Indigo Skies - Part II

Part I

“So, what do you think?”, Marco asked, voice low to keep it from echoing through the ample hall. Despite the weird way their first date had started out they’d ended up enjoying each other’s company a lot and at the end Marco had found enough courage to ask if Jean wanted to visit the new photography exhibit with him that weekend.
“I think”, Jean hummed, sidling up to him as they studied the glossy print. “This one makes my skin crawl…”
“Really?” Marco frowned. “They’re bees! Bees are great, they’re friends!” Jean made an unhappy noise and took a step back, accidentally bumping into an older lady who passed behind them. He apologized quickly.

“Maybe…”, he hummed when he turned back to Marco, still looking a little embarrassed. “They can do their pollinating thing but … I don’t wanna see them up this close in high-definition. There’s a reason they’re so small, Marco. We’re not meant to see their creepy, little faces…”
Marco laughed and this time the noise echoed. He didn’t care.
“We can skip the insects and head over to the marine life section if you want?”, he offered and Jean was quick to grin and nod.
“Hell yeah, fluorescent monsters!”
“Well, technically they’re bioluminescent…”
“Oh, fuck off Marco!”
The words were brash but Jean’s hand warm and careful as he took Marco’s to tug him into the next hall.


“You ever been to the make-out point?”, Jean asked, his voice muffled by the handful of fries stuffed into his mouth.
“The what?” Marco felt his cheeks heat up again. He’d heard about the make-out point, a lone parking space at the side of a dirt road heading out of town. The view was supposed to be amazing, especially at night, with the lights of the city spread out below and the star-spreckled skies above. But most people didn’t drive out there to enjoy the view.
The idea that Jean wanted to take him there made his stomach twist with hot excitement.

“Make-out point”, Jean grinned, like he knew Marco had heard him just fine the first time around but was indulging him anyway. “It’s this spot about half an hour drive out of the city, really nice view. Thought about taking you there…”
“Now?” Marco’s voice came out more strained than he’d like to admit but it only made Jean grin wider. Part of him wanted to jump right into Jean’s rusty old car.

“Nah, freshman mistake…”, Jean drawled and shook his head. “You don’t drive out there this early and never on a weekend if you’re not really into finding someone you probably know getting it on.”
Marco nodded. It was a pretty well-known place.
“But I could take you next week? Your classes start at twelve on Wednesdays, right?”
“Yeah…” His heart was already speeding up again. They’d been on quite a few dates already but had never gone further than a chaste goodnight kiss and Marco was desperate for more but didn’t know how to get it until…
“Alright, I’ll pick you up on Tuesday night then. Around two I think, don’t fall asleep.”
Marco’s heart didn’t stop hammering all the way through their dinner and was only calming down after Jean had dropped him off at home with another sweet goodnight kiss.


As soon as Jean pulled onto the parking lot Marco understood. The view was gorgeous, the city glittering and blinking below them and the stars and almost full moon shining from a mostly cloudless sky.
The place was completely empty, most likely due to the late time of night, and their solitude added a feeling of intimacy. This moment belonged to them alone, no living soul for miles to disturb them or see whatever they were about to do. Marco had a few ideas but no expectations, happy to wait and find out where all of this might take them.

Jean killed the engine and turned off the headlights, making darkness fall around them. Instead of feeling threatening it added another layer of privacy, blanketing them, soft and pleasant.
Without saying another word Jean climbed out of the car, left the door open behind himself. Marco followed him, without hesitation, to the front of the car. The air was chilly, summer with it’s mild nights not having arrived just yet, but Marco didn’t care. If anything the light bite against his nose and cheeks felt refreshing and woke up his mind that had drifted close to sleep on the silent drive out here. He still scooted closer to Jean until their shoulders were bumping together, both of them leaning back onto the hood of the car.

“You like it?” Jean’s voice was low, careful and a little raspy like he didn’t dare raise it any further. Like he’d disturb the quiet moment between them if he made too much noise. Marco sighed with a dreamy smile.
“Yes. It’s beautiful…”

They spent a while in comfortable silence, taking in the view, breathing, existing next to each other. Marco had never met a person who it was this easy to just be with. Who he didn’t feel he had to entertain at every moment, or keep interested in him any way possible.
No, Jean liked him without Marco having to constantly work for it, for his attention and affection. Jean liked him for who he was, not for what he could do, and it was with that thought in mind that Marco finally turned to face the other boy, carefully leaning in.

Part III

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Spreckles the house hen.

One of our little bantams has been diagnosed with cartilage cancer, and is now living out her dreams of being a house chicken. Spreck has never been a fan of chicken life, and has always preferred being with people. She has been campaigning her whole life to be given room in the house. Since being diagnosed a month ago Spreckles has gotten her wish, and will now spend however much time she has left with her “house flock”. Laps are her favourite place to be, but the couch is a suitable second best…when she isn’t following us around telling us what to do. :)

I am probably the happiest human being in this world. I showed up to Ed Sheeran’s show with no intention of getting into the show, i had no tickets, it was sold out, resold were $400 & i was not about to spend that much money… I just wanted to meet him if he happened to pass by. And I got a better experience than I expected. I seriously believe that my kindness has paid off. And this shows how much they appreciate good fans not the creepy “let me scream in your face” fans. No words can explain how happy I am right now. 2/12 was the best day ever. I love this man so much 💕