spring 2014 looks

Supplement to my Application: 

To the admissions committee: I am aware of how my grades in the spring semester of 2014 look. However, I would appreciate it if you would take under consideration the fact that I was hella depressed. 


E. Lucubrare

I guess I should share my story since I’m using Tumblr more. I have struggled with my weight my entire life. In school I was always the chubby kid. Eventually my weight started getting more out of control and once I started college, things really got bad. I gained the Freshman 15 + 40, came back home and gained even more weight.

I went to a clinic and started taking Phentermine. I lost 70+ pounds. I also suffered mood swings, barely ate food, was losing my hair, and wasn’t physically fit.

After getting married, I got pregnant and gained over 60 pounds. I carried that weight for over 2 years, then my grandmother passed away and I ate to deal with my feelings.

During the Spring of 2014 I looked in a mirror and didn’t recognize myself. I decided I had to change and I needed to do it in that moment. I decided to do it the old fashioned way: healthy diet and regular exercise. 7 months later I have lost 71 pounds. I don’t always eat perfectly or want to workout. I make mistakes, but I refuse to quit and that is how I’ve been successful.

In the next episode when Ward is deciding to save the day or help John, Buddy will appear before him in the clouds

Grant, he will say.

Buddy? Grant will ask.

Grant, Buddy will say.  You have forgotten me.

No! Grant will protest.  How could I?

You have forgotten yourself, and so forgotten me.  Buddy will say.  Look inside yourself, Grant.  You are more than what you have become.  You must take your place in the circle of life.

How can I go back? Grant will ask.  I’m not who I used to be!

The clouds will begin to circle while the music swells.  At this point, everyone on the Bus is just really confused as to what’s going on.  Like FitzSimmons are in the oceans staring up at the clouds like “Is that…a labrador retriever?” and on the Bus Skye is like “everyone hears that music right I’m not crazy”

Grant ignores all that

Remember who you are, Buddy will tell him.  And then he will begin to fade away while Grant says No!  Buddy, don’t leave me!  Don’t leave me.

And at this point everyone has taken like 30 steps away from him because holy fuck Ward’s gone full lion king

Coulson looks at Garrett and is like “did you fucking drug him” and Garrett is like “did you??? You think this shit is my fault?” Meanwhile the music is still going and Buddy saying Remember can still be heaed echoing while Grant sadly paws at the Bus window