spree killers

Just so everyone is perfectly clear:

  • serial killer = killed two or more people, all at separate events/times
  • mass murderer = killed a large number of people (usually 4+) in one event
  • spree killer = killed two or more people in a short time at multiple locations

Because not everybody knows the actual definitions of these terms, and at times I see people misusing them, and I just want the proper information to be known.


“Last time I slept all night with a girlfriend it was 1982. Girls and women don’t even give me a second look ANYWHERE.”

In 2009, George Sodini opened fire at an LA Fitness centre because he was angry that women always rejected him. Over a nine month period, he blogged about his sexual frustration on his website, complaining about the lack of initmacy he was having. Sodini was arrogant and believed that he was incredibly good-looking, and once wrote: “Who knows why (I get rejected)? I am not ugly or too weird.”

On August 4th, he entered a women’s aerobics class at the LA Fitness center in the town of Collier. He put his duffle bag containing weapons on the floor, turned off the lights, and took out two semiautomatic pistols. He then fired at least 52 shots at the 12 victims before shooting himself dead.

True Crime/Killer Documentaries

In honour of 2k followers:) Some of my faves are on the list👌

The Weepy Voiced Killer (Paul Stephani, serial killer)

Dealing With The Devil (Robert Browne, serial killer)

This is the Zodiac Speaking (about The Zodiac Killer)

Nightmare in Suburbia (about a stalker who ends up killing)

Natural Born Killer (Ted Bundy)

The Candy Man (Dean Corll, serial killer)

Unusual Suspects S07E09 (about the murder of 13 year old Mollie Pittman in 1986)

The Monster Within (Jeffrey Dahmer)

Killer Clown (John Wayne Gacy)

BTK (Dennis Rader)

The Suffolk Strangler (Steve Wright, serial killer)

Zero Hour S01E03 (Columbine Massacre)

Columbine Killers (Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold)

The Jeffrey Dahmer Files 

Born To Kill? S03E04 (Richard Ramirez)

Virginia Tech Massacre (Seung-Hui Cho)

The Batman Shootings (James Holmes)

The Dunblane Massacre (1996 shooting in a primary school in Scotland that killed 16 children & 1 teacher, this is the crime that eventually made guns illegal in the UK, Thomas Hamilton was the shooter) 

The House of Horrors (Fred & Rosemary West, serial killers)

The Moors Murders (Myra Hindley & Ian Brady, serial killers)

Ken & Barbie Killers (Karla Homolka & Paul Bernardo, serial killers)

Ohio Slave Girls (story of 3 girls held captive for 11 years by Ariel Castro) 

The UK’s Worst Serial Killer (Peter Sutcliffe)

Black Daliah (about the murder of Elizabeth Short in 1947)

The Beast of Birkenshaw (Peter Manuel, serial killer)


Now here are some true crime (documentary style) shows I recommend:)

Unusual Suspects (personal favourite, on TV channel CI, here in the UK at least)

Crimes That Shook The World

Crimes That Shook Britain

Crimes That Shook Australia

Murder She Solved

Born To Kill? (personal favourite, it’s harder to find these online but youtube is good to watch it, I usually watch on TV channel CI)

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Earth, humanity, HERE. thats mostly what I think about. I hate it. I want to be free…. free… I thought it would have been time by now. the pain multiplies infinitely. never stops
—  Dylan Klebold

In the middle of his rampage, Australian spree killer Martin Bryant pointed his gun toward a man but didn’t shoot, because he recognised who that man was: It was Ashley Lawler, the same man who had saved him from a car accident 3 years before. Upon recognising him, Bryant put the gun down, beeped the horn of the car he was in and gave him a cheery wave as he drove away, sparing his life.


A Columbine Survivor
Lance Kirklin

On the 20th of April 1999 in Colorado, one of the most notorious school shootings took place in Columbine. 15 school students died and well over 20 were injured. One of them was Lance Kirklin.

Lance Kirklin was having lunch with Dan Rohrbough and Sean Graves, after they finished the trio went to a smoking area known to students, but this was the start of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold’s killing spree. Lance witnessed Dan get shot and attempted to them, but this led to him being shot in the foot, leg and chest. Dylan then shot him point blank in the face, Kirklin later stated before he blacked out he witnessed Dan take his last breath.  

Lance suffered 5 gunshot wounds, his jaw was rebuilt with bone and tissue from his leg as well as titanium alloy to replace lost bone in his thigh and jaw, this took 9 operations.

After being released he helped investigators trying to understand what happened, he managed to draw an image of what he saw before he passed out.

Martin Bryant was a spree killer who committed his crimes in Port Arthur, Australia. Bryant packed a sports bag loaded with several rifles, a hunting knife, two sets of handcuffs, a rope, a large amount of ammunition, a video camera, and a container of gasoline. He had lunch at a cafe, and after he finished he set the video camera up on a nearby table and began shooting other patrons of the cafe with a semiautomatic rifle. He killed 20 people and injured several others, then left the cafe and murdered 4 more people, against wounding others passing by. Bryant drove towards the nearby tollbooth and killed a woman and her two children walking beside the road. He drove a few hundred yards closer to the tollbooth and killed three men in a car. He approached another car with a couple inside, forced the man into the trunk of his car, and shot the woman.

Continuing his rampage, Bryant drove to the Seascape Cottage where he fired at several cars within his sight. He then removed his guns from the car and took a male hostage inside the house and handcuffed the man a stair rail. Bryant returned outside and poured gasoline over his car and set it on fire. He then reentered the cottage, which was owned by a Mr and Mrs Martin, against whom he held a grudge. When police arrived to find Bryant barricade inside the cottage, they believed he could have as many as three people hostage (the man he abducted from the tollbooth and the Martins). Thus, they were cautious as to how to approach the situation. The next morning, after several negotiations between the police and Bryant throughout the night, Bryant set the cottage on fire. As he ran out of the cottage with his clothes ablaze, the police captured him. In all he had killed 35 people and injured 18 in over 19 hours time.


Why don’t other school shootings stand out as much as the Columbine High School Massacre?

This question is something I have been pondering over for a long time. Why did Columbine make such a huge impact when school shootings just like it happen so often? What made Columbine so unique? I have some theories as to why this could be.

1. The Duo: I believe the relationship Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold shared is one of the biggest factors. The fact that there was not one shooter, but two, truly captivated so many people. How often can a person find someone willing to go through such heinous acts alongside them, and at such a young age? These two grew up together for many years and shared an intense hatred for the world around them. They knew what they wanted to do and began planning many months before the event took place. Because of this, the Columbine Massacre played out like no other. While most shootings have just one culprit acting on a short spurt of passion or anger, Eric and Dylan had been hellbent on revenge for a long, long time and worked together to make it happen. Neither one of them got cold feet or chickened out at any time, which proves how dedicated they were to each other and their plans. 

2. The Trend: Both of them knew how the world would react to their story, that they would gain a large following and a series of copycats. In the journals they wrote and webpages they created they stated many times how they knew society would allow their names to live on forever. They knew 100% that the media attention they would get after they died would cause a domino effect in the years to follow, and they couldn’t have been more right. Since 1999, the number of school shootings has skyrocketed and are even beginning to become a trend. There were 17 major shootings in 2012 alone. Eric and Dylan hated everyone and wanted them all to die, and they were aware that by going through with the Columbine massacre, people would continue to die because of them through proxy, even after they themselves were long gone. 

3. The Warning Signs: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold left a staggering amount of clues and raised many red flags in the time leading up to the massacre, but it still never occurred to anyone how two young boys were capable of doing such a thing. It never even crossed anyones mind. It’s like they left a trail of breadcrumbs that no one noticed until it was too late. The two boys intentionally left bombs and guns in desks and drawers in their rooms like it was a game, and anyone could have found them and prevented the whole thing… however Eric and Dylan both knew no one was looking. They left everything out in the open so that the world would feel the guilt after the tragedy.

4. The Reasoning: The two of them documented their journey and their thought patterns leading up to the day for the world to find after the damage had been done. They wrote their plans and what they were thinking in great detail on webpages and in journals, even taping or recording themselves talking about it. No matter how many times we look at their explanations or reasonings or justifications behind their actions, we will never fully understand why they did what they did, however Eric and Dylan really did try to make it so. 

5. The Making of an Icon: The way they looked, the clothes they wore, everything they did became absolutely iconic. You see a black t-shirt with WRATH written in red lettering or a white t-shirt with NATURAL SELECTION written in black and you know straight away where it’s from. The names Reb and Vodka will forever belong and make you think back to them. The black trench coats and suspenders and combat boots, the pair of gloves they shared on the day of the crime. It all seems like one big movie scene and it all links back to them. Nowadays you see the ‘new’ school shooters idolising and copying everything Eric and Dylan did, like wearing their own t-shirts with edgy phrases such as 'Humanity is Overrated’, all trying to stand out in the way the Columbine killers did so easily. 

6. The Timing: The 1990’s and 2000’s were a very significant time in our history. Eric and Dylan were a part of the first generation of people to grow up with revolutionary technology such as computers and the world wide web. In this time, media was really beginning to flourish like never before and while there have been school shootings prior to Columbine, none of them ever received such an astronomical amount of attention because the means for it had never really been there to that scale. Columbine was revolutionary and Eric and Dylan, both having an above average knowledge on computers, media and the internet, knew that it was the best time to make the attack. “Producers will be fighting over our story.”

Of course, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. No one will ever really know why Columbine stood out so high above the rest. Our society works in mysterious ways and with so many tragedies happening somewhere in the world every day, there’s no way of knowing what one will make the headlines next.

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The Hungerford Massacre was one of the worst killing sprees in british history. It was committed by Michael Ryan, who was 27 years old at the time, and began his killing spree in Hungerford, berkshire on August 19th, 1987. His first victim was Susan Godfrey, who was picnicking in the morning when Ryan forced her into the forst and shot her 13 times. He then drove to a nearby filling station where he shot at the store clerk, however he missed. Ryan proceeded to a crowded market place and shot people at anyone who moved. He continued to his own mother’s house and shot her before setting her house on fire. He drove down that road and shot at people in their cars or those who were simply in their home. Eventually Ryan made his way to a local school and barricaded himself inside. He spoke with the police who tried their best to negotiate with him. During the exchanged he stated:

“Its funny, I have killed all those people, but I haven’t the guts to blow my own brains out”

He eventually would summon the courage to do so, and 7 hours after claiming his first victim Ryan turned the gun on himself, ending the spree. In total he killed 16 people.


Frontier High School Shooting 
Barry Loukaitis 

“This sure beats the hell out of algebra, doesn’t it?”, was what 14 year old Barry Loukaitis said when he kept a class hostage at gunpoint. On February the 2nd 1996, Loukaitis entered Frontier Middle School. in Washington, armed with multiple guns and opened fire, two students and a teacher were killed.

In September 1997, Barry Loukaitis was charged as an adult and sentenced to life in prison.

Barry Loukaitis claimed that he only intended to kill one student and the rest were accidental, but prosecutors believed it was a well planned attack. It’s believed that Barry was influenced by Pearl Jam’s song Jeremy, a music video which displays a troubled teenager shoots up a school. Barry was also inspired by Natural Born Killers, Basketball Diaries and Stephan King’s book Rage, also depicts a school shooter who killed teachers and holds an algebra class hostage

Years before the shooting, Barry Loukaitis’s family became dysfunction. After his parents got divorced his mother would frequently talk about suicide, even saying that Barry would also need to kill himself, but the young man talked his mum out of it. Loukaitis was also suffering from hyperactivity and clinical depression, taking ritalin.