spring and love


• Feb 19 •
How much do I have to miss you
How much does it have to fall like snow
For spring to come
- Spring Day (BTS)

otsara (march 21)

ostara (also spelled eostre) is the sabbat in which the first day of spring is celebrated. it symbolizes a new life and a new start, and is represented by rabbits and eggs. ostara is a great day to celebrate the changing of the warmer season, and the changing of yourself as you progress spiritually. 

as ostara becomes closer, we will begin to see changes in weather, and changes in our daily moods. these are some common herbs, colors, crystals, and food associated with this sabbat. 

-spring flowers
-lemon balm
-rose hips

-pastel green
-pastel blue
-pastel pink
-pastel yellow
-pastel purple

-clear quartz
-rose quartz

-leafy greens
-lamb dishes
-egg dishes

-start your spring garden! (herb garden)
-long walk to watch the season change
-make some rose sugar
-herbal work (herb masterpost

ok but guys don’t get me wrong… I loved the mv and I think all the boys looked amazing and did a great job… but… you gotta stan ot7 and you gotta support all of them… Jin is more than a visual and they need to stop fucking around with him 

ok but one of my favorite scenes of symbolism in the spring day mv is yoongi’s “dirty laundry” aka the pile of clothes he was on. dirty laundry refers to ones secrets they’d rather keep hidden or their personal baggage, and yoongi quite literally had a MOUNTAIN of it (possibly his depression, personal fears, etc), and he was alone at the center of it. but when light was shone on it, all the members joined him, and were even at peace with him on it. bts accepts and loves each other, dirty laundry and all