The beautiful Andromeda Galaxy is often imaged by planet Earth-based astronomers. Also known as M31, the nearest large spiral galaxy is a familiar sight with dark dust lanes, bright yellowish core, and spiral arms traced by blue starlight. A mosaic of well-exposed broad and narrow-band image data, this colorful, premier portrait of our neighboring island universe offers strikingly unfamiliar features though, faint reddish clouds of glowing ionized hydrogen gas in the same wide field of view. Still, the ionized hydrogen clouds likely lie in the foreground of the scene, well within our Milky Way Galaxy. They could be associated with the pervasive, dusty interstellar cirrus clouds scattered hundreds of light-years above our own galactic plane. If they were located at the 2.5 million light-year distance of the Andromeda Galaxy they would be enormous, since the Andromeda Galaxy itself is 200,000 or so light-years across.

Image Credit &Copyright:Rogelio BernalAndreo(Deep Sky Colors)

Time And Space

With every exhalation energy expands and circulates upward upon the inhale energy is condensed into the higher heart. When the chakra column activates, energy spiral connections begin to form within and then between higher levels of identity along set arc pathways. The energy flows continue to ascend to the extent that the embodied entity is able to harmonize with those movements. The identity can then temporarily lock into a higher position and perceive, experience, and strengthen connections with other dimensional or density levels.

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It is 8:08pm here and I am thinking about way to much most about how school will be the end of me... And the fact that I am in a depressive sprial also memes. ❤️

School, doesn’t end you. It will just beat you up as you grow. Also talk to someone if you feel depressed it will help. I care about you. Stay happy xox

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