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When exactly did the character type “person who provides serial killers with the resources or push to be better at their crimes“ become a “thing“? Like, that’s how Moriarty is depicted in the first season of Sherlock (a move away from his depiction in almost every every version as a supervillain/gangster), that’s been an implied thing of Hannibal Lecter’s since the books though it’s more prominent in his TV show, and there’s Makishima in Psycho-Pass (enables serial killers, terrorists and spree killers as his bizarre way of fighting against the dystopia he lives in).

Admittedly both the Moriarty and Makishima examples borrow heavily from Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker from the Dark Knight (albeit far less manic and more focused in Makishima’s case), it does seem curious that this would be a character type that seems to have only really have appeared in the last decade or so.

I don’t know, maybe it’s due to a people being more connected these days, so just two people on opposite sides of the globe can gush about their love of the same book, it’s easier for immoral people to enable each other via the same idea or something.


On the evening of November 14, 1974, police were called to a house in Amityville, Suffolk County, New York after 23 year old Ronald ‘Butch’ DeFeo burst into a local bar and declared his entire family had been shot. There, the police discovered six dead bodies - the entire DeFeo family save one. Mother and father, two brothers and two sisters had been shot with a high-powered rifle as they slept in their beds.
When Ronald DeFeo was questioned, he seemed distraught, and he suggested that the man responsible might be Louis Fatini, a Mafia mobster whom Butch claimed had a grudge against his father.

Butch was a hot-tempered young man, a drug addict with  known interest in firearms - he had once turned a loaded shotgun on one of his best friends. On more than one occasion, he had threatened to kill his father - the last occasion being less than a week before the killings. Although Butch provided a detailed alibi, some of it did not make sense.

Eventually the truth emerged. Early on the morning of November 14, Butch had taken his .35 calibre Martin rifle, gone to his parents’ bedroom and fired two shots into his father, and two shots into his mother. He then moved on to his brothers’ bedroom and killed both John and Mark with a single shot. Finally he entered the room where his sisters slept and killed them.

At his trial a year later, Butch had claimed that strange voices in his head compelled him to commit the murders and his counsel attempted to enter a plea of insanity. Butch told the court: “When I get a gun in my hand, there’s no doubt in my mind who I am. I am God.” There was clear evidence, however, that in the aftermath of the killing he had acted with considerable cunning - throwing his own bloodstained clothes down a storm drain. This was not considered by the jury to be an action of a madman. He was found guilty and sentenced to death from 25 years to life on all six counts of murder.

Earth, humanity, HERE. thats mostly what I think about. I hate it. I want to be free…. free… I thought it would have been time by now. the pain multiplies infinitely. never stops
—  Dylan Klebold

Martin Bryant was a spree killer who committed his crimes in Port Arthur, Australia. Bryant packed a sports bag loaded with several rifles, a hunting knife, two sets of handcuffs, a rope, a large amount of ammunition, a video camera, and a container of gasoline. He had lunch at a cafe, and after he finished he set the video camera up on a nearby table and began shooting other patrons of the cafe with a semiautomatic rifle. He killed 20 people and injured several others, then left the cafe and murdered 4 more people, against wounding others passing by. Bryant drove towards the nearby tollbooth and killed a woman and her two children walking beside the road. He drove a few hundred yards closer to the tollbooth and killed three men in a car. He approached another car with a couple inside, forced the man into the trunk of his car, and shot the woman.

Continuing his rampage, Bryant drove to the Seascape Cottage where he fired at several cars within his sight. He then removed his guns from the car and took a male hostage inside the house and handcuffed the man a stair rail. Bryant returned outside and poured gasoline over his car and set it on fire. He then reentered the cottage, which was owned by a Mr and Mrs Martin, against whom he held a grudge. When police arrived to find Bryant barricade inside the cottage, they believed he could have as many as three people hostage (the man he abducted from the tollbooth and the Martins). Thus, they were cautious as to how to approach the situation. The next morning, after several negotiations between the police and Bryant throughout the night, Bryant set the cottage on fire. As he ran out of the cottage with his clothes ablaze, the police captured him. In all he had killed 35 people and injured 18 in over 19 hours time.


John Zawahri, responsible for the 2013 Santa Monica Shootings

Zawahri murdered his father and brother with an AR-15 type rifle, then set fire to his home. At gunpoint, he then pulled over a woman driving a Mazda hatchback, and ordered her to drive him to the Santa Monica college library. Zawahri fired at a city bus, a police cruiser, and a Ford Explorer, before finally arriving at the campus. 

Zawahri entered the library, and engaged police in a shootout in which he was subsequently killed. Officers dragged his dead body outside to the sidewalk and found that he was carrying 1300 rounds of .223 ammunition (including approximately 30 loaded magazines, plus additional loose rounds) as well as a loaded .44 caliber Remington Model 1858 revolver (plus additional loose rounds). 

Between 11:52am and 12:05pm, a total of 6 people, including the perpetrator, were killed. 

In 2011, White Supremacist David “Joey” Pedersen and his girlfriend Holly Ann Grigsby started (and didn’t get to finish) a murderous rampage that they hoped would lead to a “revolution”.  First, Pedersen killed his father David “Red” Pedersen and his stepmother in Washington.  Pedersen claimed his father was a child molester, his stepmother an apologist.  Afterwards they fled to Oregon where they kidnapped and murdered Cody Faye Myers, thinking he was Jewish.  Myers wasn’t Jewish.  They then drove to California, where they shot Reginald Alan Clark, a disabled black man.  They were arrested in Eureka, California.


Spree murders, sometimes called cluster killings, tend to last a few days, weeks, or even months. In 1997, Andrew Cunanan, a 27 year old from San Diego, California, went on a four-state killing spree that culminated in the murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace in Florida. Cunanan feared that he might be infected with HIV and vowed revenge on whomever he perceived was responsible. Some of the five men he killed were gay, and some were not. Upon killing them with guns, knives and blunt objects, Cunanan would steal cars and money from his victims. He continued to kill as he moved southeast toward his final murder victim - Gianni Versace - and ultimately his own suicide.


The four men known as the “Zebra Killers”.  Simon, Moore, Green, and Cooks were a group of men convicted in a string of racially motivated murders that took place in California in 1973-1974.  On March 12th, 2015 J.C.X. Simon was found dead in his San Quentin State Prison cell.  The other 3 “Zebra Killers” remain incarcerated in various prisons throughout California.

Private Message by Adam Lanza

The following is a previously unreleased private message sent by Adam Lanza (username Smiggles) on the now defunct Super Columbine Massacre RPG Discussion Forum, later known as Shocked Beyond Belief.

From: Smiggles

Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:56am

I don’t have the persistent sense of fear that you described, but around once every couple months when I’ve gotten arbitrarily fatigued and it’s around 12:00-5:00 in the morning, I have images of distorted faces flashing through my mind. They’re sort of similar to the ones toward the end of the movie Terror House, at about 75:00. When I first saw the scene, I mentally flinched for a moment because of its similarity to what I have imagined in the past.

http://www.zshare.net/video/7072064402072186/ [NOTE: dead link]

On a tangent, this is probably among my favorite movies (although its ending was disappointing). I searched for it after reading an IMDB review, and I eventually found this link. The review said that it was similar to Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things and Don’t Look In The Basement, both of which have aspects which I enjoyed. I first knew from about 5:00 to 5:30 that I was going to love the movie for its style of atmosphere. I wouldn’t expect most people to enjoy this movie nearly as much as I do, but I’m surprised that it has received so little attention. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which I haven’t seen; I’m not interested in that sort of movie) has a similar plot scenario, but this one preceded it by a few years.

About the images- they’re not exactly like the ones in that movie, but that’s the best I can do to display an example of them. It’s not the normal screamer type of pop-up for me; the faces are fairly mundane, and they sporadically rapidly appear without any context and then disappear.

When it happens and I get slightly paranoid over them , I usually go straight to my bedroom and try to sleep; I don’t even bother to brush my teeth first because the bathroom’s window only has partial drapes and I don’t like being around exposed windows during it. It sounds pathetic, but when I get into my bedroom after it happens, I search it to determine that there’s no one in there with me, and then feel better knowing that the only route someone could take is through the closed door. I’ve occasionally felt uncomfortable about looking at the gap between the windows and their synthetic drapes.

On another tangent, what do you think about sunlight? Those drapes haven’t been opened in the last five years, and the drapes in the room I’m in right now have actually been taped shut (to block the gaps from allowing sunlight through) for the same amount of time. I absolutely hate sunlight, along with any artificial light which resembles it.

The few times I see an extremely bleak, dark, and dreary day outside during the morning or afternoon with thick gray clouds covering the entire sky, I get into a good mood and think about how wonderfully beautiful it is outside. Bright, sunny, “cheerful” days are depressing. Nearly every afternoon is miserable for me. Beyond just the normal animosity I have for sunlight, I get exhausted between noon and and sunset when I’m in a room which allows the slightest amount of afternoon light in.

I hate having my skin exposed to sunlight, so I always wear a hooded sweatshirt and full-length pants, even in the hottest weather. The sunglasses I wear are gigantic and almost completely prevent me from seeing any direct sunlight when I’m looking in any direction. I would also wear a full balaclava if it wouldn’t get me profiled as a criminal. They need to make a fashion come-back…

I check this website often:


I intend on eventually living in northwest Washington (probably Seattle.) It’s among the most consistently overcast regions in the mainland US (http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/online/ccd/cldy.html ). I always get disappointed when I check the UV index for the day and see how low it is compared to my state’s level.

Getting back to the subject of paranoia- those images were the worst “hallucinations” I had experienced until a couple of weeks ago late one night when I was getting very tired. The incident was so surreal that I only a remember a small amount of the details. Basically, I began to “see” many different things. Although I knew that none of it was actually real, it came as close to being real as it could for me without it being physically tangible. I heard screaming around me, and I had an overwhelming sense that there was someone dead behind me. I kept seeing silhouettes of flickering people everywhere. I felt like I had to cry. The entire ordeal persisted for about fifteen minutes and sort of faded away. Prior to it happening, I had never had that sort of delusional hysteria before. It was possibly the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced.

Thanks to Reed Coleman

Beginning in December of 1957, Charles Starkweather, and his 14 year old girlfriend Caril fugate went on a two month killing spree. On this deadly road trip, together they murdered 11 people, and 2 dogs.

Two months later, in January 1958, they were captured. Charles received the death penalty, and was executed via the electric chair in 1959. He was 20 at the time of this death. However Caril received a life sentence, but was released on parole after serving 17 ½ years. She has always maintained that Charles was holding her hostage, by threatening to kill her family.

This story is inspiration for quite a few films, one of them being “Natural Born Killers”.

A visual representation of the firearms and ammunition brought into Sandy Hook Elementary by shooter Adam Lanza. Includes all weapons, magazines and rounds on Lanza’s person when he entered the school.

Lanza’s 10mm Glock 20SF was holstered on his right thigh; the 9mm Sig Sauer P226 was in his front left pants pocket; the loose 5.56mm cartridge and 12 gauge shotgun shell were in his cargo pants, and the remaining magazines were loaded into their respective weapons or dispersed across Lanza’s vest and cargo pants pockets.

At the start of the attack, the duct-taped double magazine was loaded in the Bushmaster XM15 E2S Rifle.

Thanks to C.W. Wade for the image of Lanza