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Spring/Summer Beach Lookbook 2014

Spring 2014 Wearable Makeup Trends: Be Cool, Still Look Normie

Every spring and summer, I see 4,000 makeup lists from magazines that scream POP O COLOR!! and just scream pop o color at you until you melt into a tiny fear puddle. A lot of the suggestions look really great on the runway or in editorials, but also look really alien and looney tunes when you’re say, meeting a friend for drinks or leaving the house at all. They’re not particularly wearable for people like me, who love makeup but are also sort of scared of people looking in the eye. Now, of course, what’s “wearable” is swimmin’ in the same pool as “bikini body” ie “put a bikini on your body, it’s a bikini body” and “if you’re wearing it, it’s wearable.” Basically, put on whatever the fuck you want and I approve. However, if you’re looking for some help or some trendy makeup looks that don’t jump straight into neon orange cheeks and green eyeshadow, I’ve compiled some more normie makeup looks for you. These are still “on trend,” but can be worn by pretty much anybody, anywhere:

1. Mermaid-y Ocean Eyes:

Elf Studio Cream Eyeliner in Teal Tease (3.00, elf stores and Target)

Stila Smudge Stick in Turquoise (20.00, Sephora)

Listen, the moment it gets hot I want to look like a mermaid, but there’s only so much sea salt shit I can spray into my hair before I just dump buckets of ocean water on my head and call it a day. This is a much simpler look and it beats wearing a clam bra, as I imagine they hurt and smell, much like me on my period. All you gotta do is smudge some turquiose, ocean blue, or teal eyeliner on your lower lash line. You can build it to be as subtle or as obvious as you like, and you can fool around with it: you can put midnight blue in your waterline and turquoise on your lower lash line, you can do a teal cat eye, or you can leave it as one simple smudged line. This also works particularly well for girls with glasses, as it makes your eyes stand out from beneath those beautiful, nerd-goddess frames. I’m kidding, don’t fetishize women with glasses just cuz they CANNOT SEE!

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It’s still a bit cold out but I’m so ready for Spring.

Check out my brand new Spring makeup tutorial inspired by the color of the year, radiant orchid. watch here: http://youtu.be/oBB4SYgPmXk