anonymous asked:

How do you feel about spree picky? I have ordered from there before, and the items were good quality, but I cannot tell if it is just a taobao site like my lolita dress. The pictures for a lot of the outfits are the same.

From what I’ve been able to gather Spree Picky is a TaoBao reseller. They aren’t quite like My Lolita Dress though because MLD actually tells you the TaoBao shop things are coming from while it doesn’t appear that Spree Picky does which is my biggest problem with them. This becomes an issue because whenever you see a Spree Picky review it’ll be for the whole order even if the items may have come from different shops and since you don’t know the shop names you can’t research them separately. 

oni-shiomimayumi  asked:

So, mission kawaii is a fake site stealing from Spreepicky?

According to them, they used an app called Spocket which will automatically list items in their Shopify from Etsy stores.  Spocket tells users explicitly that they have to have permission to do this before they even sign up, they have to ask the shops if they can resell their items.  You can’t just go into the app and add anything you want and mark it up 50%.  They claimed Spocket would get our consent automatically, but you can see on Spocket’s website that they do not.

The main issue is that they didn’t ask for permission from any of the artists’ shops they used and then claimed that we were all aware and affiliated with them (this is what they told a ‘model’ that commented on my Facebook and what they told me when I asked about it on their FB page under my personal Facebook page, not realizing I was the owner of a shop they ripped off).  They may have legitimate contracts with some of the brands, but definitely not from me or the shop owner who notified me.  I’d never even heard of or from them until it was brought to my attention that my items were being listed on a shop that wasn’t mine.

In the code of the Mission Kawaii shop, you can see the actual Shopify username for the redirected URL.  Missionkawaii(dot)co(dot)uk is a redirect url that was purchased separately to redirect to the Shopify site, that’s why when you type spree-picky-uk (dot)myshopify(dot)com, it goes to the Mission Kawaii shop, but the shop name is hidden by the url redirect with cloaking (a basic service you can get with any domain name purchase). 

This in itself isn’t the issue, it’s claiming to have no idea that the username for their shop, which they registered like everyone who gets a Shopify account does, references another shop that they have nothing to do with. 

I don’t know why they did that for sure, but why do you think they’d use another popular shop’s username in their url without being affiliated?  Then, they claimed to not know why that username shows up in the shop code and then linked a Shopify sign up page as their username.  I mean, ok, that’s not how it works, but ok.  They didn’t realize the username was still referenced in the page source (viewable on any site by right clicking and viewing the source), I guess. 

TLDR; They’re using Spree Picky’s name and meta information, but they were selling artists’ items at 50% markup and claimed that we all knew and were ok with it and that they don’t make any money from our products, (lmao, ok).  The meta part is ok, because it’s a popular keyword and smart SEO, but if they knew enough about that, why are they claiming ignorance over their own username?  It is a mystery.  This is why I mistakenly thought that Spree Picky was behind the site, but they are not.

Literally all of this drama could be spared if they’d just asked for permission instead of taking.