spring awakening 2nt

That moment when you hear a song from your favourite musical in public and you have to physically restrain yourself from acting it out, with full facial expression, like you normally do in your bedroom….

Spring Awakening 30 Day Challenge

Day 23-Your Favorite Set Piece

The Coffin

I don’t know if that sounds morbidly weird but it’s in the 2NT set design and it’s a tiny coffin with a glass top and a childs suit inside with the sleeves folded across the lap. I didn’t understand it at the time when I was just sitting there waiting for the show to start but afterwards I realized it was for Moritz. The folded sleeves, “You fold his hands, and smooth his tie,” and the fact that it was not an adult suit really put it in perspective and made me think that even though the actor may be 18/19 the character is only 14 and it had so much more signifigance after that.