busy…” Yoongi suggested and you nodded.

You sat on the grass, next to a tree dressed in so many beautiful lanterns. “I really like it here Yoongi, I had a lot of fun.” You said honestly and it made him look down but smiling to himself. He then thought of an idea. “Wait here!” Yoongi said and ran off into the crowd. About 10 min later, you saw him running towards the tree with a bag in his hands. You looked at him running to you, “I’m sorry for keeping you waiting!” You smiled at humbleness until your eyes widened at what happened next. He tripped and fell on the ground, face flat. It made you worry when he wasn’t getting up but in reality. He just lie there because he just embarrassed himself in front of you. You ran over to him to place a hand on his back. You saw his head slowly looking up to you to see the obvious red spread across his cheeks. “I’m sorry…” “Why are you apologizing?” You said while laughing. You kissed his cheek and it made his eyes go wide. “Let’s go sit down.” You said and walked off to the tree.

You sat down and Yoongi followed, his face still flushed pure red. “But why did you run off suddenly?” You asked. “I saw a stand that was crowded and I couldn’t help buy one too.” Yoongi reached his hands into the bag and took out a metal bracelet. You looked at it carefully and smiled widely. There was a small piece of metal that’s in a shape of a sugar cube hanging off the chains. “I bought it for you….” Yoongi took your arm gently and wrapped the cold material around your wrist. You looked at it and smiled. “Thank you so much. I also have something to give you.” You took your bag and took a tube and handed it to Yoongi. He looked at you curiously and popped the cap off. He took out a paper and unrolled it. It was a pencil drawing of him looking off in the distance. “I drew it at the time we were partners in art class…” That’s the reason why you were looking at him all the time. “Wow…thank you.”

Yoongi walked you towards your house. As you were in front of your house you looked up at him with a smile. “Thank you for tonight…” You thanked him but he was still looking at you. He quickly planted his lips on yours, making it a quick peck.

It made your eyes widened, and he misunderstood your expression. “I-Im sorry! I-I don’t’ know what I was thinking. Ahh..w-” You silence him when you grabbed his shirt and pulled him into a real kiss. Yoongi relaxed and responded to your kiss. His stomach doing multiple flips. You pulled away and loosened the grip on his T-shirt. “I’ll see you at school.” That was the last thing you said before you entered you house. Making Yoongi walking home with a giant smile on his face.