Spreckles the house hen.

One of our little bantams has been diagnosed with cartilage cancer, and is now living out her dreams of being a house chicken. Spreck has never been a fan of chicken life, and has always preferred being with people. She has been campaigning her whole life to be given room in the house. Since being diagnosed a month ago Spreckles has gotten her wish, and will now spend however much time she has left with her “house flock”. Laps are her favourite place to be, but the couch is a suitable second best…when she isn’t following us around telling us what to do. :)

I am probably the happiest human being in this world. I showed up to Ed Sheeran’s show with no intention of getting into the show, i had no tickets, it was sold out, resold were $400 & i was not about to spend that much money… I just wanted to meet him if he happened to pass by. And I got a better experience than I expected. I seriously believe that my kindness has paid off. And this shows how much they appreciate good fans not the creepy “let me scream in your face” fans. No words can explain how happy I am right now. 2/12 was the best day ever. I love this man so much 💕