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Saturday Evening Poster Boy

Hackett Men’s Spring 2014

One of the most transcendent illustrators of the early 20th century, J. C. Leyendecker virtually invented the dapper image of the “Perfect American Male”. Before Norman Rockwell’s wholesome, family-friendly images of white-bread Americana, there was the magic of Leyendecker’s exquisite portrayals of American life. Sensual, vibrant and enchanting, Leyendecker’s drawings for the 322 covers for The Saturday Evening Post  and his various advertisements for prominent companies, brought an intrigue and a majesty to daily American life. Hackett modernized the handsome elegance and the sophistication of the impeccably-dressed men in J. C. Leyendecker’s illustrations and the vintage dashing of early 20th century ‘All-American’ menswear. 

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What A Knock Out!

Thom Browne Men’s Spring 2014 

Thom Browne’s legion of swanky cyborg militia mixed a variety of structured military coats in a variety of materials (ranging from conventional wool to elegant jacquard to S&M quality patent leather) with a smattering of Bowie-esque punk and a cornucopia of  Eighteenth-century frippery.The designer drew from a ceremonial palette of white, red, blue, black and grey and created an officious parade of well-heeled, aviator-wearing commander-clones. The cavalry of Browne’s toy soldiers bedecked in red are the preening doppelgangers of Capcom’sM. Bison, a hulking, brutish video-game villain who’s the virtually invincible cherry atop the Street-Fighter sundae.

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Pop! Goes The Weasel *

Burberry Prorsum Men’s Spring 2014

 Burberry’s men’s collection for spring was full of boyish charm and super-saturated play-school-age hues. The inspiration for the collection came in part from the paintings of famed English pop artist David Hockney. Staying true to it’s British pedigree, Burberry chose the Yorkshire bred painter’s preppy, collegiate style and his bookish sophistication. Yet playful elements like cheeky and colorful draw-string purses and polka-dot neck-scarfs point to the painter’s witty, vibrant- and very ‘pop’- perspective on life that shone through his vivid, jaunty artwork. David Hockney painted men in bright colors but in pieces that exuded polish and good breeding. The artist’s own whimsical self portrait (top photo) bears striking resemblance to the collection’s repeating mix-matched, colorful combo of jacket, button down shirt, scarf and tie. A green sweater and spread collar shirt brings to mind the stylish Mr. Clark from Mr and Mrs Clark (1970) and the brightly colored cropped jackets and blazers bring to mind the bright red coat of the blonde, tanned man peering down into the pool in Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two figures) (1971).

A music sheet acquired by the British Library in 1853 describes a dance, 'Pop! Goes the Weasel’, which was, according to the music sheet, 'An Old English Dance, as performed at Her Majesty’s & The Nobilities Balls, with the Original Music’. {taken from Wikipedia}

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Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Men’s Spring 2014

It’s the Jets v. the Sharks all over again at Sibling’s Spring ‘14 show. Playfully titled “East Side Story”, the designers put an indie, subversive, “East Side” spin on the two rivaling gangs in the musical “The West Side Story”. Each 'crew’ in the 1976 film had their own distinct style, “the sharks” had a more pulled-together, stylish look with pops of  tropical colors, fitted knits, open button-down shirts and stylish pants while  the “the jets” wore the butch-  tough-guy-mechanic look, dirty tee-shirts, sleeveless tanks, ultra-tight under-shirts and slouchy jeans. But even though each group had its own unique identity both gangs had that cool urban grit to them and  rebellious spirit. Sibling captures that urban cool and that riotous rebel yell of the two gangs with a modern, iconoclastic bend. 

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Kriss Kross Kountry

Spring’s men’s collections keep things fresh, aerodynamically sleek and free stylin’. Sporty straight-from-the-runway pieces such as suave cycling-inspired gear, Hawaiian floral-infused surfer wear, track-referenced button-down shirts in bold primary hues and jackets, pants, tops and hoodies done in tricked out, hip-hop tinged prints are all ready to J-U-M-P.

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Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give a Damn

Daks Spring 2014 menswear

In Gone With The Wind (1939) Clark Gable Oozed the thick, syrupy charm of southern gentry. Smug and self-assured, Gable strutted the line between plantation gentility and handsome, wise-cracking cad. Rakish, unruly and cavalier Rhett wore pristinely tailored suits, ascot ties and waistcoats.But the actor’s personal style was that of the 30’s jetsetter: ritzy yet classic; rugged yet tucked-in. Skin-tight knit tops and turtlenecks tucked into elegantly pleated trousers and topped off with tailored suits and soft luxuriant safari jackets. Another quite robust look synonymous with the macho actor; a fedora, suspenders and a crisp, partially unbuttoned white shirt offers a scandalous glimpse of freshly mowed chest .

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