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Oh man those prompts are so good though. Maybe 20 for KaiShin?

From this list of soulmate AUs.

20 the one where you don’t know your soulmate until you hear them say your name.

One of the first disappointments Shinichi ever gets in his life is when Ran writes his name on the sakura badge she’s just made for him. She has such a cute expression on her face, penning out the childish hiragana with her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth, her focus almost entirely on making sure the lines don’t waver. She’s got absurdly good writing for her age, better than his, even. He’s jealous.

She speaks his name slowly as she writes, but he doesn’t feel that warm burn deep inside that supposedly comes with a soulmate saying your name.

It doesn’t stop his crush.

It does stop his blind faith in the concept of soulmates.

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Picking a Queen

A/N: it’s a lil cheesy at the end

Today was the day. Both Dan and Phil both dreaded it. It was the day Prince Philip Lester, had to pick his queen.

You see, at an early age of thirteen, Dan worked as a servant for the royal family. Now at age twenty, he was their most trusted servant. But nobody knew that Prince Phil had asked Dan to be his boyfriend at age fifteen. They had been best friends for two years, and of course their love bloomed like flowers in the spring. They both knew this day would come, and they had talked about it many times, always ending in tears. They knew they would probably loose each other once Phil got married, but they didn’t want to think about that.

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lmao I literally just found these notes from last semester, sorry(not)

after Alchera, Kaidan spends some time stationed on Earth. It’s part of the whole “break up the crew and ground who you can” thing that the Alliance inexplicably did. So Kaidan’s in like, recruiting for awhile.

Thing is, he’s stationed in the city (earthborn)Shepard grew up in.

Which he doesn’t know until the news breaks to the public.

The only reason he finds out is because an army of teenagers and twenty-somethings that Shep helped in the past spring out of the shadows and cover the city in murals in less than a week. Everywhere you look, there are massive images of Shepard- Shep at age 7 covered in dirt and soot, Shep at age 14 helping kids, Shep at age 16 punching someone in the face, Shep at 18 right before they left, recreations of Shep’s military portraits. Absolutely everywhere. It’s like Shepard became the patron saint of that city.

And Kaidan is right in the middle of it. Staring every day at a face that has the same features, the same eyes, the same scar as Shepard, but is wilder and more angry than he ever saw them. Constantly surrounded by a Shepard that he never met. Hounded by the fact that they never had enough time to really get to know each other.

He hates it. He hates every moment. Every time he raises his eyes off the sidewalk, it’s another knife in his heart.

One day he stumbles upon a kid no more than 19, crouched at the bottom of a massive portrait, spray paint in hand. He’s too morbidly curious to just walk away. Eventually he asks the kid why everyone’s painting the murals, why it’s usually teenaged Shepard. without missing a beat, the kid says “to bring Shepard back.”

the kid explains that it’s kind of a superstition among the kids that were on the streets with Shepard. If you did anything to piss them off, they’d invariably show up- even back from the dead- to smack you. And Shepard always said they never wanted to be remembered as a street rat. What better way to piss them off then to paint their portrait- their street rat image- over every surface in the city?

It was an odd act of desperation. Shepard was as much a hero to these kids as to Kaidan.

He couldn’t bring himself to hate the painters, after that. They wanted Shepard back as much as he did.

But that didn’t stop it from hurting.

the day he was transferred was the most relief he’d felt in almost a year.


And it is here, dear reader, that we come to meet him as he nears the age of three-and-twenty, his last marriageable season in clear view as a road on the horizon, and thus we may begin to unfold a most unusual tale, which may be instructive and enlightening in its own way, about how love may spring up in the strangest of places.

By Providence, Impoverished, by Poose


this is going to be super long oOps


* = nsfw


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5sos as seasons (summer, autumn, winter,spring)

5sos as places






harry potter


You had a terrible life back in the Enchanted Forest, no parents or orphanage to care for you, the fact that you survived to be sixteen was a miracle.

An even bigger miracle was that you were a natural with magic. You had been able to use magic for as long as you could remember. You used it to steal food and keep warm.

One day you heard some old spinsters talking about these magical beans, that will take you away to new lands. While they spun I used my magic to take two of their beans.

You ran deep into the forest to a clearing were you often slept if you couldn’t find actual shelter.

You closed your eyes and thought of a place where there will be no worries, no rich or poor, no fears. A place you could stay forever and ever.

That place in mind you threw down the bean and watched in amazement as the portal opened. You looked around a bid a silent goodbye to this dreaded place before  jumping through the portal.

It felt strange, not like painful like needles, but itchy like ants crawling all over. After about a minute you landed on a beach.

The place was beautiful, and peaceful, and you felt at home.

‘This is it, my home, I will call it…Neverland.’ you smiled.

As the years passed you realized that you never aged, and your magic was much stronger here, so was the power of your imagination.

You thought up the spring that could heal anything so long as the person never left, you thought of the deadliest poison Dreamshade. You used the second bean you took and planted it, soon growing a field, so that you could if you wished travel to other realms. Bit by bit you created everything that made Neverland the magical place it was.

After about twenty you became lonely, you created a grand portal that anyone who felt the way you had before could come to Neverland. Sadly because the portal was so vast and required so much power she would have it closed off during the day and only opened it at night to keep from draining yourself.

You got a lot of boys who would come and play all night, enjoying the land with no worries or consequences. You would always send them back to their homes, because eventually they miss home.

You send them home believing it had all been a dream.

It was like that for years and years, boys coming and going every night.

Until one boy came back a man, and he remained a boy.

His name was Peter Pan.

soulmates au 

(I was initially inspired by this piece, and I’ve had the idea since spring - ks month finally gave me the opportunity to put everything into words) 

Summary:  everyone has a soulmate, but their marks are sealed as they enter the academy. The seals are only to be released when one passes the jonin exam, or when one turns the legal age of twenty. 

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Compass Rose

Pairing: Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson

Setting: Canon-divergent AU

Word Count: 908

She’s thirteen.

She kisses Draco Malfoy in a winter-empty courtyard overlooking the lake, under the mottled grey-lavender sky of the very early morning, and it’s—

It’s lackluster.

He tastes like peppermint toothpaste and the muddy remnants of a too-quick cup of tea. She can barely feel the outline of his shoulders beneath the weight of his quidditch jersey. There’s an uncomfortable moment of teeth clacking and lips catching, a hovering sort of awkwardness she wouldn’t have ever expected from him. Certainly, the cloying, sandalwood-spicy scent of his cologne is practically suffocating as she breathes in, breathes out, attempts to tilt her face to the side enough that his nose isn’t pressed right up against her own.

“Um,” she says, afterwards, when they’ve each taken a step back. “Good luck, then?”

He glances away, down towards the pitch, and then nods, jerkily. A dark pink blush stains his cheeks.

“Not like I need luck against Potter,” Draco sneers. “Honestly.”

Privately, she disagrees.

She’s sixteen.

She kisses Theodore Nott in a skinny, snow-banked alley between a bookshop and an apothecary, the air crisp and the breeze cold and the silky grey fur of her collar butterfly-soft against her jaw. He’s tall. She isn’t. They don’t quite fit, and he doesn’t quite know what he’s doing.

“You’re not even trying,” she hisses, afterwards, grabbing his hand and placing it firmly on the curve of her waist. “What are you—”

Suddenly, the atmosphere changes. Turns tense and vaguely expectant. Theo is stiff, frozen—a lanky, sweater-vested Grecian statue with milky freckles and a complexion like the petals of a sunflower—as he gapes at something behind her.

She spins around.

Harry Potter is standing at the far end of the alley, eyebrows raised and glasses slightly foggy. A twitch of a smirk is curling like cigarette smoke around the edges of his mouth. He’s smug. His gaze, when it flicks over to her, is sharp with disdain. Condescension. It reminds her of the broom polish in Draco’s trunk and the antique German cuckoo clock in the Malfoy drawing room and the sweltering, fear-tinged certainty that she’s never really belonged.

Instinctively, she lifts her chin.

Potter offers her a sarcastic sort of salute before turning on his heel and walking off.

“How tiresome,” she eventually snaps, rolling her eyes and tugging at the buttons of her coat. “We officially live in a world where Potter is more interested in what I get up to than Draco is.”

She’s seventeen.

She’s the scabs on her knees and the blood on her palms and the scratch of her tonsils kissing as her throat transforms into a rusted-shut padlock and she shouts—

“But, he’s there! Potter’s there! Someone grab him!”

It’s an origin story.

It’s not a plot twist.

She’s eighteen.

She kisses Harry Potter under the green leaves and red berries of the mistletoe, echoing tunnel-vision fragments of go away and of course I’m not sorry and I’d do lots of things over again if I had the chance and it’s—

It’s the firewhisky on her tongue and the butterbeer on his, molten-gold strands of honey and red-hot shivers of cinnamon, a tantalizing flicker of something traveling up and down her spine. She’s the emerald green stripes on her perfectly pressed tie and he’s the scattered ink-stained wrinkles on his long-sleeved cotton t-shirt and there’s symmetry, there’s balance, there’s the narrow windswept wire beneath the feet of a tightrope walker, a breeze and a wobble and a catch.

There’s her side; there’s his.

There’s this, her fingers in his hair and his hands around her waist and the slow, instinctive open-close-open of their mouths as it all escalates.

Moves faster.

There’s the shadows stretching past midnight in the alcove off the sixth-floor landing. There’s the cool castle wall against her back, a shaky, callused palm sliding up the inside of her thigh and pausing, lingering, the metallic clang of his belt buckle and the swishing whisper of her skirt and a memory, glue-tacky and faded, drawing room lessons with her mother and her nanny and wait until there’s a ring on your finger, Pansy

She’s soft; a dizzy, dizzy mist; a hesitant spring shower in the middle of December.

He’s the lightning bolt on his forehead.

He always has been.

“This—this was a mistake,” he blurts out, afterwards, and then winces. “I don’t mean…”

“It was,” she agrees, cutting him off with a brief toss of her hair. “Absolutely.”

His stare is no less penetrating for all its confusion. “Er. Right,” he says, blinking rapidly. “Absolutely.”

He’s curious.

She hadn’t anticipated that.

She’s twenty-one.

She’s six years past the age of leaving lipstick print kisses on her bathroom mirror—sticky crimson and garden-fresh pink and bruised, buttery violet—but she does it today. The cellophane wrapper of a muggle brand pregnancy test is crinkling at her from the tissue-paper depths of her wastebasket.

I love you, he’d said the night before, and he’d meant it.

Meanwhile, her toes had curled with reflexive urgency into the summer-warm cocoon of her sheets. Because if the dungeons at Hogwarts had been a cage, and the snarling serpent pendant on her necklace had been a call to arms, then the sparkling solitaire diamond in his bedside drawer would be the fluttering white flag of a surrender. A truce. A ceasefire.

Once upon a time, she’d been pure enough to pet a unicorn.

Early Poems of William Morris.
Illustrated by Florence Harrison.
New York
Dodge Publishing Company
214-220 East Twenty-Third Street.

“… In that garden fair
Came Launcelot walking ; this is true, the kiss
Wherewith we kissed in meeting that spring day,
I scare dare talk of the remember’d bliss.”

-The Defence of Guenevere, p.8.

This then was the coming event that cast its shadow over last night’s miserable thoughts. Byron has become one of the people of the grave – that miserable conclave to which the beings I loved best belonged. I knew him in the bright days of youth, when neither care nor fear had visited me – before death had made me feel my mortality, and the earth was the scene of my hopes. Can I forget our evening visits to Diodati? Our excursions on the lake, when he sang the Tyrolese hymn, and his voice was harmonized with the wind and waves? Can I forget his attentions and consolations to me during my deepest misery? Never… albe – the dear, capricious, fascinating albe – has left this desert world. God grant that I may die young! A new race is springing about me. At the age of twenty-six, I am in the condition of an aged person. all my old friends are gone. I have no wish to form new.
—  Mary Shelley’s journal, May 15, 1824  

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for the writing stuff thing: harry as a cop's son and pansy as a mafia daughter and the rest is up to you tbqh


  • harry and pansy have a history, sort of–they were in the same sixth grade class until pansy’s overprotective father got paranoid and moved her to the private school across town, right?
  • but harry doesn’t remember her, really, not that well, just that she’d been dropped off in the mornings in a jet-black s-class mercedes with bullet proof windows and a white-gloved oddly young driver with a russian accent and a name tag that read antonin.
  • anyway, he hadn’t liked her, even at 11, because she’d made a show of announcing how incompetent and untrustworthy and stupid the police were when harry’s dad had come in for career day, and she’d dumped an entire cup of chocolate-vanilla swirl pudding all down the front of hermione’s commemorative state spelling bee t-shirt, and she’d been friends with draco malfoy, who everyone knew was the only son of the most corrupt mayoral candidate in history.
  • so.
  • harry barely remembers her, is his point.
  • regardless, a decade later, his remarkably thorough background check for the police academy includes a seemingly unimportant note about a possible connection to pansy parkinson and then he’s being offered–”you can decline, harry, you don’t have to prove anything”–a top-secret highly difficult undercover assignment to infiltrate the parkinson crime family.
  • he accepts, of course.
  • which is how he finds himself carrying a distressed leather satchel, and wearing a pair of too-snug corduroy hipster jeans, and standing at the back of a lecture hall for a sex & sexuality lecture while he looks for–
  • there she is.
  • and he doesn’t know what he was expecting, because she doesn’t look any different from her surveillance photos, but seeing her in person–dark red lipstick and blunt-cut bangs and an expression that shouts boredom just as much as it does dangerous–it sets harry’s nerves on edge in a way he hadn’t anticipated. at all.
  • still, he’s on a mission, so he drops into the empty seat next to her, shoots her the lopsided smile he’d practiced in his bathroom mirror for twenty minutes that morning, and nervously clicks and unclicks his ballpoint pen. 
  • she stares at him for a moment too long, eyes narrowed, lashes thick and sooty with mascara, and then she smirks. harry’s mouth dries out. 
  • “you’re at least a little believable,” she drawls, and even though her tone is lazy, languid, her posture is stiff and her gaze is sharp and harry absolutely cannot fathom how off-balance he suddenly feels. “the last one they sent was, like, practically middle-aged, right, he had a trucker hat on, like, sorry it’s not spring break ‘95, sirius, your aarp card’s in the mail, though! ugh. hate cops, honestly.” she stops, tilts her head to the side, considers harry with a molasses-slow sweep of her eyes across his face, his jaw, his chest, lower–”no offense. i’m sure you’re wonderful at your…job.”
  • and harry knows that, right now, this situation can go one of two ways; he could nod, and grimace, and make his escape back to the station, and pretend none of this ever happened. it would be fine. he would be fine.
  • or.
  • or.
  • he could pay more attention than he probably should to the hot, churning lurch in his gut. the violet lace strap of her bra peeking out of her jacket. the curve of her waist and the length of her legs and the intriguing, slightly chipped corner of peacock-blue nail polish on her ring finger and nowhere else.
  • and he could shift in his seat.
  • he could lick his lips.
  • he could tell her–
So Powerful

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Summary: Songfic based off of Ellie Goulding and Major Lazer’s song Powerful, check it out. Liam x Reader

Warning: Age gap (college x high school) 

Oh my my my what you do to me

Like lightning when I’m swimming in the sea

From the very first time we loved

From the very first time we touched

You sat in the small cafe that sat on the edge of town. It was spring break but you weren’t out like the other college kids. Nope, you were back home in Beacon Hills, tirelessly pouring over your term paper that was due at the end of the week. Your brows creased in concentration as you turned to the next page of your twenty page essay. You let out a tired sigh as you took a sip of your coffee, setting it back down on the small table you sat at. You tapped your red pen against your lips as you read over your writing for the fifth time that day. It had to be perfect.

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[TRANS] ‘Scene Playbill’: On My Way Home: Musical “In the Heights" - Kim Sunggyu ONLY

Thank you for making time for us when INFINITE is having a comeback this week. You must be extremely busy. We’re also really sorry that we left you under the blazing sun even though you probably didn’t get to sleep much.
It’s okay. I think I slept 2-3 hours. Our album came out yesterday and we also had a showcase. I had an extremely busy day because I had to stop by the practice room to correct some things and stuff. Now that I’m here, this place reminds me of my hometown, Jeonju. There’s also a famous supermarket in Jeonju that sells beer and dry food like here.

One of your INFINITE members, Dongwoo, is also coming out on the same musical as you despite it being a busy season. You must feel burdened.
I do feel burdened because our album promotion and musical practice sessions overlap. I’m worried that I’ll inconvenience INFINITE or the musical, since it’s not easy to adjust both schedules. But no matter what, I will go to all the practice sessions regularly. And of course, work hard on our album promotion.

What is your reason for coming out on ‘In the Heights’ despite your busy schedule?
When I first got the offer, I watched the Broadway performances on Youtube. It was really refreshing compared to the musicals that I’ve watched so far. I thought it’d be very fun, since the music and the choreography were also refreshing. And I really liked this song called ‘When the Sun Goes Down’, which is a duet sang by Benny and Nina when they confess their love for one another. I really wanted to sing it, and then I found out that the producer was Lee Jina-teacher, who was also the producer of the ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’, the musical that I first was in. I was really lost, since that was my first time in a musical, and she really helped me out.

When I first heard about the confirmed list of the cast for ‘In the Heights’, I was most curious about you out of all the Benny’s. With ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’ and ‘Vampire’, which you performed in Japan, this is your third time on a musical, isn’t it? Were you always interested in musicals?
To be honest, it’s not like I was interested in musicals from the beginning. I didn’t really know much about it until ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’. Maybe that was why I was able to challenge myself to do it. But since I was starting on a blank slate, I realized that musical preparation is not an easy process; it’s not something that you should start rashly, and it’s also not something that you can get used to easily. I felt really bad for the other musical actors and actresses because I couldn’t attend many practice sessions. But more than that, it was harder for me to start singing in the middle of my line. (Laugh) It was really awkward to sing while acting.

It’s expected, since it was your first time doing a musical. You must’ve felt troubled when you got so immersed in your lines and emotion but had to continue onto a song.
That was really difficult. I felt again like I approached the musical without giving it much thought, and I had a lot of regrets. The musical ended on that note for me. Maybe that’s why I started having more interest in musicals afterwards. I went and watched all the musicals that I was interested in, like ‘Dr. Zhivago’, ‘Cats’, ‘Wicked’, and etc. Kim Heesun-teacher, who is my vocal teacher, knows a lot of musical actors and actresses so she took me to a lot of musicals. She also gave me a lot of advice.

I think ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’ is a perfect musical for idols to get their foot into musicals, because it has pop songs and has a character in the musical, Jiyong, who is an idol.
But being on stage as a singer is completely different from being on stage for a musical. I’ve sang on small stages, big stages, many different stages, but musical is just really different. It’s a completely different atmosphere on stage. To me, that is very attractive. Just as I was thinking that I wanted to try another musical, I was offered ‘Vampire’. I was stubborn about doing it, even though I was on an even tighter schedule back then compared to now. We were preparing for a concert, and on top of album promotions, I would also have to practice for the musical simultaneously. I even had to fly to Japan right after our 7-day concert for the musical, but the only thought running through my head was, “I want to do this, and I want to do this well.” I worked really hard to make up for my lack of practice time, and my desire to do well also grew bigger as I performed more. Musical helped me a lot in my singing too; I can immerse myself in music more deeply now.

It must be very different from performing as a singer.
My character from ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’, Jiyong, was very free-spirited, but for ‘Vampire’, even walking was hard for me. Because I’m so used to dancing, I kept walking in time with the beat. In a musical, you have to continue doing the thing that you were doing before the music starts playing, but without knowing it, I’d start grooving to the music. (Laugh) I had a hard time because of that.

Your album ’27’, which you published this spring, signifies your age twenty-seven. When I took a look at your interviews from that period, you said in every interview that twenty-seven is like your second puberty.
I thought that twenty-seven was such an ambiguous age. It’s an age where you’re not so young, but you’re not too old. I keep thinking that I would regret it if I missed a chance or something right now. If I think back now, I had similar thoughts back when I was 17, 18. I thought I would regret it all my life if I didn’t pursue music at that time. I really wanted to become a singer. So right after graduating from high school, I came up to Seoul from Jeonju. I auditioned while living in a single-room apartment and working. I really wanted to be in the same company as Nell, the band that I looked up to a lot, so after the audition, I walked out after telling them, “You’ll regret all your life if you don’t pick me.”

It seems like your desire to be in the company that you’re in right now was great.
I guess they looked favorably upon that immature act, because I got in. And after spending two years as a trainee, I debuted as a member of INFINITE. In my high school days, there was a period of time when I would lie to pursue music. I would practice and go on competitions, and I fought a lot with my parents. In their anger they told me to get out if I wanted to continue pursuing music, which I actually did. I really wanted to pursue music. Back then, I was filled with the thought that I should at least try. I thought it would be too sad if I told my children in the future, “Daddy’s dream was to sing on stage.” So I thought I should try at least, even if I were to fail; but that desperate dream of mine became a reality.

We talked a little about dreams with YDG, but sometimes, you feel empty or even lost after achieving your dream, and that’s why you move onto your next dream. Right now, what is your dream, as a 27 year-old Kim Sunggyu?
I’ve already achieved my dream regarding my career, as in, my dream to become a singer, but there’s something that I’ve been saying habitually ever since my trainee days: I want to become a world star. (Laugh) I mean, I’ve been on a world tour and have fans in other countries, but you can’t say that I’m at that level yet. It’s still a distant dream, but I need to strive forward.

You said that you were attracted by the music of ‘In the Heights’, but how did you feel after reading the script? Your character Benny is a passionate young man who pursues his dream and is not fearful of loving someone who is different in race and social status.
I tried to find similarities between Benny and me. An honest and upright image; I can say confidently that I’ve lived an honest, upright life. …Or am I wrong? (Laugh) We’re especially similar in that we’re passionate about our dreams, and in how we live our life to our fullest. I think it’ll be important to portray the Benny in me in a natural way.

There’s a scene in the musical when Benny and other characters sing about what they’ll do if they win the lotto. What do you want to do if you win the lotto?
A trip around the world. I’ve been to a lot of countries because of the world tour, but there are still more countries that I’ve never been to. I’m a curious person, so I want to explore the unknown. I dream of traveling to the space one day. I’m serious. (Laugh)

What are looking forward to from this musical?
It’s been a while since I’ve been on a musical, so I’m extremely excited. And I’m looking forward to the practice sessions because all the actors for Usnavi are special to me in some way. My absolute favorite drama is ‘Ruler of Your Own World’, so I’ve been a fan of YDG-sunbaenim ever since I was little. So you can’t imagine how excited I am to be on stage and working together with him. It was my first time seeing him properly today, but I was really happy that he treated me comfortably at the photoshoot. And I’m glad to be with Wonyoungie-hyung, whom I’ve become close with during ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’. We acted the same role so we were together all the time back when we were practicing, but it was hard to see him after the musical started. I’m looking forward to the performances when I’ll get to act with him. And my member, Dongwoo — it’ll be fun to be with him on a musical stage, not an INFINITE stage. We’ve been talking a lot about this musical together, and I didn’t realize how much being together on a musical could strengthen me and allow me to depend on him.

It’s your third try being on a musical. As a new musical actor Kim Sunggyu — not as INFINITE Sunggyu — what do you want to show your audience?
My goal for now is to show a perfect performance as a musical actor. I want to do my best to not become a burden to the musical. I want to hear “That guy is good at musicals too,” rather than “INFINITE Sunggyu is singing on stage” from the audience. I have also been thinking more and more that I want to continue performing in musicals.

CR: sceneCLUB Media
Translated by: togetherinspirit7

Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously (2 Corinthians 9: 6)

I met Frank at the crossing of the High Street and the Gereside Road and we turned up it together. He raised his eyebrows at my purchases.

“Vases?” He smiled. “Wonderful. Perhaps now you’ll stop putting flowers in my books.”

“They aren’t flowers, they’re specimens. And it was you who suggested I take up botany. To occupy my mind, now that I’ve not got nursing to do,” I reminded him.

“True.” He nodded good-humoredly. “But I didn’t realize I’d have bits of greenery dropping out into my lap every time I opened a reference. What was that horrible crumbly brown stuff you put in Tuscum and Banks?”

“Groutweed. Good for hemorrhoids.”

“Preparing for my imminent old age, are you? Well, how very thoughtful of you, Claire.”

– Outlander

Fraser had been awake for the same twenty-four hours, but gave no apparent sign of being troubled by the fact. He was crawling busily around the spring on his hands and knees, evidently plucking some sort of weed from the water.

“What are you doing, Mr. Fraser?” Grey asked, in some bewilderment.

Fraser looked up, mildly surprised, but not embarrassed in the slightest.

“I am picking watercress, Major.”

“I see that,” Grey said testily. “What for?”

“To eat, Major,” Fraser replied evenly. He took the stained cloth bag from his belt and dropped the dripping green mass into it.

“Indeed? Are you not fed sufficiently?” Grey asked blankly. “I have never heard of people eating watercress.”

“It’s green, Major.”

In his fatigued state, the Major had suspicions that he was being practiced upon.“What in damnation other color ought a weed to be?” he demanded.

Fraser’s mouth twitched slightly, and he seemed to be debating something with himself. At last he shrugged slightly, wiping his wet hands on the sides of his breeks.

“I only meant, Major, that eating green plants will stop ye getting scurvy and loose teeth. My men eat such greens as I take them, and cress is better-tasting than most things I can pick on the moor.”

Grey felt his brows shoot up.

“Green plants stop scurvy?” he blurted. “Wherever did you get that notion?”

“From my wife!” Fraser snapped. He turned away abruptly, and stood, tying the neck of his sack with hard, quick movements.

Grey could not prevent himself asking.

“Your wife, sir — where is she?”

…“My wife is gone,” Fraser said, and turned away again, so abruptly that the movement verged on rudeness.

– Voyager

A few folks have asked about my Fountain of Youth experience.

It wasn’t so much a fountain, but a hidden natural spring in the jungle. We parked the Stan-O-War in a hidden cove and hiked a ways in before we stumbled on to it (Stanley nearly fell in!) The water was deep in this hole, and we had to traverse down these steep switchbacks on the cliff to reach it. Once we found the bottom, there was a small pebble beach with a flat stone slab. Carved in to the rock were the words “Fountain of Youth: Drink this elixir of life and regain the years passed by.” Placed by these words were empty two crystal glasses. Stanley took one, and so did I, and we walked to the water’s edge and filled the cups. Upon drinking and looking back to each other, we discovered we had both returned to the young and energetic age of twenty!

Both renewed and excited, we quickly climbed up the switchbacks and made quick work of our hike back to the ship. After sailing around the island for a bit, we heard loud music and saw the flickering of tiki-torches. I had assumed this was a deserted island, but here there appeared to be some sort of party. The place was filled with young folks, perhaps students on their Spring Break. They told us our boat was “rad” and asked us to join their celebration. Stanley and I, now appearing to be college students ourselves, decided to give in to temptation and join the party. 

I partied more than I ever have in my entire life. I never got the chance to have that experience in my actual youth; I was always too busy studying, or too introverted and shy to put myself out there. But there’s something about having the life experience and carelessness of an senior but the body of a young man. I woke up the next morning on the floor with a migraine, a sore back, and my familiar old body. Stanley found himself in the same situation.

We both agreed we needed to go back. Not to drink more (mostly), but just to pin point the coordinates and perhaps take a sample to study. This elixir of life could change the world after all! However, we were surprised to see that the place so filled with young folks the previous night seemed to be abandoned. We assumed they were hungover and sleeping, so we left quietly. 

We found the Fountain again easily enough, but were shocked to find a group of people standing below at the water’s edge! As we got closer, we realized it was the so called college students, but now they all appeared as old people! It looked like a retirement home field trip down there. (It also made me relieved I had been too shy to hook up with any of them) They saw us and called us down, admitted that they knew we were old all along, and explained that they had been living here for decades. Every twelve hours they would travel to the spring and drink, return to their young bodies, and spend all of their time drinking and partying! They invited Stanley and I to join their little community, stay young and party forever, but after the previous night, there was no way we could keep that up. Besides, we would never be able to leave and visit Gravity Falls and our family again, and neither of us wanted a dependency on this stuff. 

When we said this, to our surprise, they turned on us! They said that the fountain must be kept secret and if we were going to leave, they would kill us. Luckily, most of them hadn’t had a drink yet, and they were older than us. It’s not that hard to fight off a hoard of geriatric lunatics and 2 or 3 young people. We turned and ran out of there, both grateful that we’re in our sixties and not our nineties like all of them. We lost them, ran back to the Stan-O-War, and sailed out of there. 


Summary: In which you’re surrounded by darkness and Taehyung was your light.
Member: Taehyung X Reader
Type: Fluff/ Angst
Length: 1364 words

This isn’t a request but rather an idea that came into my head. But regardless, I hope you enjoy. :))

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The world that you knew of was bound with shades of grey. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’d be able to see silhouettes when the light hits at the right angle. Most times, you’re left alone to deal with a voice whispering deep in the abyss where no matter where you searched, there was no salvation.

You believed you first saw actual colour was a voice so deep and mellow, and you believed you saw colours so rich, you could almost touch it.

You were waiting for one of your servants to bring you down but instead, a familiar soft voice called for you. You turned your head to where the voice came from, a soft smile readied on your face. You felt your mother caressed your cheeks oh so gently before hearing her say, “We prepared company for you.”

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It was at the time of the sleighing-parties that the Queen became intimately acquainted with the Princesse de Lamballe, who made her appearance in them wrapped in fur, with all the brilliancy and freshness of the age of twenty,—the emblem of spring, peeping from under sable and ermine. Her situation, moreover, rendered her peculiarly interesting; married, when she was scarcely past childhood, to a young prince, who ruined himself by the contagious example of the Duc d'Orleans, she had had nothing to do from the time of her arrival in France but to weep.

–the memoirs of Madame Campan