Talk to me about two-year-post-strike Jack Kelly coming to Pulitzer’s personal apartment after both of their working hours unannounced while he knows Katherine’s still up to her elbows in work at the Sun.

Talk to me about Jack Kelly humbly sitting down in the chair in front of the man he has barely spoken a word to since the strike and calmly asking for his blessing to marry his daughter.

Talk to me about Pulitzer being absolutely appalled and making accusations about how Jack is terribly unfit to do this financially before Jack quietly retorts that he has been saving up for a long, long, long time and presents that he already went out and bought her the prettiest ring in all of Manhattan.

Talk to me about Jack Kelly beginning to beg but being cut off as Pulitzer shakes his head and rants off about Jack’s repuatation and criminal history and the horrible timing and how Katherine deserves much better.

Talk to me about Jack Kelly eventually sprining onto his feet as Pulitzer is mid-sentence and shouting. Not an argument. But a decree.

“I get it. I know about the past. I know there is no way in hell that I would ever truly deserve her. But just let go of the grudge, will you? I came here today because I am in love with your daughter, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make sure I never have to leave her side. If that means putting up with you for the rest of eternity, fine by me. I just want her to be happy. I can tell you right now that there is no other guy in all of New York that would treat her and respect her and love her the way I do. So I’m still not what she deserves. But I’m trying to be that guy every single day. I want nothing more than for her to be happy. Can’t you just want that for your own daughter?”

Talk to me about Jack Kelly choking up halfway through because he makes that realization.

“That’s just it, isn’t it? I’ll never be good enough?”

Talk to me about Jack Kelly throwing the ring down on the coffee table in front of a speechless Pulitzer and storming out of the apartment.

Talk to me about a week going by. Talk to me about Katherine getting more and more stressed out over work. Talk to me about Pulitzer trying to isolate her from him.

Talk to me about the wall protecting Katherine’s anxieties coming crumbling down down when she finally sees him again and hugs him and almost sobs into his shoulder and he holds her for a very long time.

Talk to me about him comforting her all that day.

Talk to me about him walking her home at night.

Talk to me about the giddiness and the sweetness and the vulnerability she only allows herself to be around him.

Talk to me about a stolen passionate kiss at the doorstep.

Talk to me about a small package that comes to the Manhattan Lodging House doorstep that next morning.

Talk to me about the return adress of the New York World World Office.

Talk to me about the old newspaper carefully cushioning the beautiful diamond ring and a handwritten note.

“I just want her to be happy.”

Kakki : Kei, from Kei-san. Wait a little bit. Someone commented “Your tuft is springing up from your hair (surface)”. Wait, is it? Is this it? No, no, that’s not this. This is stylish.

I love how Kakki can make fun of everything. He’s so precious♡

アホ毛 - ahoge - it means that tufts are sprining up from hair here and there, or frizz
My translation might not be completely right. My English isn’t really good, so I’m sorry.

I don’t usually do this, but I’m gonna break y'all off a little preview of the pizza:

Baby’s first ‘homemade’ pizza, with garlic alfredo sauce base, tomato and garlic Field Roast, and cubed avocado on A Pizza Scholls dough and mozzarella. Accompanied by Sprine made with Mexican Sprite and Yellow Tail cab sav.

Date Night is shaping up nicely. Also, date night is where I eat in bed and watch Netflix. Also, Date Night is Every Night.

Kickboxing - Protective!5sos

Requested - yes

bckups - “Hiii. Could I have protective!5sos where you train kickboxing and the boys are rly close to you and are worried you’re pushing yourself too hard with all the training so the day you come over after practice for pizza or whatever and they see you sprained your ankle or got a bruise on your face accidentally of course they get all worried and take care of you? Pls I know it’s kinda complicated ily”

A/N: This one’s cute aww

[Y/L/N] = Your Last Name

Word Count - 677

They’re always worrying about you for one thing or another, those 4 Australian boys who have claimed the title of your best friends. They worry about everything, when you were still at school it was the results you were getting on tests, then it got onto the people you dated or were friends with and now that you’re pursuing kickboxing it’s that. If you so much as arrive home with a pulled muscle in your neck they get all flustered, but they are good friends.

A few months ago when you needed to move out they suggested that the 5 of you rent a house together, that way when you’re struggling with money they can be there to help you out. Even through all of this, however, they still haven’t seen you practice.

“Wow,” you hear a voice say during your 4 hour training session.

You turn your head to see the boys wandering in and looking around the high tech gym in amazement. They’ve always been gym rats, not as much as you but gym rats all the same, it must be their heaven here. 

“What the hell are you lot doing here I’ll be home in,” you check the time, “3 hours”

“We were bored, wanted to see you in action,” Luke says, they still haven’t looked at you yet so you climb out of the ring and take off your gloves as your coach hands you a towel and your bottle of water.

“Holy shit,” Michael gulps being the first to see you in your training gear.

All you’re wearing is a pair of shorts, and a sports bra with the usual safety stuff so you’re flattered when they all stare at you.

“You like?” you chuckle.

“How haven’t we seen you like that before?” Calum says.

“Because you’ve never stopped by to see me train,” you reply.

“Well we’re here now, care to give us a run through or something?” Ashton suggests.

“Only 5 minutes, I’ve got a competition coming up and I need to focus,” you say.

“[Y/L/N], Smith, you’re up,” the coach calls.

“What’s this?” Luke questions.

“Practice fight,” you answer taking a swig of water and tossing your towel at them.

Your body is still glistening with sweat as you step up into the ring again and sort yourself out. You’re pretty good at kickboxing so the fight is pretty easy along with the fact that Smith isn’t really that good. Still it entertains you when  the boys flinch more than you do.

“That looks really dangerous, [Y/N],” Calum says as the boy prepares to leave.

“It’s perfectly safe, don’t you worry, just go home and I’ll be home soon,” you see them off before returning to your training.

However safe kickboxing is there is still the risk of injury, nothing is ever too serious since there’s medics on hand but after today’s training you eave with a sprained ankle and a fairly sore cut lip and bruised cheek due to a kick to the face. It looks worse than it is though, but you know the boys are going to overreact.

“Our star boxer is home,” Calum calls sprining up from the sofa but he freezes as soon as he takes one look at your face. “Holy shit, [Y/N], your face”

“It’s nothing,” you laugh walking in, limping slightly.

“And what happened to your ankle?” he questions.

“I only sprained it, I’m fine honest,” you reassure.

“No you’re not, here sit down,” he instructs placing a pillow on the table for your foot.

“What’s going on,?” Michael shouts down the stairs followed by the other two boys.

“[Y/N] is hurt,” Calum says.

“No I’m not, it’s nothing,” you tell them.

“This doesn’t look like nothing,” Ashton adds. “We’ll get you some ice, you just rest”

You stop objecting after about half an hour as you realize that they’re practically willing to do anything for you at this point and they spend the duration of the night fetching you whatever you need and pampering you.


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