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That great thing about cast recordings is when people listen to them before they see a musical. They stage their own unique version of the musical all in their heads! How the characters react the dance breaks..EVERYTHING!! I don't know about you but I think it's magical that one musical can have so many different versions because of what people create in their heads. And that is what makes musical theatre magical!

me, when i have a slightly better day than normal: and i also want to thank michael arden for not directing word of your body (reprise) as comedic, bless you 

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My top 5 songs from Heathers.

1. Candy Store: It’s just. So good. So fun. So camp. Je adore.

2. Our Love Is God: Simply, it’s beautiful.

3. Dead Girl Walking: If you ever want to get hyped for something, listen to this song.

4. Seventeen: A+ harmonies

5. I Am Damaged: “You look like Hell.” “I just got back.”

(I just realized how much I need to listen to this musical again…)