sprechen sie hi fashion

FY!QM reviews: Sprechen Sie Hi Fashion? EP

Last week I profiled the relatively new pop duo Hi Fashion. Today they released their first EP, Sprechen Sie Hi Fashion? and it’s a ridiculously fun six tracks.

Hi Fashion is pure electro-pop, completely synthesized with harsh, programmed beats and sharp edged synth pads all around. Vocalist Jen DM and programmer Rick Grandone know exactly what they are and what they want to sound like, and they play it perfectly. Sprechen Sie Hi Fashion? demonstrates everything they’re capable of without overstaying its welcome. Six songs was the perfect length, as this sound can wear on someone pretty quickly if not in a fun club or live performance setting.

After a quick intro track, the first song proper is the previously released single “Amazing.” Featuring speak-sung, deadpan vocals (in the style of a total 90s Valley Girl) and hilarious lyrics like “I don’t give a shit if you don’t like my tits, because I know they’re amazing” and “I don’t give a bung if you say that you’re hung, because you’re probably praising,” this is probably my favorite song of the EP. It’s I don’t give a fuck attitude perfectly fits this musical style, and the wink and nod hilarity is just awesome.

One of the best things Hi Fashion has going for it is their sense of humor. Songs like “Amazing” and “I’m Not Madonna” are seriously funny, but not in a stupid Weird Al kind of way. It’s a smart funny, the kind that knows its audience all too well, and is ready to both honor and mock its influences. In “I’m Not Madonna” Jen DM sings with Madonna’s signature fake psuedo-British accent about being mistaken for Madonna and getting calls about Lourdes missing class, or asked for autographs. The chorus sounds straight out of a early late 80s/90s Madonna track, again, both poking fun and obviously honoring someone who is a huge influence on their sound. It had me laughing out loud and dancing around at the same time.

The other three tracks, while not quite the standouts of “Amazing” and “I’m Not Madonna,” are still all pretty great in their own right. “You Tuk My Luk” is about rival wardrobe drama, and is rather amusing, but musically isn’t too special. “Sonic Boom” features a great use of warning alarm samples, with a background melody that borrows heavily from Middle Eastern inspired music, making it the most interesting song musically, and definitely points to even better things to come from Hi Fashion. “Rumble” sounds like a Dance Dance Revolution track, which isn’t a bad thing, but it is a little predictable.

Overall, Sprechen Sie Hi Fashion?  is a great first release from an insanely amusing and danceable group. It’s fun, funny, and would be perfect for a club, or getting ready for a night out. If you don’t like 90s influenced electro and pop, this EP will not change your mind at all, but if any of that appeals to you, Hi Fashion is a great addition to the collection.